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Saturday, May 24, 2008

This Week on TNNW...

The Seventh Law of Relationship Capital

By Adam J. Kovitz, CEO, Editor-in-Chief

Up to now in our discussion of the Laws of Relationship Capital, we have looked at the kinds of entities that can or cannot possess Relationship Capital as well as some of the mechanics of Relationship Capital. But if Relationship Capital is the way to quantify the “who we know”, how about the “what we know”? The Seventh Law begins to address this.....more
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Estate Sales and Networking
By Kathy and Louis Emond, New England Bureau Chiefs
Talk with Patty Madigan for five minutes and you’ll come to several conclusions: 1. She loves her job and cares about her customers, sellers as well as buyers, 2. She knows, and will share with you, the history of Nashua through its people, and 3. You'll understand why she has successfully built her company through personal referrals only.

A Woman's Place
By CINDY DUNSTON QUIRK, Great Lakes Bureau Chief
What does a life coach, a professional therapist and an organizational development specialist have in common? Linda Fitzgerald ... Fitzgerald, a self described, “teacher at heart and a visionary by design,” has founded a new networking group which targets women in the second half of their journey.

Franchise Networking
By PETER BIADASZ, Southern Plains Bureau Chief
I have been teaching for years that a networker is ‘someone who is a total resource to everyone you come in contact with”. This is even explained in my book More Leads, available in The National Networker bookstore. Pardon the shameless commercial plug to make a point, but how much of a total resource are you to those in your network? In some instances the networker is a total resource to an entire industry. One industry that I have always felt had much value is the franchise industry. Besides being a training ground for many entrepreneurs over the years, it has been the source of many products and services each of us rely on day-to-day. With that in mind, let me introduce you to Anne Barr, franchise expert and networker extraordinaire from Dallas, Texas.

It's Not What You Make That Counts, But What You KEEP!!
By CANDY WEBB, Network Marketing Editor
April 15th has come and gone again, and I do hope you were able to take full advantage of the home based business deductions that are available to the growing number of citizens (tax-payers) who have found that from an economic standpoint, a home based business is the only way to go. Jim and I often tell our story of how twenty years ago when we were both highly paid employees of someone else (read no tax advantages), we were told by our tax accountant that we could benefit dramatically from having our own home based business. Long story short, we did just that and found out that we had been extremely naïve about what was possible. Well, we quickly “got smart” and saved thousands of dollars from then on.

Proactive Content-based Searches – Has Technology Gone Too Far???
By CHRIS KAUZA, Technical Editor
A few weeks ago, CIO Magazine announced a new feature for their readers – the ability to leverage the content of their industry trade publication in combination with LinkedIn – enabling one to proactively make connections with people in LinkedIn. Sounds intriguing. Especially in an ever-increasingly connected world. And this wasn't the first one to be created.

Women Sellers Unite Virtually and In Person!
By LORI RICHARDSON, Guest Women's Networking Editor
There is a ground swell underway to better connect and educate women in business who happen to have "seller" as one of their job descriptions. They may not have the title, "salesperson" - but they may be in business development or account management or even marketing. They have a need to develop sales skills and basic strategies for success.

Two Things You Should Know About Networking
By IVAN MISNER, Ph.D., Networking Success

Sponsored by qAliasPractice alone is not enough. It must be “effective” practice. In martial arts, the sensei (master) says, “Perfect practice makes perfect.” In other words, if you’re just going through the motions, you are not learning and growing. Every time you do a kata (a system of basic body positioning and movement exercises in karate), you must do it as though you were in a tournament, or as though the sensei were there watching you. Only with that intensity of focus does one improve. The same applies to your networking efforts. If you are applying the techniques halfheartedly, you’ll get less-than-acceptable results.

Mastering the Business After Hours
By GLEN GOULD, Mastering the Membership Maze
Congratulations! You’ve joined the chamber of commerce and your business is bound to improve. Now that you’re a member you’ll begin to receive invitations to all sorts of events. But which one is for you? ... If you’ve read my previous articles you’ve learned a short cut to membership success. You’ve gotten to know the staff and no doubt they’ve suggested you attend the biggest chamber event of all – the Business After Hours.

Power Thought of the Week
Community - Are you aware of how your services might help to create better societies where you operate? More and more, citizens choose services from organizations that are socially responsible. How do you convey to your clients that a part of your mission is to improve the communities in which you operate? Incorporate this into your networking message and build your power base. Increase the number of potential clients inclined to go out of their way to look for ways to work with you.

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The Emergence of The Relationship Economy
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