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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BLUE THING #10: BACKTALK: Comments From Our Readers

BACKTALK™: Comments From Our ReadersYour Feedback. Your Input. Your Turn.

by Beth Barany, BACKTALKTM Editor

BACKTALKTM is brought to you by The National Networker and The Writer's Fun Zone, founded by Beth Barany.

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COMMENT On This Article!

Here are some of your comments on our recent TNNW articles:

Teri Aulph: Beyond the Cubicle
BEYOND THE CUBICLE - CORPORATE CULTURE: Tweeple, Twibes and Tweets…the culture of virtual communities

“Very interesting and makes me wonder: Is Social Media just another vehicle for people to connect? Is Twitter just the 2010 version of the front porch? If we didn't have computers, would people walk out of their homes and connect face-to-face? If so, would they be as honest? I doubt they would limit their conversations to 140 characters. Loved this article, many layers.”
-- Jackson Gallagher

Terri Benincasa: What Boomers Want
Tips for Marketing to the "Spending" Generation

“I too am a boomer...What I have come to realize is that high unemployment, a recession, a stock market crash and a left leaning president have all shaken my faith in what we like to call the system. What I have learned is that rugged individualism is the only way those of us closer to or in retirement will ever be able maintain our lifestyle. To that end, while I am still gainfully employed, I have started several websites that will augment my income in the event I were to become a casualty of the recession.”
-- Mike Anderson

Douglas Castle: Bad Branding: Sarah Palin's Reversal on the Use of the "R" Word.

“Adam's mom voices her opinion of Douglas Castle's post, and about Sarah Palin's credibility...or is it incredibility?”
-- Douglas Castle

Just listening to Sarah Palin speak makes me think of chalk squealing on a chalkboard. Hearing what she speaks about is even worse. How the American public who are looking for someone to rail against the present US government can look to her for leadership is beyond my understanding. She knows very little about leadership and government, and I feel she is the wrong person to lead the Republican party to a successful election for President. Yes, she and other people in this country are all right to complain about Mr. Emmanuel's use of the ‘r’ word when speaking of 'challenged' citizens; however, she has made too many mistakes to be taken seriously.”
-- Mrs. Susan Kovitz

Bill Doerr: Sales and Marketing with Bill Doerr
SALES AND MARKETING: Social Marketing -- Online or Face-to-Face?

Dear Bill: As a sales medium, social networking is a business model that has yet to be invented. All the Communications 101 hype about this “hot” medium, fails to address a fundamental issue in the “sales cycle,” namely, “I have a service you need, but you don’t know you need it.

All the “social networking” in the world, will not add one dime to your bank account unless you can sell me your service. Further, what makes anyone think that as a business owner, I would even consider Facebook or Twitter as a mechanism for solving a problem, a problem which by the way, I don’t even know I have.

The idea of “cold call prospecting,” is now out of favor and repugnant. We’ve substituted “feel good” and totally unproven academic scenarios for the nitty gritty of the hard stuff; real world prospecting.

I love the idea of your “KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST.” Please tell me how that will add to my bank account?”
-- Mr Gabriel Siegel

Brenda Krueger Huffman: The Point with Brenda Krueger Huffman
THE POINT: “Anyone can buy a truck.” No, Mr. President, they can’t.

“Nicely done, I changed my registration from Republican to Independent two week ago.”
-- Inphoman

“Hi Brenda, Did you write this all by yourself? Wow! How nicely put. As I read it, I agreed with everything you said. I read it a second time looking for where I disagreed and never found one point of disagreement. I look forward to your future blogs. You are a great writer! Regards.”
-- Steve Yanoviak

“Very good point. It is about time that Republicans come back.”
-- Donald Hsu

“I enjoyed your piece, Brenda. It's often hard for those of us outside the US to get a real sense of what is happening in America right now, and it may not be all that clear to you there either. It seems the polarization you describe is getting worse and worse, and I do feel Obama has missed out on many areas, but accept that the Republicans have certainly not been blameless in the creation of the current fiscal crisis - but it's extremely difficult for those of us outside the US to understand the health reform debate at all! Well, thanks for sharing - great work! Regards.”
-- Endaf Kerfoot

