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Monday, March 15, 2010

BLUE THING #10: BACKTALK: Comments From Our Readers

BACKTALK™:  Comments From Our Readers
Your Feedback.  Your Input. Your Turn.

by Peter Biadasz, BACKTALKTM Producer

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Here are some of your comments on our most recent TNNW and Blue Tuesday articles, updates, surveys and special features:

ADAM J. KOVITZ: A Note From the Chairman
Can Games Change the World?

“YES, YES, a thousand times YES: games can change the world---for better or for worse. I advocate for the former, naturally. Thanks for a great article.”
Sandy McKee

TERI AULPH: Beyond the Cubicle - Corporate Culture
Dear Boss...

“Well written to make a dramatic impact on what employees value. We can talk all day long about what we think they want...but at the end of the day, they want to be recognized and valued. Very well done! I am using this with my executive team today.”
Jonas Fuller

RICK ITZKOWICH: Being There When It Counts
The Opportunity for Change

“… I would like to point out that one reason the economy and the "gestalt" are so unsettled right now is we are still trying to solve new problems with old mindsets.

Take marketing. Everyone is always trying to sell me stuff I don't want for money I don't have-- and almost NEVER looking to be of service. (Rick excepted.) I am so sick of "marketing" I want to live in a cave. The TV is a lie machine. "Happy cows live in California". "Health care reform is socialism."

Similar lies.

Yes, we need to change. Now how?”


“Rick, good article and pretty accurate. I think some people might prefer a "bad" situation rather than an "unknown" situation, so they fight any kind of change or reinvention. I think that's why some bad marriages/relationships continue. Kudos to you and your company for recognizing this and taking steps to change. Hope (and expect) you'll be successful! Take care,”
Barry Slotten
Commercial Realty Advisers

“I totally agree. In the field of healthcare, our attachment to the status quo is literally killing us. The only way we can survive individually and collectively is to be (very) open to change - in our diets, our movement patterns and our reliance (or not) on medications. “

“Great article, Rick. Change is happening at the speed of light. Imagine what I'm dealing with as a web designer! Not only is the technology changing on a daily basis, but the economy has thrown a monkey wrench into the works. Not an easy environment for running a business, especially for a baby boomer. We either go with the flow, or wither on the vine.”
Beth Sobiloff
BNI Assistant Director, SE Mass

“Rick -- Right on!

There is a tendency, bordering on a genetic disposition, to maintain 'status quo'.

Problem is, as you've pointed out, change is so such a constant that if there is a 'status quo', it doesn't last very long.

"Change or Die". A bit blunt but honest comment. Thank you for bringing this up and sharing it here.”

Bill Doerr, CCO
SellMore Marketing

“Thank you for sending me the article and I could not agree more. Change is a constant we either have to be flexible, open minded, adapt, evolve or die. It is like Darwin and the Origin of the Species. “
Patricia Stanley Martinez

“Thank you for sharing Rick

nice insight and very appropriate for the times we are living, no matter our area of expertise!

I have some quotes about change that i want to share with you:

Nothing endures but change.

We must always change, renew, and rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Nothing endures but change.

Have a nice and happy day!

Kind Regards”

Adelino Sousa

“Rick thanks for the opportunity to read and respond to your article. I recently saw something that I latched onto. A business coach had it on his website: "Life is change, growth is optional". I wish I could remember the name of the person where I saw it.

I'm in the marketing and business development area of the company I work for. I travel to 15 to 18 conferences and conventions per year. About a six months ago it dawned on me I was being very ineffective with my time But, how do I still maintain a presence if I'm not traveling or put another way, how do I travel and increase my presence.

After considering my options I decided to get into social media. Except I knew nothing about it.So at the young age of 61 I dove in and I'm learning. I have a long way to go, but along the way I mentally took "The Box" that I had used as a frame of reference for everything I do, took it out to the back yard, and imagined blowing it up! No more in the box thinking! No more it has to be the way I think it ought to be!

