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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Networks that “WORK”

By Sian Lindemann
Arts & Entertainment Editor

I was recently introduced to an amazing resource. For writers, publicists and others in marketing, HARO, Help A Reporter Out, is a wonderful service that allows all of “us” who have expertise in something to be able to provide “resources,” content, and recommendations to those who are writing for major publications across the country and the world and writers who are on tight deadlines.

I have found HARO, sign up at, to be a landslide of new information as it relates to artists, arts organizations, and successful venues who really can DO something to help artists to succeed….whether it be the private recommendation of artists I interviewed, or whether it be the arts organizations under which the individual artists are housed or they have created…

Needless to say CEO Adam J. Kovitz, of The National Networker, has been more than frustrated with me this month, as I procured so much information from HARO that I truly did not know where to begin with the article content.

So, for those of you, that are also seeking a means by which to promote your collections or services, HARO has also provided me with a number of groups and individuals who are now promoting what I do in reference to my consulting services to artists….

Its been a terrific on both ends of the spectrum of my requests and my response to writers with queries that relate to my industry.

You MUST check it out.

Now be aware that you will receive 2 -3 emails a day when you sign up, but if you take the time to review the queries and see if the requests relate to your field of expertise, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can build new channels of FREE media support, and promotion for your particular service or product…

AND its FREE !!!!

There is no other way I know to put my face in front of over 20,000 people per day, just from HARO……and there is no other way I have found access to interviews for myself, with listeners and readers that exceed 1.5 million people…

Its awesome….but don’t just take my word, Check it out for yourself and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The Head Poobah of HARO, is a young man by the name of Peter Shankman, based out of New York City….and to be honest with you, I ‘m going to have to amp up my caffeine consumption to keep up with that man. He’s here, there and everywhere, all the time, and goes over the top to provide this service to all of us at no charge…..

Pretty amazing….

So, in light of the massive amount of information I procured from HARO, I am going to do two series of articles that will have multiple parts. One will identify artists, organizations and services that are actually succeeding in creating significant sales for individual artists or artists in their care.

The other, with the very significant trend involving “saving our environment,” I have been introduced to innumerable contacts, organizations and companies who practice what they preach…They DO actually create change in regard to the preservation of our natural resources. My favorite, of course, is Al Cecere, Founder of The American Eagle Foundation, whom I mentioned last month. His work with Eagle Rehabilitation, Breeding, and wilderness release programs has been an instrument to successfully removing the American Bald Eagle from the endangered species list.

Now he is working to perpetuate that fund, and endowment to assure Eagle population, forever.

Artists with whom I work are also donating a % of their proceeds to The American Eagle Foundation to assist in the endowment program.

Contact me in regard to the following if you wish to contribute as well to this cause. The art of photographer Steve Metzner (see his Eagle image on my website and I will be adding images this week to that site. AND the collections of bronze sculptor, Mischell Riley will soon be available for purchase with %’s of sales going to the same Foundation, The American Eagle Foundation.

I love that I, too, now can contribute back to those individuals who continue to inspire me, bring me fulfillment in my work life, and artists who have become my dear friends. I feel so incredibly blessed.

All best to you

Sian Lindemann

August 2008 ( MY Birthday MONTH, by the way )

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