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Sunday, March 01, 2009

THE STRESS OF SUCCESS: What's Stopping You?

The Stress of Success with Cifu Cinda Hocking

When you know what you are supposed to do for your business and think it should be done, yet it doesn’t get done, what is going on?

The number one reason we don’t do things is Low Desire. You may have great passion for the big picture mission of your business. You can envision it and see it in operation. However some of the day-to-day necessary, practical, and repetitive steps that are taken to get you there are decidedly not your passion. You may understand that these daily increments are important factors in building and maintaining business, but understanding alone does not make them happen. If you don’t like the activities and don’t want to do them, it is very easy to find reasons not to. Without motivation, it is easier to procrastinate, creatively avoid them and generally try to find ways to do everything else but give time and attention to daily maintenance and operations tasks.

In order to move forward and integrate these tasks into your business, you need to drill down to the essence of WHY you don’t like to do them. We all have loads of excuses, and we all have our share of laziness, but the core issue most often is that we don’t like doing something because it either make us uncomfortable or we find it boring. If you sit for a moment honestly looking at feelings of discomfort or boredom, what do you find? We don’t tend to do things unless we believe they are important AND we feel we have the ability to do (or learn to do) them. So, if the thought of a task makes you feel heavy, weighted down, or anxious – these are clues that you don’t find them important enough or don’t feel confident enough in your ability to perform them adequately.

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Not Sure It Is Important – when we think a business task isn’t important this can be because we are experiencing conflicting priorities. We see there is so much to do, so we take the most urgent and emergent and save the daily tasks…until they become urgent and emergent! Also, very creative or idea-based business owners can lose sight of the importance of operations and maintenance tasks because they often have more global and fewer linear/sequential skills.

Lack of Confidence in Skills – when we are better at the other tasks in our business, or doing the other tasks provides more immediate feedback/results that boost our self-esteem, that’s where we are going to focus our energy. If we are not sure we really understand the daily tasks, we may have a hard time asking for help, or feel that we should know how - and the fact that we don’t is embarrassing.

In order to truly get a handle on our business, we need to step away from rebelling against, withdrawing from or getting out of control towards the things that make us uncomfortable or bored. Instead, we need to spend time face-to-face with the feelings that the tasks bring up in us. This is challenging because we would rather not feel them! There may be better methods and formats to complete the dreaded tasks, better times of day for us, and better skills we could develop to tackle them. However, we won’t truly be able to embrace those unless we examine our true reasons for not doing the tasks in the first place.

Cinda Hocking, LMSW
Internal Energy Plus Consultant and Lifestyle Counselor

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1 comment:

Danielle Lum, APR said...

Excellent insights. I know I suffer from the "I know it needs to get done, but I just don't want to do it" blues from time to time.

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