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Thursday, March 18, 2010

GO WEST!: Give Me Truth

Go West! with Christine West

“Risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinions of others, for those voices. Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth.” Katherine Mansfield

Most of us want an enriched life that creates wealth, maintains health and brings us peace. We are searching for truth, righteousness and the magnificence this world has to offer. Yet we participate in activities that create the very opposite. We have the ability to access life at its very peak and yet we don’t. Why - because we resist life. Our greatest fear is to live at peak performance in our work, our relationships, and in our playtime. We allow ourselves to become indoctrinated into the ideology of fear, doubts, unworthiness, limitations and excuses.

The human mind is very similar to a personal computer. At the subliminal level of our mind are our behavioral programs, strategies, emotions, memories, beliefs and values. All processes working together at the subliminal level produces our behavior, our feelings, and our judgments into our conscious reality.

The very people we trust and love over the years of our lives have cultivated us with their good opinions. These opinions are seeds that grow inside of us. These seeds form what we believe about ourselves – our abilities, our biases, our direction, and our success and failure rate. It also teaches us what we are attracted or not attracted to.

The people we trust and love provide their opinions because they believe they are serving us a greater good. They may be or maybe not. Yet if our inside code is programmed to be inauthentic and to stop short of goals and dreams we are not living our truth.

Our belief system is part of our structural foundation and it takes courage to reflect upon the beliefs that are no longer serving our goals and our dreams. It takes even more courage to take action transform the belief.

Once a practice of truth becomes habit, a whole new reality follows. There is nothing to fear when we live in truth. Truth will set you free. In truth we are free from the limitations of others. We are free to build our life as we choose. We are free to live our dreams and to continue to expand.

To maintain our truth, we need to keep ourselves focused and free of debris. Just like personal computers that risk a computer virus and need to be scanned daily for infections, we do also. We need to maintain the integrity of our system and to sustain behavioral truth. You can attain the life of your dreams by living out your truth.



Author: Christine M. West, TheBusinessMD, 2240 E. Tudor Rd. #976, Anchorage, Alaska, USA 99507. Phone 1-907-223-8403. Email:, Christine West is an industrial organizational psychology practitioner and is in private practice as TheBusinessMD which helps organizations and individuals overcome fear and explore the power of change. Ms. West is also a Featured Columnist for the National Networker

For more information, please visit Christine's TNNW Bio.


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1 comment:

Rick Itzkowich said...


A mentor of mine once said this to me:

"you can have anything you want as long as you are willing to provide it for yourself."

Your article really brought this back to my attention. We say we want things but we are not willing to do much to have them.

You're absolutely right that it all starts with the truth.

Thanks for posting

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