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Sunday, October 25, 2009

UPDATE! (a/k/a,"Shock and Awe"), October, 2009, Week 4

THE NATIONAL NETWORKER (TNNW) UPDATE Information...Services...Resources...

(a/k/a "Shock And Awe")October, 2009, WEEK 4, Update Issue 17

  • Synthesizing;
  • Synergizing;
  • Mobilizing; and
  • Monetizing.
It's what we do.

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PROGRESS - We are integrating our websites, blogsites and services to make them more user-friendly, more user-interactive and easier to navigate than ever before. We are finalizing the terms of affiliation with several other service-providers and international cause-centered organizations, including a Not-For-Profit [IRS Section 501(c)3] Charitable Trust. Expect event announcements, fundraisers, contests, and real-time, real-space interaction.

PROGRAMS and PRODUCTS - Just watch.

MEMBERSHIP - During the course of the past year, our subscribership has grown by more than 20%, and is growing at an accelerating pace. Starting November 1st, all Subscribers will automatically be Members. All Members of record (as of that date) will be receiving special benefits, and will be thumbing their noses at you late-joiners.

COMMUNITY - We are not just a group of publications. We are not just a services provider. We are a community, and it is our pledge to use this potentialized, exponentialized critical-mass Supermind to aggressively and proactively assist every Member in attaining his or her goals for self-growth and professional, financial success.

Remember this concept of Interworked Cooperative Business Community. It is the next step in political and entrepreneurial evolution. Would you like to see the future?

This new trans-national form of organization (cue drumroll), THE INTERWORKED COOPERATIVE BUSINESS COMMUNITY ("ICBC") will change the balance of power in the world in a bloodless revolution.

Douglas Castle gives you a glimpse... . You can visit the Global Futurist at, for further insights.

BUTTONS? YES. WE'VE GOT 'EM. We have them so that you can push them all you'd like. Here are a few, with simple explanations for those of you who missed several days of school due to deer tick season, swine flu, the Jewish holidays (can there ever be enough?), a new baby, an attack of shingles (scientists fancy the term herpes zoster ), a new season of Dexter, or a futile attempt at completing the incredibly complex and labyrinthine paperwork associated with "restructuring your mortgage":

BACKTALK™: Comments From Our ReadersYour Feedback. Your Input. Your Turn.

BACKTALK will be making its debut on Blues Tuesday, October 27th. It is officially BLUE THING # 10, fresh out of the laboratory (there, there, Igor...calm down!). TNNW wants to give its readers across all social media platforms the opportunity to voice their opinions, share their insights, and talk back to our Featured Authors. This coming Tuesday, expect to be inundated with BLUE THINGS, including BACKTALK and some shockingly passionate responses to our most recent TNNW SURVEY. Move over Marist Polls. Move over Neilsen Business Media. TNNW SURVEYS will give you the penultimate (I had to learn that word in preparing for my SATs) statistics and trends, and BACKTALK will be a power-packed sounding board, featuring occasional profanity, but no nudity.


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With our Commitment of Great Things to Come,

Adam J. Kovitz and Douglas Castle


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