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Saturday, February 20, 2010

BLUE THING #10: BACKTALK!: Comments From Our Readers.

BACKTALK™: Comments From Our Readers

Your Feedback. Your Input. Your Turn.

by Beth Barany, BACKTALKTM Editor

BACKTALKTM is brought to you by
The National Networker and
The Writer's Fun Zone, founded by Beth Barany.

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COMMENT On This Article!
Here are some of your comments on our recent TNNW articles:

Terri Benincasa: What Boomers Want
Tips for Marketing to the "Spending" Generation

“Hi Terri, Great article. I agree with the point ‘they want to feel that they know’... In a world with sales and marketing -- obsessed with themselves and their products -- this is a great lesson! Regards.”
Karl Smith

Blogger Profile

Douglas Castle: Comments And Observations Of Interest: Article Briefs & Thoughts Of The Day.

Competition, Collaboration and Cooperation are Not Opposites

"Love this Douglas!"

Brenda Krueger Huffman

Douglas Castle: WALKING AWAY...

“Perhaps the entrepreneur can learn a lesson for Senator Bayh. When do you walk away from a prospect who will never be a client? When do you sever ties with an existing client who usurps your time and energy? 

We may never know Senator Bayh's true motivation for leaving his post, he offers an object lesson: Sometimes it ain't worth it!"

Gabriel Siegel

Douglas Castle: Capitalism Without Zero-Sum Conflict: A Re-alignment for a New Era

“TNNW is great point. Hope it would be useful. Thanks to all who are associated to this post. & all the best!”

Cheating Spouse

Douglas Castle:
Bonnie Ross-Parker Brings Cutting-Edge Technology to The National Networker

“The kosher computer just made my day. Very enjoyable.”
Rick Itzkowich

DOUGLAS CASTLE RANTS: People Don't Follow Ideas; They Follow Other People
“This is a terrific article and with pride I sent it to all JOC licensees -- reminding each of them of the opportunity they have in their respective communities to lead. As always, your words inspire me to step up my game. In appreciation, your Atlanta fan.”
Bonnie Ross-Parker

Yossi Feigenson: Real Estate...and Other Things of Value
Find Common Ground

“I find your concluding suggestions to be on the mark. At the same time the path to finding one’s mission, or as you phrase it ‘what your good at,’ is to hone in on and then listen to that inner whisper, a whisper that is the one rational voice amongst the irrational shouts. Perhaps step two should come first.

Either way the question that remains is WHY? Why isn’t the obvious path to success the most traveled? If it is because the shouts of monetary gain drown out the whisper of self-actualization, then perhaps these times are hard only because our irrational shouts to only pursue the greatest monetary gains are frustrated by the current economic realities. In other words this whole mess should be viewed in a positive light, because, for the first time, the majority of society is forced to listen to the rational whisper ‘what is your role, where does nature dictate that you will be successful?’ If enough of us answer this question correctly then we will be on the road to recovery.”


Rick Itzkowich: Being There When It Counts

How far removed are you?

“Rick, I agree with you. Being referred could means the difference of getting a good and solid deal or even being recognized as a true / good professional. I did close a good deal last week by using my network and having good references about my professional profile, company clients and projects.

Today, most of the companies are looking for partners to reduce business costs, fulfill time frames and truly act as a partner. I spent / invest a part of my business time building relationship. I hope to be recognized as a good person / professional by someone important and who matters.”

Daniel Itzicovitch

“I think the premise of your blog post is sound -- it IS possible that we could be just one person away from getting connected to the means to accomplish our goals. I also think we have to realize that in this economy we could meet people everyday who have the influence to help us, but the fact remains that until there is the money to operate everybody's businesses fully, we may not be able to achieve that success soon.

I'm thinking in particular of the numerous influential people in my industry (VP's, and CEO's), who have responded to my queries for work with positive praise for my credentials. Even though these are people who could influence the hiring managers of their companies to hire me they are simply trying to keep their companies afloat and don't have a penny to spare when it comes to taking on new people.
So, I press forward and keep connecting, hoping that one day I will find someone with the ability to hire me now, and know that someday, the economy will recover and there will be lots of people who know my name and perhaps will consider hiring me at the time when their business is thriving.”

Rennette Grace

“Hi Rick, You are so right. But maybe sometimes you need more than just one person to make the big and long term difference in your business, but it definitely only takes a few of the right connections to get the snowball effect rolling! My view is that this is not a new way to sell. People and businesses have for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years been building businesses and networks based on “mouth-to-mouth.”

Getting others and preferably well-connected people to talk about their business. When you hit someone with a “big mouth” the chances of returns are of course much greater! In most businesses that I am involved in, a rapidly growing share of sales is generated through such well-connected people and their respective networks. I believe the time of hardcore canvas selling is coming to an end or at least being reduced to only really profitable for very limited types of businesses. Equally I believe that selling through traditional advertising is being reduced dramatically.
The internet and the way by which we as customers (private or corporation) today seek reassurance from our network, of the quality of what we are considering buying, has made the many different variations, of what I choose to call sales by mouth-to-mouth, the most important of all sales activities. Today 'mouth-to-mouth' being the written words via internet and especially social media! Last, if any one believes that I through my network might be able to make a difference, I sincerely ask you to let me know. Likewise if anyone out there believes they can help me, or my business I hope you will let me know too. My very best wishes.”
Mikkel Madsen

“I agree the mind is like a missile once it locks into a target it finds a way to get there. This has been true for me in life as well as business!!!”
Lucy Murphy

“You couldn't be more correct! One person can make all the difference in the success of ones company. I am currently in the process of working a two deals that were referred to me by my fellow BNI members that would take my company up not just on step but ten steps in recognition. All from getting to know, like and trust my fellow members and living GIVERS GAIN!”
Sara Chiarilli

“From your article: ‘We have a tendency to project the future based on what has happened in the past. We often extrapolate numbers based on averages from previous months or years.’ How about projecting the future based on the possibilities of the future. If I met a person with a large database and they see value in a joint venture I could accomplish "X." Just because you have not met such a person in the past should not eliminate the possibilities of the future and, therefore, your future success!”
Don Osborne


Five Years of TNNW, Part III

“Thanks for your kind words. They are appreciated.”
Ivan Misner

Brenda Krueger Huffman: The Point with Brenda Krueger Huffman

Anyone can buy a truck.” No, Mr. President, they can’t.

“I read your article and really enjoyed it. Like you, I'm a registered Republican but am really pretty fed up with both of the parties.”
Jim Malmberg

“Brenda, Keep up the good work. This is another example of your ability to articulate your message and hold your audience. Best regards.”
Carl DeMusz, RCE

Michael Phillips: The Postillion
The Postillion Interviews National Networker Chairman and Founder Adam J. Kovitz

“Interesting article. Looking forward to many more years of TNNW. I am also looking forward to future Postillion articles and interviews.”

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