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Monday, January 25, 2010

WRITE TO EXCITE: Your Networking Success Story

Write to Excite with Peter Biadasz

Networking Success Stories
Last month you looked into your future and decided how to write 2010 into reality. This month’s writing endeavor deals with your victories as a networker. Why not write about what your greatest successes have been while networking?

Writing about your journey as a networker can help you accomplish many things. These can include:

1 - A positive reminder of accomplishments that can lift your spirits during those dry times or reinforce your attitude as you go to a new networking meeting,.

2 - Help you appreciate relationships that you fostered as you expand your network,

3 - Act as material if you ever speak on the topic of networking. Remember, the best speakers are the best story-tellers,

4 - Be a source of material for future articles or a book you may want to write. Trust me, even of you do not want to write anything now, you may want to in the future. If someone had told me “way back when” that keeping track of information would result in me writing 15 books and numerous articles I would have laughed very loud. Now I laugh out of appreciation for having documented my life as a networker.

Having said that, here are a few of my networking success stories:

*Real Estate and small appliances – I am blessed to have several great realtors in my network. One day several years ago one of the realtors called, having just sold the home of a couple that would be moving out of the area and did not want to move their washer and dryer. He called me because as a networker I might know someone who may want to buy the appliances. I was able to call another realtor who had just sold a house to a first time homebuyer who did not have a washer/dyer. We had them sold in 20 minutes. Let me just say that when those 2 realtors need my products, they bought from me, no questions asked. I love networking!

*Find a good networking group - Networking is how I found my weekly networking group. When I formally got into the world of sales it was one of my customers that invited me into his networking group. That group started me on the road to teaching and writing about networking. When I moved half way across the country, my new boss asked me join his networking group because he “did not have time” for it. I am grateful for those 2 invites. They changed my professional life in major positive ways.

*Co-conspirators - All of the co-authors of any book I have co-authored have come through networking. When writing on a topic, I have found that by having a complete network, you will have someone who has passion and expertise on almost any relevant topic. How complete is your network?

*And the biggest one of all – The way I “met” Adam Kovitz, publisher of The National Networker, many years ago, was by someone mutual to both of our networks. Even though I have talked to and worked with Adam much for quite awhile, we have yet to be in the same room at the same time to actually meet face to face. Maybe in 2010….

If you would like, share your networking victories with us in the comment area below this article. Bragging is OK if it is for the common good! I look forward to hearing from you.

Peter Biadasz, author of such book as Write Your First Book, More Leads and Increase Your Sales And Lower Your Golf Score, is President of Total Publishing And Media. To discuss with Peter publishing or marketing your book, or to inquire about having Peter speak to your organization or meeting, feel free to contact him at

For more information, please visit Peter's TNNW Bio.

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1 comment:

Rick Itzkowich said...

Peter, I have some great networking stories. However one of my best is how I met Adam & Douglas from TNNW. It was through Bill Doerr whom I met on another networking site called Biznik. You never know whom you will meet or where that will lead you down a very exciting "rabbit hole."

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