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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sorry Guys…Ladies ONLY ~ Empowered Woman in LA

By Kathleen Ronald
Southwest Bureau Chief
(California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona)

I am always on the lookout for new and different ways to connect. I had heard about a group in LA called An Empowered Woman, so I checked them out at their website, In addition to other activities, the group meets the second Sunday of every month. I recently had the chance to attend one of these meetings at the gorgeous Mountain Gate Country Club in LA.

As I turned into the entrance and continued up the mountain, I was in great anticipation of the event, as the beauty of the property continued to unfold. When I opened the front doors, I was greeted by three great gals at the registration desk and a view that would take your breath away. I remember thinking to myself that if the event was anything like the stunning environment, I would be in for a treat.

As I went down the short hall, I was greeted by the ever-graceful Desiree, who founded the organization. She has an elegant, peaceful air, and I felt a warm strength emanating from her, which made me feel very comfortable and welcomed.

I was very impressed by the women I met, the speakers that touched my heart, the vendors that presented a variety of goods and services, and even the fun fashion show that was presented by Vani Kumar from The Suit Closet. I was so thrilled, I felt compelled to secure an interview with Desiree. I knew that all of you would benefit by knowing about this organization.

Desiree was involved in Real estate and investments, and started with nothing but babies and bills. After building a hugely successful career, she found herself yearning to empower other women with her knowledge, so they too could do what she was doing. What she found as a result of her seminars From Babies and Bills to Riches in Real Estate is that very few were actually implementing the steps. She became acutely aware that there was much more than simple knowledge that women needed first in order to take action on any strategies. Desiree realized it wasn’t just the facts and figures that women needed; they had to be reminded that each of them had a power deep within. Since then, she has been on a mission to encourage women to realize what they had forgotten: their power!

Desiree joined The National Speaker’s Association, and found herself with a wealth of access to celebrated authors and speakers. She held her first meeting with humble intentions, as a simple gathering at her home. In January 2006, An Empowered Woman was born, and has organically morphed over the years into a community that will far exceed your expectations.

After ten months, the group was taking on a life bigger than what her home could hold, and Desiree realized that she had to make a decision of whether to go big or to go home. She followed her intuition, and An Empowered Woman found its new home at the Mountain Gate Country Club. It has grown into an amazing organization that supports women, not only in LA, but all over the world.

Their mission is for women to empower each other by sharing their personal stories, challenges and victories. Leaving everyone touched, motivated and inspired.

Wow! Count me in!

The list of benefits is long and varied, and each offering is designed to build community.

I was so excited, after talking with her, that I decided that I wanted to be a part of this organization. If you live in LA, you have access to the monthly meetings; however, non-residents also have many opportunities. There are so many benefits beyond the meetings, including an option to be a part of their Web TV offering for a fee, an Empowered book club, MasterMind meetings, coaching and even a radio show entitled “Take Ten”. Naturally, this is aligned with all she creates for the organization.

They offer a Strictly Business series of tele-classes, as well as tele-calls and round tables that are available for viewing online. Another awesome benefit is Let’s Talk Success; their once-a-month program that highlights self-made millionaires. The program offers the speaker 45 minutes to share their story, 15 min of Q&A and then a 30 minute brainstorming session with the attendees. As if that wasn’t enough, they are preparing for their next ONE DAY. which will happen in November at the Luxe Hotel in Bel Air. They believe that in ONE DAY you can change your mind, your attitude and your life.

Again, this is in addition to all of their wonderful resources and events. I encourage all you ladies out there to get online now, and check them out. Get involved, and find your inner power, to become An Empowered Woman!

If you have any questions you can reach Desiree at 818-865-8563.

More information available at

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1 comment:

Gwen Nolan said...

What a wonderful review of a wonderful organization! Real life stories are ever-inspiring examples of what is possible to overcome and to achieve. In our organization powerful personal stories are used to inspire new members to utilize fully the products we offer to enhance their own lives, eliminate limiting beliefs, recognize how very powerful they are and to accept their own roles as leaders and role models as they share this gift with others. For most women, the only thing holding them back is their own lack of understanding of how powerful and strong they really are!

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