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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WRITE TO EXCITE: Write Romance, Or Whatever, Into Your Relationships!

Write to Excite with Peter Biadasz

We started this year by looking into the future and discussed how to write 2010 into reality. (What Do You Want In 2010?). Last month we wrote about what your greatest successes and victories as a networker (Your Networking Success Story) – and thanks for the great feedback. This month we will look at romance or relationships (depending on how you feel about “all that”) and spice it up.

Okay, I am approaching this topic as a male, which means that I may be starting with a handicap. (I can hear my girlfriend laughing now.) But it is what it is!

FICTION – Write an article, poem or book describing your ideal relationship. Describe every aspect of your perfect partner – height, weight, temperament, redeeming qualities, profession, extended family, occupation, income, etc. Also discuss what you do together socially, personally, etc. Go for it! No detail is too small. Tell us how this person makes you feel when you are with him or her, and the loss you experience in their absence. This person is your fantasy come true, at least on paper. Write until you are satisfied, then write some more.

Hopefully, you will find that person in your real life.

As a publisher I know that fiction romance is a huge category of books and articles. What amazed me is that the primary readership is females in bad relationships looking for an escape, or females in no relationship fantasizing about the “other side.” My female friends gave me an earful about this.

NON-FICTION – Is your primary relationship a 10? If it is, I am so happy for you. I want to publish and read your book on the topic. If it not a 10, then one of the best ways to better any relationship is to talk about it with your partner. Before you have “the talk,” write down what you want to say. Not only will writing down what you want to say serve as a great memory jogger when the discussion gets emotional, but by reading it before you say it, you may better understand the reasonableness, or lack thereof, regarding your expectations.

Be as thorough as possible, keeping in mind your target audience, the one you have in your life whom you love and want to build up by presenting your written masterpiece to them. For every negative point, there should be a solution as well as praise. Remember, this is supposed to be a constructive piece that betters your relationship, not a piece to be presented as a break-up.

Or maybe you just don’t share the piece with your partner.

If you are currently not in a relationship, place your ideal relationship expectations on paper in the details described above. Pardon the allegory, but it is much easier to find all the things you are looking for in the grocery store if you have a list. There is nothing worse that cooking a complex dish only to learn that you left a few key ingredients out of the recipe. As you write, enjoy the trip down each aisle of the grocery store of fulfilling relationships.

Feel free to post your fiction and non-fiction accounts at the bottom of this article. I hope that as a writer you not only expand the scope of your writing by performing these exercises, but also find more romance in your primary relationship.

Peter Biadasz, author of Write Your First Book (available at, More Leads, and Increase Your Sales And Lower Your Golf Score, is President of Total Publishing And Media. To discuss with Peter publishing or marketing your book idea, or to inquire about having Peter speak to your organization or meeting, feel free to contact him at

For more information, please visit Peter's TNNW Bio.


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