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Thursday, February 11, 2010

BEYOND NETWORKING: BEING: The World of Relationships is Like a Kaleidoscope

Beyond Networking: Being with Ron Sukenick

When we fundamentally understand that we have a multitude of considerations that impact how we are in relationship, our view of change and the importance of change is magnified. Consider Ron’s personal view of change.

Let’s take a few minutes and communicate about relationships and change.

When you were a youngster, did you enjoy looking into a Kaleidoscope?

Were you amazed at the infinite varieties of colors and patterns that evolved as it turned in your hand? Did you ever turn it so quickly that you did not have a chance to fully appreciate what you were watching because things were changing so quickly in the little viewer?

The changes in the viewer pale in comparison to the changes experienced in the last decade--and the changes we will experience in the years to come.

There was very little to think about when turning that little Kaleidoscope: just look and enjoy. If you view the world of relationship as a Kaleidoscope, you will see change. Rather than standing there mesmerized or memorizing the colors and patterns as if you can keep things the same, imagine what it might be like to be the colors. For openers, think about every second of your life, every minute, every day, being different from the preceding second, minute, or day. No two interactions or opportunities are the same, just as the patterns in the Kaleidoscope are never the same. Changes are inevitable--in behavior, in life patterns, in your knowledge base, in your habits, and in your relationships. We are not the same person we were even moments ago.

People change. Look around you. Are there new people in your life that were not there a month ago, six months ago, last year? Get to know people around you, and get involved with them. Don’t just observe the changes passively, as if you are looking into a viewer. Be a part of them. Get to know people you come into contact with, what they do, what makes them tick.

Become interested in them and how you can help them. They’ll do the same for you and you’ll enjoy life more.

Technology changes. Are you still using the same equipment as one, two, five years ago? Not very likely. And the equipment you are now using will become obsolete in the near future. Further more, staying abreast of the technological changes and discussing preferred communication tools with your partner is key in developing a collaborative relationship.

Leadership techniques change. When was the last time you picked up and read a management book for insight about new management and leadership practices?

An understanding of the changing needs of today’s workforce (that’s all of us!) will help you be more progressive and able to meet and partner with others within or outside your organization.

Economic factors, urgency, people’s values, technology, and relationship management: all changing everyday, truly a Kaleidoscope. You can become a part of the Kaleidoscope--get inside the viewer--and be the one who determines the next pattern, if you make up your mind to.

Ron Sukenick
Business Advisor / Relationship Strategist / Author / Connector
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“Certified Human Behavior Consultant”
Nominated 2009 "America's Most Influential Business Connector"

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