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Sunday, October 25, 2009

WRITE TO EXCITE: Need A (Better) Job? Write!

Write to Excite with Peter Biadasz

In the past 3 months we have discussed your talent, your passion and controversy (Male or Female – Which is Superior?). Now we move onto a more personal topic, your job, or lack thereof.

If you find yourself unemployed, underemployed or just unhappy in your job/career you can utilize writing as a tool to drive you to the next level of success. No matter how you define success you will find that improving your writing skills in one or more of these areas will enrich your life both professionally and personally.

1 – Your Resume - It is amazing how many bad resumes exist amongst those who call themselves professionals. Many people think that their resume is merely a list of past employers and job responsibilities. Please remember that your resume is a marketing piece and that he product/service is YOU! When you or I buy a product or service we are buying results; we buy to answer “what’s in it for me?” Knowing that employers “buy” the same way, add to your resume your accomplishments. Lets face it, we all know what job titles are, what we don’t know is how you excelled in your job and how you added value to your position, your company and its employees. Review your resume today and add your accomplishments. You may find a better job as a result.

2 - Thank-you letters – Everyone likes to receive sincere thank-you letters. It makes us feel special, loved and alive with a purpose. People want to work with people who are not only competent, but make those around them feel good about themselves. Knowing this, I challenge you to write a thank-you note (not e-mail) and mail it to someone different everyday for 30 days. Thank you e-mails are ok, but do not have as much value as the experience of going to the mailbox, seeing that someone sent you some mail, holding an envelope addressed to you, opening up the envelope with anticipation and reading a signed than-you note. Add some joy to someone’s life today and write a thank-you note to those who have added joy to your life.

3 – Letters/e-mails to friends and family – Sometimes it is just good to get caught up with those that are important to us. We have all had the thought of getting in contact with someone “when things slow down”; but they never do slow down, do they? It is a reality that some people still feel very alone in spite have having so many people in their lives. Take some time everyday to write, e-mail or contact someone through social online media to caught up in what is going on in there life and let them know how you are doing. By doing so both of you both will be all the richer.

4 – Goals – Want to decrease your frustration level? Write out your goals. It is amazing how many people embark on this journey called life without their roadmap, which are their goals. Take a few minutes and write down 5 things that you want to accomplish in the next 6 months, both professionally and personally. In my public speaking life I give goal planning workshops, and we may devote an article to that. But in the mean time write down how you want your life to look, as well as a plan to achieve each goal.

5 - What you have always wanted to write – Take some time and write a piece you have always wanted to write; an article, poem, fiction or non-fiction book, etc. Get it out of your system and you may learn much in the process. My first article led to a book, which led now to 15 books and many more articles, and even to owning a publishing company, all in a few short years. You just never know where your first written piece will lead.

You will find that your writing will help you feel better about yourself and help others feel better about you. These attitudes combined with the learned in writing will be of great benefit as you word toward finding your dream job or profession. When you don’t know what to do, write to excite!

Peter Biadasz, author of such book as More Leads and Increase Your Sales And Lower Your Golf Score, as well as the newly released Write Your First Book, is President of Total Publishing And Media. To contact Peter about publishing or marketing your book feel free to contact him at

For more information, please visit Peter's TNNW Bio.

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Eyerock4everDeb said...

So, what is the writing job?

Pepper said...

All great advice. Didn't know about this blog before which seems like a great resource for networking.
Go 'Noles '79

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