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Thursday, March 10, 2011

BEYOND NETWORKING: BEING: The Power of Making the Connection

Ron Sukenick
Beyond Networking: Being with Ron Sukenick

The Power of Making the Connection

In the book The Power of Flow, Charlene Belitz and Meg Lundstrom share ideas on how you transform your life with meaningful coincidence. They talk about a day in which you make every green light and slip effortlessly into a parking spot in the most crowded part of town.

You make a to-call list, and the people on it call you first. You turn on the radio just in time to hear the exact information you need. As you think about a new career direction, you bump into a friend you haven’t seen in years, who tells you of an exciting job opportunity.

These coincidences are called synchronicity, and according to Belitz and Lundstom are sure signs that you’re in the flow; we say that you’re in tune with making the connection.

Making the connection is hard to define. It’s a higher force at work that seems to help align intention with outcome.

Regardless of how you describe the term, psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says it well when he defines being in the flow as “optimal experience, a state of concentration so focused that it amounts to absolute absorption in an activity.”

Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect, and that is meaningful to the observer.

Synchronous events are possible each and every day.

The more aware we are of our self and our surroundings, the more likely it is that making the connection will occur. Possessing certain internal characteristics will help strengthen the possibilities for these synchronistic connections to take place.

Commitment: Your commitment to your own growth and expansion keeps you tuned in to what is constantly possible.

Mutuality: You want for the other as you want for yourself. Mutual regard and mutual success permeates the exchange.

Courage: You are willing to take the risk to reach out to others.

Focus: You remember your aim as you move throughout your day.

Passion: An intense, driving feeling moves through and with you.

Immediacy: You have the quality or state of being “ready,” of being able to respond in the moment.

Openness: You are receptive to ideas and people’s feelings.

Positivism: You focus on the positive in ways you connect rather than individual differences that disconnect.

Giving to the World: Promoting the best possible outcome for your partner separate from your self.

Connecting the Dots

Connecting the dots from a relationship “feeling” standpoint is intangible. It’s the synchronicity described above, calling for focus, clarity, and direction, as we move toward mutual results.

The Law of Gravity states that every particle in the universe is attracted to every other particle! Gravity is what organizes things on the microscopic level. It’s what holds things together—the solar system, the galaxy, the universe. What dynamic causes this to occur on a human level? Perhaps it is the same gravitational pulls, metabolic attraction and biological forces that operate on a universal level.

We are part of an interdependent and ever changing community. I feel a connection we’ve said from time to time when we’ve met someone personally or professionally who we would like to know further. This feeling takes us into the relationship and helps us move toward connection: a feeling energy that illuminates the path before us, causes excitement, and even feels mysterious or mystical. We cannot argue with it! Who are you? Who am I? What is possible between us? Now, you might be wondering if I am talking about a personal connection here. Yes, AND this feeling energy is present in business relationships as well.

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