The trip is unsettling. Trying to get others to buy into the idea is even more unsettling. But in truth, life is change and growth is optional. And many times we don't want to change because we fail to see that on the other side of that change there is real growth. A friend gave me a "saying" that his father used to repeat. Perhaps it's appropriate for this:

The Set Of The Soul

One Ship Sails East
While Another Sails West
On The Self Same Breezes Blow.
It’s The Set Of The Sail
And Not The Gale
That Bids Them Where To Go.
Like The Voyage Of Ships
Is The Journey Of Life
As We Journey Here Below.
It’s The Set Of The Soul
That Determines Our Goal
And Not The Storms Or The Strife

Life will send us trials of the kind we have seen over the last 24 to 30 months in this country. But, I believe that If we set ourselves to grown and to embrace change we can come out on the other side stronger, healthier, better.

Have a great day. Thanks for the article, it was great.”

Rhae Swisher

DR. IVAN MISNER: Network Like a Pro
Referral Marketing: Top Ten Ways Others Can Promote You

“Good article. It's always good to have who or the type of business you're looking for introductions to in mind anytime you're out networking and that could be your answer.”
Melissa Conkling

Remember Bush 41’s “Read my lips, no new taxes” fate? Does President Obama?


I agree with you completely. The amount of waste is enormous. The only thing that MORE will do is the exact same thing that LESS is doing except MORE of it. So when you waste the money you have, getting more money means MORE waste. If on the other hand you save your money, getting more would mean more savings.

There is an organization called CAGW - Citizens Against Government Waste that does a very good job in exposing all the pork and fighting it. I wish there would be more organizations such as that one instead of so many special interests ones. “
Rick Itzkowich

ANDY LOPATA: Connecting is Not Enough
Ten Tips to get your referral message across (Part Two)


As always, you give some very concrete practical pieces of advise that are easy to implement. Thank you.”
Rick Itzkowich

“Along my travels I stumbled on the point that there are two parts to "customer service", the customer and the service. Simple but profound. We're all customers, so it's not a leap to step out of your role and relate to your own, customers. Do it then ask: are you interesting or helpful enough to talk about?

Bill brings up a timely point. Word of mouth marketing is not new and will always be something to "hope for". The difference now is it seems to be the only? effective way to rise above the shouting competitors. To be effective however it requires a strategy and systematic process.

@Rick You mention a very fundamental point. People prefer to do business with others they like and trust. Without that folks might be talking to you, but they're not talking about you. “



Great insights. Thank you.

I especially appreciate your comment in #10 about 'managing the experience' people have of you.

That's so important and so often ignored.

In social psychology there's a concept known as 'Impression Management'. That's where "What you DO speaks so loudly I can't hear what you SAY".

Once again, you've shared some real gems.

Thank you!"
Bill Doerr

BILL DOERR: Sales and Marketing
The Marketing Shift


“What resonated most with me is Part1 - Know/Like/Trust. The Referral Institute has the VCP model which stands for Visibility-Credibility-Profitability. Simply stated, people need to know who you are, they need to trust you and only then will they either do business directly from you or refer you business.

Too many people want to go from Visibility to Profitability without passing through Credibility.

Thank you for reinforcing this very powerful concept.”

Rick Itzkowich
Creator of QuoteActions

DICK BROWN: Venture Finance - Reality Versus Rumor
Angel Investors - What They Are, Part I

“Mr. Brown, You mentioned that "Most [wealthy individuals] expect a handsome ROI over a relatively short period of time." What period of time is that? Thank you. “
Beth Barany


Relative to your question about the ROI wealthy "angels" would like to realize. The "magic number" so often quoted is "5-10 times the original investment in 3-5 years".

People always think this is outrageously high since no one ever includes "for their real winners." Angels and VC's take high risks and hope that for each 10 investments they'll have 1 or 2 that will perform to this level to cover all companies that never go anywhere and their losers. On average, Angels and VC's see 8% to 30% PA returns depending on a host of variables.

Thanks for your question.


Dick Brown, President

Peter Biadasz, author of such book as Write Your First Book, More Leads and Increase Your Sales And Lower Your Golf Score, is President of Total Publishing And Media. To discuss with Peter publishing or marketing your book feel free to contact him at


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