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Saturday, July 25, 2009

WRITE TO EXCITE: You Have A Talent!

Write to Excite with Peter Biadasz

“You have a talent” is something you may have heard many times in your life. The problem is, many times the person making the comment to you is a well meaning family member or friend just trying to make you feel better, yet leaving you with a feel good moment (maybe), and offering no information on what your talent may be or how to develop that talent for the good of either yourself or others.

This column, "Write to Excite!", will offer you information which will not only assist in discovering your talents and abilities, but guide you as to how to develop them for the benefit of yourself, and if you choose, the benefit of others. Of course the slant will be towards the written word, but you may find that some of the principles I discuss have some universal applications. Plus, one of the best ways to broadcast your talent to your network is through the written word, be it a book, article or blog.

It has been my experience that people do not do things for one of two reasons – either they don’t want to – or – they don’t know how. Studies have shown that 70% of people want to write a book, but have yet to do it. I can show you how to write a book and recently wrote a book on that topic, Write Your First Book, How To Start, Finish and Publish The Book Inside Of You.

First let me share with you the road I traveled to get to where I am now. Maybe you can relate to some, or all, of my journey.

I always knew I was a creative person. In other words, making things up was always easy. My parents helped me to channel my energies into music and certain school subjects. I play a variety of musical instruments, with trumpet being my principle noise maker, I mean - vehicle to express myself. As a result of my musical activities, which have lasted several decades, I have had the chance to meet some great people, go to some amazing places, and add joy to the lives of others. I also wrote three song for my sister’s wedding. I still play my trumpet in some of my public speaking presentations; really wakes the crowd up and keeps their attention.

But in light of what appeared to be success, I was still very frustrated. I knew I still had much unused potential. At one point someone in my “network” invited me to their networking group. I accepted the invitation and then asked, “What is a networking group?”. Even though I had been networking all of my life, I had no idea that groups existed in which the sole purpose was to assist in growing each other’s businesses.

I joined the group and started passing leads in earnest, because that is what they said I was supposed to do. Three months later I was elected President of the group because I was passing the most leads. I was now standing in front of a room of successful professionals and, as their President; I was expected to lead them.

This was my welcome to public speaking. Not only did this make me sick at the time, but I had to figure out what I was going to say to these people every week for one year. After asking myself – “Why would anyone come to a Peter Biadasz meeting?” I made a decision. The decision was to become an expert in the art of people networking.

I studied networking; spoke on it weekly, first to my networking group, then other groups, then seminars and on. It was great! When someone asked for my book as a follow-up to the great information I had just shared I told them I was not a writer and that they should take good notes. Eventually an editor had me transform my speeches into a series of articles, which led to, now 15 books on various topics, as well as a publishing company. I “met” Adam J. Kovitz about the time my first book was released and became one of, if not his first, TNNW bureau chief. (I write “met” because even though we have talked a gazillion times on the phone and I write monthly for his publication, we have never been in the same room at the same time.)

What is my talent? At this point I would say it is sharing information with people for the betterment of everybody.

You have a talent! This month I ask you, What is your talent? Write it down right now. What steps can you take to develop that talent? Write those steps down now (why wait?)

Read this column every month and you will be equipped to do what you have always wanted to do, especially with the written word. You too can "Write to Excite!"

Peter Biadasz, author of such book as More Leads and Increase Your Sales And Lower Your Golf Score, as well as the newly released Write Your First Book, is President of Total Publishing And Media. To contact Peter about getting your book published feel free to contact him at

For more information, please visit Peter's TNNW Bio.

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