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Saturday, March 13, 2010

BEYOND NETWORKING: BEING: 13 Ways to Create Impact

Beyond Networking: Being with Ron Sukenick

Are you making the most from the contacts you're making?

How often do you go out, meet people, and for whatever reason, nothing happens?

Think about it. Do you consciously plan or map out what you're looking to accomplish?

In most cases, people go out to network with no real goal in mind. They simply do it for the joy of interaction. Now, I’m not putting down the concept of interacting because as you and I know, if it wasn’t for having some fun at it we would never do it. So you make a lot of contacts but the relationship never really goes anywhere.

Did you ever think about why?

And while we can make all the contacts in the world, wouldn’t it be great to know more about how we can convert contacts into purposeful connection? As a way to help you in the process, listed below you’ll find some tips on how to do just that.

13 ways to help you create impact at the point of interaction
  1. Contribute – Always share ideas, information and your resources with others.

  2. Make it a small world – Everyone you meet has something in common with you. Your job is to find out what that is. In helping you to make it a small world, always mention the names of people, places and things. You’ll be amazed on how people will respond when they find that you have experienced something or know someone in common.

  3. Take interest in others – By investing a little time in research prior to your following up on a contact you made, you’d be amazed at the impact upon your follow-up phone call. Go to any of your favorite search engines and be amazed at what might come up for you to read. Once found, mention to the person you're following up with what you found as you were surfing the net. They will love that you took the time to learn more about who they are. In exchange, they will be more open to learning more about who you are.

  4. Link one relationship to another – The power has been and always will be in making the connection for others. Do what you can to link one relationship to another.

  5. Shorten learning curves – Learn to provide information to someone in need at that very moment that request is made.

  6. Listen three times as much – When you speak, you learn what you know. When you listen, you learn what they know. Need I say anything more?

  7. Look & comment about their business card – Quite often people exchange business cards and without even looking at it. Consider looking at it and commenting on something you see on the card. The person in front of you will love the attention.

  8. Be passionate about your work – Having a passion for the work that you do is contagious. Learn to express yourself as though your life relied on it.

  9. Find your reason for being – If you're going to go about building relationships with others, it’s important that you self reflect and strengthen the relationship with yourself. Find your reason for being.

  10. Connect their goals to people you know – Another form of linking relationships to one another. Once you determine what they're looking to accomplish, simply make the connection with others that you know that might be able to move what their wanting to accomplish forward. Think of this as an act of kindness.

  11. Connect the dots – Connecting the dots is your ability to recall information that helps to clarify one’s intention for moving forward.

  12. Take the moment and dance with it – Being in the present will always create impact when being with others. Make every effort to be with the person in front of you. Eliminate any possible thoughts going through your mind that is not directly related to the conversation and person your with.

  13. Follow-up – Know that just being there is not enough. You must have a solid system for creating a persistent presence. This is where most people fall down. They meet people and do nothing with the information. You must follow-up and do so within 48 hours or less. With you being one of the only people following up from the event you recently attended, you’ll surely get their attention for future opportunities.

Ron Sukenick
Business Advisor / Relationship Strategist / Author / Connector
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“Certified Human Behavior Consultant”
Nominated 2009 "America's Most Influential Business Connector"

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