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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

GO WEST!: Honoring Thy Self... Part II

Go West! with Christine West

“When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Many of us fail to recognize the innate ability we have to succeed at our endeavors. Yet in order to so, we need to stop participating in activity, buying into self-limitations or of others or feeding ourselves self talk that anchors us spiraling downward.

Pursuing what we want in both our professional and personal endeavors takes persistence and stamina. It requires you to differentiate and distinguish yourself from others. It is about allowing originality and individuality to shine bright by responding to life’s opportunities.

By no means am I diminishing team or group efforts. I feel strong about working in groups or in partnerships. Yet we need pay attention if the group norms are helping or hindering us.

As an example, if you are a horse jockey and you are paid to win. Do you get paid to stay at the same pace of the other horses? Absolutely Not! Or behind the other horses? – think about it for a moment, that is an absurd thought, Right? So why would anyone do it in everyday life?

Do you get paid to react to the other jockeys, horses and audience? – No because you would be way too distracted by your emotions. You would be too focused on the approval of others or how the other jockeys treated you during the race. Not a very good or efficient strategy. Many continue to behave this way at work or in personal relationships.

The winning strategy in a horse-race is to be able to respond to opportunity. Which means the focus is on driving my horse through the path of opportunity. By paying attention and maneuvering the horse through openings past the other horses quickly with graceful efficiency toward the finish line without any hesitation, is the horse that wins. This strategy also requires a jockey who knows how to pace the horse through the openings and once ahead of the competition, continues to run the horse hard to the finish line.

The horse and jockey receive their glory because they figured out how to move past and maintain a pace ahead of the other riders. This is very similar in regular day to day life. When we honor our very existence, something magical occurs. We are no longer distracted by life, negativity, and the pressures to conform to ways of others or need a sense of approval. We anchor ourselves to the sense of purpose within ourselves and we give free rein to our sense of being to respond to life and her opportunities. And we end up belonging to more than we ever imagined.

When we do this, we increase our worth and deepen our self-love, in which radiates outward in all that we do. When we behave out of love instead of manipulation, we allow ideas, resources and opportunity to develop into prosperous endeavors. Our energy is higher and authentic. People want what we have so therefore they become magnetized by our presence. Life becomes fuller and more interesting. Stressors decrease and clarity surrounds us.

No matter what your profession is, all of us need to interact with people to accomplish our goals. When we honor who we are, it is simpler to honor and accept the choices of others instead of becoming consumed by them. People seem to trust people more that interfere less with their existence and behave in authentic means toward them. We will never truly value others until we honor and value who we are.

When continue to build and invest in the greater good of ourselves and in others, that very goodness comes reflecting right back to us. The beauty in this we learn to collaborate, build wealth and a quality of life that is more rewarding.



Author: Christine M. West, TheBusinessMD, 2240 E. Tudor Rd. #976, Anchorage, Alaska, USA 99507. Phone 1-907-223-8403. Email:, Christine West is an industrial organizational psychology practitioner and is in private practice as TheBusinessMD which helps organizations and individuals overcome fear and explore the power of change. Ms. West is also a Featured Columnist for the National Networker

For more information, please visit Christine's TNNW Bio.

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1 comment:

Rick Itzkowich said...

Christine, there is a fine balance between giving to others and taking care of ourselves. Finding that balance is essential to our experience of life. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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