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Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Healthy, Wealthy & Wise"

By Meira Findel

Health & Wellness Editor

Sherry D. Fields, Sales Consultant for Warm Spirit, is known as "The Million Dollar Sales Earner". Sherry is the first person to achieve this status within this organization and within the Direct Selling industry alone, this is a HUGE accomplishment and would lend one to ask the question of "how" she did it.

With today's uncertain economy many are seeking ways to supplement their families' income and/or looking for inspiration to start their own businesses. Sherry overcame unemployment, a chronic health issue a weight issue and has been able to accomplish financial independence. Her story provides inspiration and solutions for everyone. She used her fear of losing her home, job and pride as the catalyst for her accomplishments. Sherry's motto today is to stay "Healthy, Wealthy & Wise". Now that she's in Atlanta, she has her sights set on a nutritional program to help people eat better, which makes their health better and as a side benefit even lose weight.

Sherry has been featured in Essence Magazine, and Success South Florida due to her success in the Direct Selling industry and holds the title of "Consultant of the Year" for 2006 & 2007 with Warm Spirit.

She credits organizations like, The Joy of Connecting with helping her attain new business. “The Joy of Connecting®" is a tool to aid women in connecting to resources, building relationships and growing their businesses. Take a look at their website: for more information.

Sherry leveraged organizations that she had a relationship with to start her business. She I worked on a local basis with church bazaars, women's events, anywhere she could set up a table for a low cost, also partnering with an art gallery prior to the Christmas holiday – it was a very successful cross promotion where Sherry promoted the art gallery her clientele and the gallery promoted my business to their clientele. A true win/win. As the business and her confidence grew she branched out and started attending conventions, seminars, and workshops and introduced the business and products to the attendees.

Events are critical because while the company is showcased, people came for information and relationships were created from there.

In 2003 her team created a Serenity Sanctuary at a national Black MBA Association convention. It was basically a spa and relaxation area in the middle of a convention. Everyone loved it and it was one of the most successful events she ever did.

Sherry has worked with E-Women Network, The Joy of Connecting, Give 'N Take and the local Chamber of Commerce, health fairs at local corporations and all of which have been a great venue for meeting people.

Sherry has helped countless women who want to lead a healthy eating lifestyle with the side benefit of weight loss through her lifestyle eating plan called Juice With Me , a guided 7 day program where you learn how to detoxify your body with fresh juices and various daily care activities. Results have been amazing:

- eliminated inflammation in my body

- reduction in stiffness in joints

- increased energy level

- healthy, glowing skin

- eliminated sugar addictions

- eliminated food addictions

- increased daily intake of vegetables

- reduced belly fat

- maintained a 23 pound weight loss

To learn more about Warm Spirit’s Summer Business Special or their nature-based self-care and wellness products or to chat with Sherry D. Fields about her Warm Spirit success, please visit her website at

Sherry has been featured in Essence Magazine and was selected in 2006 by Success South Florida Magazine as one of the 50 Most Influential African-Americans in South Florida. She’s a lifetime member of the National Black MBA Association and active in the Jackie Robinson Foundation Alumni Association. Sherry was named “Consultant of the Year” in 2006 and 2007 with Warm Spirit and carries the title as "#1 Earner". In 2008, she was honored for being the first Warm Spirit consultant hitting the million dollar mark in sales. Sherry focuses on empowering people to be wealthy and healthy by partnering with Warm Spirit business owners throughout the United States, including the U.S. Virgin Islands and Hawaii.

Passionate about helping others succeed by realizing their natural talents and unlimited abilities, Sherry is currently pursuing her Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition at Clayton College of Natural Health based in Birmingham, Alabama. Sherry’s mission is to help people enjoy healthier, wealthier lives. For more information, please visit

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