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Sunday, March 01, 2009

LASTING IMPRESSIONS: Social Responsibility In Business And In The Arts

Lasting Impressions with Sian Lindemann

The “Power of Beauty”

I have often written about the topic of Social Responsibility. The theme is, obviously, a recurring one. Artists discern a profound reason to create their works, around one topic, around one theme, around an internally driven vision, that culminates quite similarly among creative individuals… the need to define the quintessential “connection between man and nature.”

Dyann Lyon Photo

Dale Chihuly Glass Art, Exhibition, Tacoma, Washington

“The photo posted here is from a recent exhibition of Dale Chihuly, renowned glass artist from the Pacific Northwest, where he has placed innumerable sculptural works in and among the exotic plants of The Conservatory in Tacoma, Washington


Man – made creations interspersed with the exotic plant life cultivated here makes for a “wonderland,” a surreal expression of color, form and exquisite perfection.” Man and nature interacting, in harmony.

A creative business network is forming around this topic.

The “team” at Social Traffic has gathered and formed in an extraordinary way. An Australian visionary, business man, and social marketing guru, Simon U Ford, inspired a group of people, including myself, to go beyond the norm.

Providing a platform, not unlike the Reality Show and “game,” Survivor, a company has formed around a common vision. A common desire to learn to navigate and utilize the internet in a more effective manner, and has inspired hundreds and now thousands of people to play this game.

The prize, coveted shareholder positions in a new marketing and promotions company, aptly titled, Social Traffic Inc.

A sister company, Events Listed,, is an additional platform where events, live or virtual, may be listed and subsequently promoted by Social Traffic Inc., by applying this newly absorbed educational program. 70+ Videos from the Events Listed Learning Center allow each of the participants to gather around the listing and promotion of thousands of events, world wide, that promote a common theme. This incredible training, a value of several thousand dollars is being provided to each one of us on the team, free of charge.

The initial celebration and global promotion is in support of Earth Day Birthday, 2009. It is an incredible demonstration of “will” and “action” to create a company from nothing, using only “human capital,” and grows to implement a plan to support Earth Day Events from around the world.

Sian Lindemann Photo

“The Badlands, South Dakota

“The Power of Creation,

Thriving in the most challenging of environments”

These photos, clearly define, the vision I’ve held and acted upon for 30 years. Art in public places, and the ability to create “from nothing” provides a view into the NEW paradigm where man and nature can function and interact in harmony. One event, one photo can change a life, “for the good,” forever.

Art has an impact that is illuminating, thought provoking and ultimately is inspiring to the human soul and causes us to take action, in extraordinary ways.

Timely, that in our financial climate, it would not appear the public would be supportive of an extravagant art installation in Tacoma, Washington, yet it has occurred, now. It was funded, well attended, and made available to the public free of charge.

It tells me that I am not alone in my thinking, the need to share the beauty of our earth, and to share the beauty of the impact man can have on it. We, as a species, can evolve, can lessen our footprint, and create inspired thoughts and actions, as demonstrated with the Chihuly Exhibition.

A “renaissance” if you will, is upon us, and the business of art and the business of “networking” will never be the same.

Earth Day, 2009

Rarely in our daily lives, do we think about Earth Day, Mother Earth, and how each one of our routines impacts the very existence our planet. Social Traffic, INC, the company, and especially, Social Traffic, the people, who comprise this company, are thinking about these things, and are acting upon them.

Thousands of people from around the world have gathered around a common cause, the likes of which I have only seen in the movies, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “Independence Day,” and others, where in a flash, we became a united race, acting and operating in unison and harmony.

From around the world, the participants in Social Traffic are speaking up, speaking out, creating articles, videos, and other medium to share what they will personally do, to live less impactfully upon our planet…and the voice is loud, passionate, humorous and touching.

I am honored to be a part of it and it brings pride to each one of us involved with the organization, and the reminder that business can be:

1) Fun

2) Profitable

3) Inspired

Lastly, the One World, One Gift, campaign is a call to action, in regard to what each one of can do, to “save money” to eliminate our wastefulness, as in excessive use of paper towels, car trips to the store, drinking purified water from an installed system, versus plastic bottled water. Very simple things, each one of us can do, to save $10.00 or more.

Inspiring thousands or hundreds of thousands of people to do the same, we can collect those “savings” to support alternative businesses, like Tree Banking Inc, or Water Logic International who are devoted to profitability by replanting rainforest, or by water purification systems that exist and are being implemented to purify tainted water from agricultural or industrial runoff.

I welcome those who want to know more about what we are doing. I welcome those who want to be a part. I welcome those who are willing to drop their ego at the door and become a part of history.

For more information,


Sian Lindemann

Social Traffic / Events Coordinator

FaceBook – Social Traffic, “Getting any lately”

Utube / Social Traffic Inc Channel


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