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Friday, July 24, 2009

TNNW UPDATES! July, 2009, Week 4 - MUST READ

THE NATIONAL NETWORKER (TNNW) UPDATE Information...Services...Resources...

JULY, 2009, Week 4
UPDATE ISSUE 5 (New Format)

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Immediate Items:

1. Featured TNNW Columnist Yossi Feigenson (of Real Estate and Other Things of Value) received an invitation from the publishers at the European Wall Street Journal for us to submit a first article from TNNW on the subject of networking, to be released in Europe. After much arm-twisting, Yossi agreed -- being a tough real estate negotiator (although his clients adore him), he felt a need for at least a sporting show of some arm-twisting.

The result is a wonderful article, titled "Business Networking: TEN ESSENTIAL PRINCIPLES". It is a collaborative team effort by Douglas Castle, Yossi Feigenson and Adam J. Kovitz. It is an excellent distillation of some great unconventional wisdom, and it appears in this week's issue of THE NATIONAL NETWORKER Newsletter. If you are an impatient type of person, you can download (and even reprint) this article by clicking on .

2. We at TNNW are absolutely delighted to have made the acquaintance of Dr. Franco Oboni, one of industry's and government's foremost experts on risk evaluation, assessment and mitigation. He is a consultant and lecturer to international and multinational firms, as well as The United Nations on identifying, analyzing and formulating strategies to navigate around virtually every type of business risk -- from terrorism, natural disasters, erosion, government instability, domestic insurrection, logistical safety, toxicity issues, quality control, mechanical failures, human error to the slightly less exotic aspects of shipping, credit and a host of others. He has correspondent offices throughout the world...including some of the most troublesome and dangerous areas.

He and his firm are activiely engaged at present in a humanitarian de-mining project in Lao, PDR (one of the most heavily mine-laden countries on the planet, dating back to the Vietnam War). It will indeed be an honor and a privilege to have Dr. Oboni become one of TNNW's Featured Columnists.

Prepare yourselves! Get a bit of background information and professional insight into Dr. Oboni and his firms. Some links follow. I highly recommend looking at them all:

Franco Oboni

Riskope Risk and Crisis Management Blog (newly-begun)

Franco's CDA/ESM slideshow has achieved the "most viewed" ranking for two consecutive days on Looks like his favorite subject is becoming very popular.

By the way, have a look at this particular video. I believe that you will find it informative and quite impressive, as well:

We are delighted to have found a new friend in Franco. In addition to his expert writing, we are going to have Adam J. Kovitz use his indisputable charm to have Franco become actively engaged in our INTERNATIONAL AGENT/ DISTRIBUTOR SERVICE very soon.

3. Yesterday, I invested a good portion of the afternoon in learning about the art and science of constructing meaningful questionnaires, polls, surveys, market research focus groups and gathering (and profitably utilizing) market intelligence from Mr. Scott R. Gingold, a veteran pollster and industry consultant and the Founding Principal of both Powerfeedback ( and Confidential Counselor (

In addition to getting some fabulous feeds from Scott, who is quite active as an author and as a Twitter contributor, we are in the process of exploring a strategic co-venture whereby we can integrate some of our PUBLIC RELATIONS SERVICES and our TNNW SURVEYS Product with Scott's two organizations. We know how much our readers enjoy finding out about what other people are thinking, so we will be generating more surveys and publishing more results.

More importantly, with the addition of Scott's expertise, we expect to give our Members access to the research and analytical intelligence necessary to grow their businesses and plot any changes in course to stay ahead of the competitive curve.

It was wonderful to meet with you, Scott.

Coming in August:

Aside from the results of TNNW Surveys #88 and #89 (which will be published in separate Special Editions) which you can review to refresh your recall of the subject matter at, we have a bullet series of goodies headed your way. Incidentally, if you should have ideas for surveys which you would like for us to design, publicize, analyze and use for your branding advantage, go to the Survey Site! As promised, here are the bullet points:

  • High-Utility Killer Content

  • Sharp New Look and Super-Simplified Navigation and Access

  • The World's Best Suite of Member Services*

  • Some Brilliant New Writers

  • Direct Professional Introductions

  • The Ultimate Intelligence Source - THE NATIONAL NEWSPICKER**

  • TNNW BUZZWORKS - Our SWAT Team Becomes Available to YOU***

*Imagine These MEMBER SERVICES, Bundled for Optimal Efficiency:

  • Complete Public Relations, Publicity and Press Releases;

  • Financing! - For Ventures, Acquisitions, Development Projects, Operations, Purchase Orders, International Trade and Growth...Credit Insurance;

  • International Agent/ Distributor Service - Go Global Instantly and Inexpensively;

  • Targeted Multimedia Advertising for You, Your Organization and Your Services, Publications and Products;

  • Custom Surveys and Market Research Packages.

Q: How did you live without this stuff?

**Imagine This One, Amazing, Time-Saving Resource: THE NATIONAL NEWSPICKER. One source of distilled business intelligence from over 25 of the world's most credible and authoritative sources. Twenty minutes of reading. Knowing it all. Being informed. Sounding lethally intelligent. Being more efficient, effective, powerful and valuable. Increase your Relationship Capital (Adam J. Kovitz is the Avatar of Relationship Capital, by the way). Also: We invite our Subscribers and Members to rename this thing. Please.

Q: How did you live without this stuff? (We're asking again!)

***Imagine This Kind of Artillery, Working for You: TNNW BUZZWORKS, giving you visibility, credibility, image, identity and a constant presence across all e-media. Full saturation marketing.


****Blogs to visit:

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TNNW Bio for Douglas Castle.

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Adam J. Kovitz and Douglas Castle (who is not quite as important as Adam J. Kovitz)

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