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Monday, January 25, 2010

THE POSTILLION: Interviews National Networker Chairman and Founder Adam J. Kovitz

The Postillion with Michael Phillips

Insights and thought leadership on the adoption of best practices and emerging technologies.

It is hard to believe that the 5th year anniversary of the National Networker phenomenon has arrived. In keeping with The Postillion mission of featuring thoughts, leaders and innovators that are positive catalysts of the networking “Hyperlution” (Extremely rapid evolving change), it is apropos to interview the Chairman and Founder of the National Networker, Adam J. Kovitz. The Postillion got Adam to hold still long enough to answer some questions about his launching of the National networker.

The Postillion: What prompted you to start the National Networker.?
Adam J. Kovitz: I started TNNW back in late 2004/early 2005 when online networking and social media were in their infancy. What I did see was a growing amount of confusion as to what networks people should join, and I began to do research on not only what was out there, but what was really working for others. I became one of the first networking “watchdogs” and quickly developed a reputation.

I remember once at a networking function that someone came up to me and asked for my opinion as to what networks were best for them, to which I responded (something like), “What you’re asking me is the equivalent of asking a financial advisor ‘I have $100,000 to invest. What should I invest in?’ The answer is simply ‘it depends’.” At that moment, I made what I thought was a significant discovery: every network is an asset in that:
- You invest in it (money, time, energy and effort) in the hopes that it will pay you back in time
- It is run by a group of “managers” that you hope will add credibility to the bottom line, and
- It has a constantly evolving portfolio of holdings.

With that in mind, I realized that networking was an industry, much like the financial industry and that all network builders were just like investment houses looking to build a better investment vehicle. I saw, however a huge gap – the financial industry had its Barrons and Wall Street Journals but this new “networking” industry did not. I set out to create the first “Consumer Reports of Networking”. This concept has since expanded, but that was the original intent of the publication.

The Postillion: Who do you feel your audience has become?

Adam J. Kovitz: While our original audience was small business and entrepreneurs, we have seen significant growth in the area of business professionals and emerging businesses. Much of this is due to our efforts over the past year to attract more sophisticated readers while retaining our existing base through some of our long-time “veteran” writers.

The Postillion: Is the publication meeting your expectations?

Adam J. Kovitz: TNNW has exceeded my expectations in terms of the quality of our content. Of course, Douglas and I are never truly satisfied and are looking to roll out a truly unique and proprietary suite of services to our member/subscribers; some that are refined versions of “old favorites” and others that are brand new. Expect continued growth in 2010.

The Postillion: Do you have any concerns about misuse of social networking?

Adam J. Kovitz: Social networking in and of itself, is like a car or a gun; innately neutral, yet can be used to solve problems and promote freedom or they can be used as weapons in very divisive ways. It’s always the people behind the various technologies we have created as a society. If I have any concern, it’s over anyone who misuses any technology or system to benefit themselves or the few over the many.

The Postillion: What do you consider to be some of the most exciting developments that happened in 2009?

Adam J. Kovitz: We released a new supplemental publication called the BLUE TUESDAY REPORTTM aimed to provide the same level of content our readers have come to know and trust but in short, powerful bursts of information and usually with a bit of quirkiness the reflects our sense of humor. Additionally, we added the “tastelessly named, yet potent” The National NewspickerTM, which contains the latest news from the world’s most respected news sources, including The Wall Street Journal, BBC, Reuters, CNN and Business Week. Furthermore the NewspickerTM (I’m still trying to get comfortable with the name) can be downloaded and placed on our members’ websites and/or blogs.

In terms of writing, we have brought in some phenomenal new talent including Linda de Seife (a former Presidential appointee), John Lee (a former Disney Executive), Dr. Franco Oboni (an internationally-recognized risk analysis expert), Rosanne D’Ausilio, Yossi Feigenson, Teri Aulph, Christine West, John J. Hogan (the hotelier) and so many others.

From an operational standpoint, we started TNNW BUZZWORKSTM, our marketing arm aimed to provide TNNW (as well as our members) social media domination. They are quite an impressive crew and have helped us to reach out to tens of millions of people for the purposed of recruiting new talent, increasing market awareness of the TNNW brand, our writers and our members and closing the feedback loop with our members to a newer level of interactivity.

Saving the best for the last, we have begun developing the concept of the Global Interworked Cooperative Business Community (GICBC). We have begun a proof-of-concept on our BUZZWORKS team which has proven effective and will be doing much more with this in 2010.

The Postillion: What new innovations do you see in your crystal ball for 2010?

Adam J. Kovitz: As we celebrate our five-year anniversary this year, expect newer and better writers – for our subscriber/members this should be a given. Expect more regarding the GICBC. Expect a re-designed website. Expect TNNW in more countries.

Anything more than that, I’m simply not telling…you will have to wait and see as 2010 unfolds (I’m such a tease!).

The Postillion: It is safe to say that The Postillion speaks for many people in congratulating Adam on 5 successful years for The National Networker. Thank you Adam! We all look forward to 2010 and the continued growth of TNNW.

Michael Phillips, A.K.A. The Postillion, lives and works in Tampa Florida and has over 30 years of experience in leading innovative development and trends within the information technology industry. Comments and suggestions for future interview personalities can be emailed to

For more information, please visit Michael's TNNW Bio.

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Interesting article. Looking forward to many more years of TNNW. I am also looking forward to future Postillion articles and interviews.

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