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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BLUE THING #10: Lingovation of the Week

Dear Friends:

As you may or may not know, a Lingovation is a newly-created, freshly-coined word, often comprised of a hybrid or contraction of several existing words, which comes into being when no other single existing word or word combination (and sometimes not even an entire paragraph!) can precisely express the thought. They are not nonsensical terms, and must indeed be taken very seriously.


Note: The term Buzziprocity” is a Lingovation developed by Douglas Castle of TNNWC, coined officially on 8th April, 2011. Buzziprocity is a relationship between two parties where one of the parties utilizes various broadcasting and discussion formats (such as social media groups, blogs, email campaigns, and newsletters) to promote the ideas, services, products or brand of the other, and the other party, in a fair exchange, does the same. This not only produces an expanded sphere of influence for each of the two parties, but it ultimately generates a synergistic vibrational effect as the followers, members, subscribers of acquaintances of each party start to re-buzz or comment about the information not only which they have received about the party with whom they are already familiar, but as they start doing the same for the new party with whom they have been introduced. The Viral Spiral™ effect is prospectively unlimited.

If more than two parties are engaged in Buzziprocity, the results are not merely additive; they are virally exponential. With the addition of each new participant, the circle expands dramatically.

TNNWC and the BuzzBaristas™ at TNNWC BUZZWORKS™ are at the very epicenter of the Buzziprocity Movement™.


A. Following is a list of the best types of persons and organizations which can most dramatically benefit, and will also tend to add the most benefit in return in a Buzziprocity Arrangement:

1) Bloggers who are looking to expand their list of followers, readers and subscribers;

2) Social Media Moguls who have established follower lists on Twitter (in excess of 5,000) and want to build them further; or, who have FaceBook Fans (or even lists of Friends) in excess of 1,000; or group moderators or list owners at Linked In, Ning or other interactive media and messaging platforms having a subscribed membership in excess of 2,500 members and want to grow bigger, stronger and much faster.

3) Membership-Based Websites, Organizations, Clubs and E-publishers who have confirmed double opt-in subscribers of at least 5,000, and who want to grow these lists steadily without spamming, excessive advertising and shenanigans that will get your mail handling program to freeze your account (how humiliating!)

B. Following is a list of the simple steps which you will want to take in order to join a Buzziprocity Arrangement:

1) Fill out a simple form, and send it to us. To get the form to magically pop up, simply click on the following link:

2) Wait to receive your acceptance via email. Uncork the hard apple cider, whip out the ol’ banjo and celebrate!

C. Following is a list of your simple “to-dos” (which sounds much less domineering than “obligations”) to remain a Member in Good Standing (jolly good!) after joining a Buzziprocity Arrangement:

1) Twice monthly, you will receive a list of mini status updates (140 characters or less each, including links). Post these links to all of your social media groups. You are allowed to use or any other application in order to make social media sharing as easy and fast as possible. You may also comment on any of these status updates if you have something either constructive or humorous to add. Interesting exchanges may result!

2) Once monthly, you must add your own mini status update about your blog, club, site, cause, service, product or brand and submit it to our TNNWC Buzzmeister Generale (at an email address that you’ll be given), so that during the next go around, your update will go out to the ever-expanding circle.

BUZZIPROCITY – A brilliant and noble world tradition which just got started today.


Douglas Castle
Chairman and CEO,

Links for Learning:
http://TNNWBuzzworks.blogspot.comFREE BUZZ!

Google These: lingovations, TNNWC Buzzworks, BuzzBaristas, buzzology, buzz-to-brand, mini-media buzz-blitz, TNNWC Blogworks, Buzziprocity, Brute Force Buzz Request.

Download a printable .pdf file of this document:

This document is Copyright © 2011 by Douglas Castle. All rights reserved.

p.s. If after reading the LINGOVATION above, you have some idea of your very own for a new LINGOVATION, simply press on the button which follows (it says "Submit My Original Lingovation") to submit your new word and its definition, and we will make you famous...well, perhaps just somewhat famous. We will get your Lingovation a very high ranking on all of the search engines -- that much is assured!

The button.....


A brief word from our Sponsor, Albert Einstein, who is deceased at the moment, having suffered (apparently) at least one too many electroconvulsive therapy treatments:

We, at TNNWC Group have also received high praise from none other than... presidential hopeful Sarah "Mama Grizzly" Palin! Who knows where our next celebrity endorsement (or next meal, for that matter) will be coming from? Perhaps Michael Vick? Perhaps Paris Hilton??? Lingovations -- we were nothing before they came into existence.


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