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Sunday, April 20, 2008

This week on TNNW...

The Sixth Law of Relationship Capital

By Adam J. Kovitz, CEO, Editor-in-Chief

The ten Laws of Relationship Capital are divided into logical groupings: the first two Laws discuss who can and cannot possess Relationship Capital, the next four Laws deal with mechanics, the seventh and eighth Laws concern themselves with Intellectual Capital and its relationship to Relationship Capital and finally the last two Laws focus on Financial Capital and its relationship to Relationship Capital. Therefore, we continue this month with the last of the “mechanics” discussions, which will certainly appeal to any of those who have ever dealt in the areas of organizational development, industrial psychology, business analysis and valuation and/or management/supervision....more
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Business Networking...Church Style
By PETER BIADASZ, Southern Plains Bureau Chief
Anyone anywhere can start a business networking group. Recently I have been invited to several networking groups that have had their beginnings in local churches. Some of these meetings are denominational, some non-denominational, and some multi-denominational. While many people prefer to keep their professional and personal lives separate, some have no problem co-mingling every segment of their lives. As a result, church networking groups, whether they be monthly breakfasts or weekly luncheons, are a growing segment of business networking groups.

Networking Wisdom from NJ-Based Entrepreneur
By LYDIA SUGARMAN, Entrepreneurial Editor
I met David Stein at the annual World Golfs Gala dinner in early February this year. After two or three decades of business experience, he has a lot of wisdom and insight to share, albeit sometimes in a curmudgeonly joking manner!
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By SCOTT R. FORCINO, Esq., Legal & Real Estate Editors
This month I had the pleasure of reviewing, a new, free, online social Web site that connects attorneys from one end of the country to the other.

Business Building Conversations
By CANDY WEBB, Network Marketing Editor
There are two key concepts that every networker needs to understand, and to refine some additional skills to do well. First, learning how to INITIATE conversations, and Second, learning how to EXTEND conversations. This is, of course, absolutely vital for any business endeavor that requires bringing new contacts or leads into your business either as customers or business partners.

By CHRIS KAUZA, Technical Editor
Have you heard of other people “Twittering” and wondered what it's all about? About a year ago, NPR did a profile on Twitter and so I thought I would give it a serious look. And even though it just sounded like a silly little application designed to help someone be “anonymously nosy”, it had some extra credibility since NPR was covering it. Boy was I surprised at what I learned!

Customize Your Referral Strategies
By IVAN MISNER, Ph.D., Networking Success
One of the things I often tell people is to remember what Tony Alessandro calls, the “Platinum Rule”: Treat others the way they want to be treated. This rule applies to every transaction and every relationship you have—with your referral source, with your prospect, with your customer, with anybody.
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Five Signs Your Networking Efforts Are Failing – and What to do About It!
By GLEN GOULD, Mastering the Membership Maze
I don’t like rubber chicken. My bet is you don’t either. I particularly don’t like spending $15 to $25 for a rubber chicken lunch and feeling like the only value I received was, well, rubber chicken. But how does one know when the networking net worth is less than the time invested and the value of Michelin Chicken?

Power Thought of the Week
By PATRICIA PARHAM, Ph.D., Power Thought of the Week
Business Processes Transformations - Changing business processes and technologies is a way to create transformation and potentially increase business income. How do you use the internet in your sales, marketing and delivery? What functions would it be more economical to contract for or outsource? If there’s any part of your business which is not “best in class”, seek those who are known for excellence in this area and capitalize on their expertise.

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Carol Deckert said...

Thank you very much for the valuable book pack I received for winning April's contest. I was very pleasantly surprised when the books began arriving at my door. Networking is a passion of mine and sharing wonderful books with my network is a close second! These books will definitely be put to good use!

Keep referring others to this wonderful ezine/blog - many people need to understand the value of networking the correct way, for the correct reasons and share what they learn with others!

Yours in networking,
Carol Deckert, Networking Coach
Referrals Unlimited Network/RUNLancaster

Anonymous said...

Do you know your website's RSS feed is totally broken and has been broken for months?

If you want people to subscribe to your website (not stupid email newsletters) then you should join the 21st Century and fix your RSS feed!

wdk102bucks said...

Our thanks to two TNNW readers for their comments...
We're looking into the RSS feed issue... When it comes to blogging as the song says "Any love is good lovin'". Thanks for stopping by and have a good one! -Wdk

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