“Brenda, You wrote a good article. I'm a registered Republican but have not been happy with Republicans in the past few years. I am a conservative and the Republicans have not being acting in a conservative manner for a number of years and that included President Bush. I think they just don't get what we all we are mad about.”
-- Marchel Peterson Spring TX Real Estate E-Pro ABR (Results Realty)

Well said! I believe we began a steep decline when the term Politician transformed from Public service title to Career title. Our government seems plagued by the entitlement issues and the quick fix mentality. Leadership seems an, all too frequently, forgotten concept. It is frustrating for us all and you captured that very well. Now if we can just get them to read this!”
-- Anonymous

“I liked the blog. Well thought out and concise. There are two major concerns I have about our country in general. So here goes, for what they are worth.

1. The general apathy with which many of our citizens greet the major issues facing the country. A sense of individual responsibility seems to be vanishing and being replaced with a collective 'don't care.' I have seven children (grown), many of them have no idea or regard for how we got the freedom we have and what sacrifices an entire generation has made to get and insure them. Further, they seem to be wondering into mid life with little individual responsibility for calling for accountability in our government and our world. The liberal education system has taken its toll on 'thinking.'

2. As we create more dependency on the government in more and more of our citizens, votes to insure this continues and actually expands are guaranteed. A frightening trend that is observable in all the liberal give always, especially in this administration. Citizenship has been devalued and a "come one come all to the trough" is the order of the day. It is quiet possible that if this trend continues, it will eventually be the degrading of the nation in the short term and the destruction in the long term. Britain, and most of Europe, is slipping into this trap with welfare states like France and gutless leadership to stand up for values that created the great democracies and most if not all will be Muslim, and the wrong kind of Muslim with terrorists in charge. The outlook is not good there or here. If we do not elect conservative leadership that will be moral, value centered, and constitutional minded, we will join the progression into this abyss.

Wow, there you have it. Just some thoughts for your blog postings.
-- Jim Sherry

“Brenda, your article was very accurate and points out the need for more respectable debate. I too am tired of the angry political hacks that demonize innocent people just because they disagree with their position. I think what the media and their pundits are trying to do to Sarah Palin and her family is a disgrace and I think the American public is beginning to see through the media's terrible bias. Congratulations on a great article!”
--Mr. Carl DeMusz

“You totally nailed the growing independent mood of the American voters. Great article.”

Adam Kovitz: A NOTE FROM THE CHAIRMAN: Five Years of TNNW

Hi Adam, Thanks for the shout-out as a new columnist with TNNW and for the opportunity to write for TNNW. TNNW has a class A team of talented and accomplished writers. Congratulations to you and TNNW on your five year anniversary!”
-- Brenda Krueger Huffman

BLUE THING #6: Featured Deal of the Week

As a CEO space graduate of July 2009, I would like to report a Win from sunny FL. I went to CEO space with the intention of opening up a Holistic Healing center, 1st in Orlando & expanding out. Two weeks ago I signed on as a member of a new Body/Mind Medi/Spa. This was right before my second win of being asked to speak on a New Years Resolution Wellness Cruise to the Caribbean, three weeks after our CEO space amazing cruise. Life keeps looking better & better! Namaste to all!”
-- Karen the Inspirational Coach

BLUE THING #8: Great Websites and Blogs to Explore

“Thought you might like to add my Networking BLOG to your list. Lots of Networking articles, etc. Something NEW is added every 4th day.”
-- Larry James, Scottsdale, AZ

TNNW: Update Bulletin - New Developments - The National Networker Companies - 02.14.2010

“The TNNWC is the best updater. I always like it. It is very helpful to keep touching with latest news, thanks!”

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