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Monday, January 25, 2010

KENSEL TRACY: Business Over Breakfast (BoB) Clubs Expand into Eastern Ontario

by Kensel Tracy

When you talk with Chad Robinson and his wife Muriel you can sense his excitement as they are now the proud licence holders of "Business Over Breakfast Clubs" in Eastern Ontario.

Chad is a mortgage broker and his wife Muriel Dubroy is a real estate agent and they view "Business Over Breakfast Clubs" or as they are affectionately called, "BoB Clubs" as a great opportunity to generate significant incremental income as well as on-going referrals for both their businesses each month. They also like the way "BoB Clubs" work and the mantra of “helping businesses to grow and prosper’ and "BoB Club’s" approach of fewer rules and more referrals.

"BoB Clubs" do not have a strict attendance rule since "BoB Clubs" meet every two weeks instead of meeting every week. Like other networking clubs only one business member from each business category can join, but meeting every two weeks has its real advantages. This gives members more time to make contacts with new people in order to pass quality referrals.

It also means that members have fewer meetings to attend and also have a chance to develop higher quality referrals. The goal of "BoB Clubs" is to become a solid business networking referral club in that referrals are not based on how many pieces of paper are passed around but are based on giving fewer and higher quality referrals to members by the group.

"BoB Clubs" put the the focus on having its members state exactly the number of referrals they want from the club. Then the other members focus in on getting those referrals for the member which helps to make their membership valuable.

For example at a recent meeting an accountant stated he wanted 10 new clients of at least $4000 each. The group setup a plan to go through their data bases and identify one person each that could be contacted and referred to the accountant. All members committed to at least one referral of $4000. That means that by the end of the year 15 members will have generated $60,000 in business for this member. This is how "BoB Clubs" work, by focusing in the direct needs of members.

Meetings also include group mentoring sessions that help members learn new ways to market better their products, to make their sales pitches clearer or to help all club members better understand each others business.

“This is what really attracted me to BoB Clubs” says Robinson, I always liked networking and I liked the fact that "BoB Clubs" have a structure as well as a genuine need to help members build their businesses through referral marketing.The mentor sessions at the end of a meeting or during the presentation section help every member become better at selling or explaining their product and networking is also about sharing your social capital so "BoB Clubs"practices what it preaches”.

"BoB Club" licence holders receive the rights to an agreed territory which can include a region, city or a distinct area and have up to 24 months to build a minimum of 4 clubs within that area to maintain their licence.

The goal of "Business over Breakfast" is to have a club in every major city within North America within the next 60 months.

Chad and Muriel expect to open up 8 new BoB Clubs in Eastern Ontario within the next 24 months each with 15 members and a total of 20 within forty-eight months. “ When I look at the potential 20 clubs, it gives me 400 potential leads each month’ I just need to focus on serving my "BoB Club" partners”. says Robinson.

Supported by a robust interactive web site, marketing materials and an international network, "Business over Breakfast Clubs of Eastern Ontario" are now open in Ottawa Centre, East, and West and soon in Kanata. Other clubs in Canada are open in Chelsea, Quebec and "BoB Clubs" will soon open in Victoria and Vancouver. For more information checkout

Kensel Tracy is Senior Partner with the Corporate Coachworkz and is the The Marketing Coach. If you have a story of interest in Canada, he can be contacted at

For more information, please visit Kensel's TNNW Bio.

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