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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

BLUE THING #10: BACKTALK: Comments From Our Readers

BACKTALK™: Comments From Our ReadersYour Feedback. Your Input. Your Turn.

Q: Did you know that your responses and comments to each of our Featured Articles is distributed to an audience of in excess of ONE MILLION PROSPECTIVE VIEWERS? If you give us Backtalk, we'll give you press! Take advantage...comment, and give us your name, email address, and website link. Don't be lazy.

Anyone who can turn down this kind of free PR is either 1) somewhat feeble-minded, or 2) a fugitive from law enforcement. COMMENT!

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COMMENT On This Article!

Here are some of your comments on our recent TNNW articles:

Terri Benincasa: What Boomers Want
Tips for Marketing to the "Spending" Generation

I, too, qualify for the over 45 group. I celebrated my 1 year anniversary of unemployment this past week-end. It's definitely a tough market out there; however, I know there is the right job out there for ALL of us. Keep the faith and best of luck!"
- Cindi Lombardi

"Terri, I am a leading edge boomer and it's like you crawled into my brain. Every observation is right on the money (a little pun there - no extra charge).

"We don't want to "retire" and go fishing, but we do want to stop working so hard. We hate being preached to; we make considered purchases. We recognize that life won't go on forever, so we don't mind spending money on things that improve the quality of our lives (just look at the demographics for the travel industry).

"We resent the national obsession with youth, yet we are still trying to look young.

"And, although I don't recall your saying anything about it, lots of us are still helping our children financially, either outrightly or subtly. We spend stupid amounts of money on our grandchildren. Stupid amounts - and we can't wait to do it again.

"It's a very insightful and comprehensive article. Thank you for sharing! (That phrase is soooo boomer, isn't it?!)"
- Ms. Kay Lorraine

"Excellent article that supports importance of building quality content about your products & services online. I also like the tip on "one stop shopping" for convenience."
- Tina Gleisner

Sian Lindemann: Lasting Impressions
“Underneath Your Clothes... There’s an endless Story”

"I find it interesting that making the declaration I have made in my article this month that I have already found a variety of posts around the web sharing this article, 'naturally'

"Glad to see my command decision is bearing fruit already as in 'response'

"Thank you for your patience Adam"
- Sian Lindemann

"Sian, You are no longer shouting from the rooftops, rather you are shining your light brightly. You are attracting rather than promoting and we are all mesmerized by the power of your glowing light.

"Keep up the great work."
- "Barbara"

Estelle Rauch, LSCW, CGP: Managing Your Career
The Older Worker Strikes Back

"In response to Estelle Rauch's article, I think people, especially today who are facing unemployment should seriously consider becoming entrepreneurs. For those who are 45 plus, they offer valuable experience that can be sold. For example, I just met someone who is an expert in productivity. They will work with a small business owner to help them organize their prospects, clients, referral partners, and integrate their address book with existing auto-responders, shopping carts, CRM applications, etc., -- this person can save someone valuable time and money.

"My parents lived during the Depression. Instead of waiting for someone to offer them a job (which at that time was over 25% unemployment) -- they took a look around and started their own business. I think individuals today who have been affected by the economy can still prosper, if they take a look around and see what the needs might be. Also, looking around for people who have skills that they don't have, and partnering with those folks can help improve their odds for success. So for example, if someone is strong in sales & marketing, but not operations -- find someone who is strong in that. Or similarly IT."
- Leslie Atwooll, Career Satisfaction and Transition Coach

Teri Aulph: Beyond the Cubicle
Tweeple, Twibes and Tweets…the culture of virtual communities

"Bravo, Teri! Great insight into the motivation for participation in Social Media and how it has contributed to it's growth. I read your Examiner article,' Dear Boss' last week and it was outstanding. Keep up the good work, we will be reading you."
- Dr. Jonothon Conroy

Kathleen Ronald: U.S. Southwest
The New Frontier for Growing Your MLM Business

"Great stuff, I really like the layout of this blog. By the way, congrats to Susan for making this story WooHoo!"
- Nathaniel Johnson

"Great Article! Betternetworker is definitely the best place for online entrepreneurs to be."
- Alex Wrobel

"Ferny and Ray are great. I am a member of SEO Networker and the content has really opened my eyes to some new ways of thinking. Though you need to keep up with their blogs too, they update changes to google there quickly. These guys give out a lot of great information."
- Chris Owen

"Mike Dillard has truly lead the way with Magnetic Sponsoring. We follow his teachings and also refer our students to them. His attraction marketing concept is the lead point to our complete marketing system."
- Don Washburn


"Betternetworker is a great community, and really one of a kind online.

"For the most part, online communities in NWM of the same size are the subject of spammers and those professing that their opportunity is a "can't miss" or "one of a kind".

"Better networker actually has good discussion on how to build your business based on true marketing principles."
- Kurt Henninger

COMMENT On This Article!


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