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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Beyond Networking: NetBeing with Ron Sukenick

Have you ever been to a square dance? I remember being at a square dancing event awhile back. One particular thing the instructor said then stuck in my mind.

Each "square", you'll recall, is made up of four couples. The couple with their backs to the caller (the instructor who calls out the moves) and the couple facing the caller are called "The Heads", while the other two couples are "The Sides". So, when the instruction is given, "Heads, pass through!", only those four people of the Head Couples are supposed to move, while the "Sides" wait their turn. Two measures of music later, you might have changed from being a "Head" to a "Side". Everything went according to your position in the square at the moment of the "call". I remember Max, the caller, stressing that idea, explaining that square dancing is position dancing. That description is what stuck in my mind all these years.

Here's why I'm recalling Max's words now: I realize that traditional networking is almost exactly like square dancing! At networking events, each of us was trying his best to connect with certain other individuals because of their positions! Say I sold a product or service that was appropriate for hospital rooms. I would've been particularly interested in meeting you because of your position - either you worked for a hospital or sold a different kind of product or service to hospitals and had an "in" with different hospitals. I really wasn't interested in you as a person, nor did I expect you to want to know me as an individual. Our purpose lay in our respective positions! .

NetBeing goes several steps beyond networking. NetBeing has a person-to-person focus, and links creativity, ideas, and resources, not just "leads". In a way, NetBeing is more like improvisational modern dancing, where the synergy of each dancer's vision comes together with the other dancers' visions to make beautiful movement together.

So, what about success? What about getting the leads we need to get ahead in our careers? And, if no one knows who's a "Head" and who's a "Side" at any point in time, won't we just collide so that nothing gets accomplished? The a-ma-a-a-zing answer to that questions is - that's not at all what happens with connecting and NetBeing!

Once we broaden our focus and begin to build connections that transcend position, wonderful rewards start to happen for everyone. But, before we can enjoy those rewards, we need to break out of those set positions - so we can really DANCE!

Ron Sukenick
Business Advisor / Relationship Strategist / Author / Connector
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“Certified Human Behavior Consultant”

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1 comment:

TheBusinessMD said...

I will respectfully challenge you – My philosophy is all of us live by a dance and life is our dancer. I am in agreement with you in business and/or other areas of life it is critical to be - as similar as you stated:

“improvisational modern dancing, where the synergy of each dancer's vision comes together with the other dancers' visions to make beautiful movement together.”

Yet your statement still lies too much on the surface. A skilled dancer knows how to dance to the music and knows their role. Too often most people DO NOT understand the skill of 1. Aligning Behavior with the GOAL. 2. Most People do not Properly learn to dance, so therefore they are sloppy and are out of rhythm with the music and their partner. 3. Most people are more comfortable dancing free-for-all style and they end up all over the dance floor.

DANCING is a way of MOVING and MOST people do not know how to move in their BODY, MIND or SPIRIT. So therefore too many end up perfecting DANCES that do not work for GOAL (s) on hand.

I think your article hit definitely on some key points of WHAT to do yet most folks are blind to HOW to do it.

In Respectful Genuineness,

Christine M. West, MS, CMHT aka Go West !!!
TheBusinessMD (Industrial Organizational Psychology Practitioner )

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