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Friday, June 26, 2009

LASTING IMPRESSIONS: Michael Jackson Died Today, June 25, 2009

Lasting Impressions with Sian Lindemann

I don’t often speak about the super “star” complement of artists, for as today, it is often such a wide gap between those who are emerging and someone like Michael Jackson who has been triumphant at the “top” of his game.

There is “often” no way one can actually relate to the plight of someone so extremely gifted.

The uniqueness of an artist like Michael Jackson is so rarely achieved. And thus, why is it, when someone like him achieves the “golden ring” is it so hard to remain in a position of “elite status?”

We, as humans, are the problem.

Currently, we aspire, as a culture, to achieve success, joy, creative self- expression, individualism, freedom, and we revere those who achieve that position…Then why is it, that once particular individuals achieve that status, we attempt to drag them into the mud. It is clearly the 180 degree opposite and define the worst qualities of mankind, rising to the surface to diminish someone like him, via greed, fear, lust, and the rest of the seven deadly sins.

I am personally not a “bible thumping” religious person. But it seems every person through out history who has achieved a state of operating in “inherent” goodness, is crucified.

Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy, John Lennon, Elvis, and lastly, Michael Jackson. Certainly there are others who have achieved, fame and success in a variety of different endeavors, and in this case, the arts.

I am reminded today of the bible quote and I will have to paraphrase….”First we must become as little children, before we can enter the kingdom of heaven”…..Michael Jackson did, a true “pure heart,” as I, for one, do not believe that any of the accusations imposed on Michael Jackson, were true.

I believe that greed and envy were the intentions of those that accused him of misbehavior…I do not know, I do not care. Acquitted in a court of law, Michael Jackson walked free. Who are human beings to judge him so harshly, where for 40 + years, Michael Jackson was an inherent sound track backing up each of our generation’s existence, influencing music, dance, media, video, movies, and interracial acceptance.

I am so terribly saddened today, not by the fact that Mr. Jackson has found peace, but by the ongoing and continued media frenzy that follows him even after his death.

Peace on this earth is found not in the ability to have like -mindedness…but in acceptance and reverence of the essential need for differences. It is the only way in which we learn from one another, the value of our humanity, the value of the earth on which we reside, and the extraordinary gift, of which we are a part, called “life.”

Sian Lindemann June 2009
Executive Director - Sian Design
Creative Business Development - Artist Management

Please check out Sian's TNNW Bio for more information.

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1 comment:

Ann B. Sloan said...

Beautiful, Sian --
--evidence of what a beautiful spirit you are!

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