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Monday, January 25, 2010

LASTING IMPRESSIONS: Barriers To Creative Expression

Lasting Impressions with Sian Lindemann

Letting “The Moment” Pass You By


Tonight bears witness to the fact that there is a moment in one’s professional career where one says yes to all that is possible or says yes to the opposite where one continues to doubt their capability and craft.

And so it is this evening. In readying to draft this month’s article I made the calculated effort to approach my work in a uniquely different way. An intended interview with a writer whose work I admire and respect went sideways from minute “one.”

In light of the fact that I had to switch and change the content of my article for TNNW,
I had to adopt the literal and immediate requirement to access my creativity and to then switch-up and change, mid-stream, the expected content that was to be produced.

Interesting that the title of the initial article was to have been, “Creativity As A Way Of Life”…and so it is… my life, my creativity, and the ongoing recognition of its endless and unconstrained source, is again at my hand…the pen.

One can never run out of creativity.


In light of the fact that I’ve been effusing over the positive aspects of Social Media, and the need to document and fill a variety of platforms with written content that is considered “valuable,’ I have long ago removed the limitations on what I would say, how deeply I would dig to express my views, and trust that if I was as authentic as I could muster, there would be an audience to read, to be enraptured, and to potentially be moved by it.

And so it is…back to me…to share the power and the willingness to expose my soul to the public. As an artist, it is required, as an artist who is recognized, it is essential.

The networking has then become a bonus, if you will. Tagging articles, notes, and other creative content that has been designed and presented, has, in my experience been extremely well received. I have often been shocked at the passionate response to what I have written…

For writing, is, for me still, one of the most difficult art forms in which I immerse.

I will, nearly always, procrastinate until the very last moment, as I have done today. And the procrastination is not, in this moment, of my own creation. I had “handled” the exchange, had set up the interview, and was even enraptured in the content of the blog by which I had discovered this particular writer.

And here I am, again, crafting my own content to meet the deadline so as to post my article in a timely manner.

Yet, that which comes from an immediate need to speak about an AHA, is often the moment that is most compelling and engaging for those who are viewing the work, the art, the writing, the article, the form.

That AHA is the mysterious magic that IS “creativity.” Aligning with the source of oneself and knowing that it can be tapped, and expressed at any time, it has never failed me.

And from this feeling…a bit discombobulated, a lot disrupted, and slightly out of balance, then flows a quintessentially genuine topic, about which I am most impassioned, creativity, and my passion for the “creation” in all of its glorious forms.

Knowing the edge, if you will, a border between slightly buzzed, excited and agitated, then flows content that I actually enjoy, and feel excited to “share”.

I am feeling sorry for the writer who would not “bounce” with the interview. I am feeling saddened by her expression that was not sure she was ready to participate in the interview. I am even more amazed that she had captured me so vehemently by her writings, that I was actually motivated to ask her to participate in this interview…as I had so enjoyed her blog posts….and lastly I’m a bit angry that I wasted a half hour of my life discussing whether the timing was correct to share her works with this platform.

And finally, the best is realized, I am thrilled that I have a platform whereby I can share so much of what I feel about the genuine “treasure” it is to have the freedom to say exactly whatever I wish, as is the case right NOW.

The creative process, realized….I can’t wait to share this content with my friends, colleagues, followers and others. For the process itself is the quintessential directive behind the door, titled “networking.” Networking is relational, it is personal, and it is a natural expression following effusive and enthusiastic expression of that which is most important to you.

Creativity IS networking ~

Sian Lindemann
January 2010

For more information, please visit Sian's TNNW Bio.

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