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Thursday, October 21, 2010

THINGS OF VALUE: The Column Formerly Known as “Real Estate and Other Things of Value”

Things Of Value with Yossi Feigenson

I know you’ve all been wondering; where is this guy who writes the column on Real Estate? I know it because I’ve been wondering the same thing. The good news is I’m back. I never really left; I simply put myself through a self imposed exile of sorts as part of a transition process that I am going through. Lately, I haven’t focused my energies on Real Estate and am broadening my horizons and pursuing other endeavors. So it wouldn’t be fair to you all for me to be writing a Real Estate column while my mind is elsewhere.

So the column formerly known as “Real Estate and Other things of Value” will be renamed “things of Value”. How cool! My good friend, Adam, the publisher of this paper, and I briefly explored the possibilities of me writing about “things of value” and instantly clicked, because in every area of life we want the things we undertake to have value, to bring us value or add value to our world. If things intrinsically were valueless why would we bother?

Value has quantitative connotations; is the money I spent on this purchase worth it? Am I getting ‘bang for my buck?’ It also can be measured existentially; what is my value to people around me, to companies looking to hire me? Qualitatively; am I spending my time wisely, am I getting the most out of my own skills and abilities?

In some aspects value is easily ascertained, in others it may be a bit trickier.

What I’m most interested in is another component of value: How can one find value in difficulties? What valuable opportunities lie in challenging situations? A known idiom in crisis intervention is that a crisis can be a danger, but can also be an opportunity. The crisis often makes a person to look at other areas in one’s life and may propel them to growth that would not be possible without the crisis.

Can there be value in losing a job? It certainly is one of the most traumatic experiences a person will go through. But can it present one with a chance to go back and start something new that will ultimately bring more success and happiness.

What about all the random occurrences we all experience throughout our day? What do they mean? Should we be paying closer attention to them? May I suggest perhaps, that the more alert we are, the more opportunity we have to find and create value.

We are all motivated by value. Our extrinsic motivation wants all our interactions and actions to immediately pay a tangible dividend; we want to be paid for our time, we want our investments to pay off, we want our purchases to fill the needs we have and we want to be acknowledged for our good deeds.

Intrinsic value is more difficult to qualify, and is also very personal. There is often value in things that don’t pay off for us immediately (or ever). The good deeds we do that go unnoticed. We study, we read and try to improve ourselves, for seemingly no pay off. Where is value in friendship, in a smile, in a kind word, in doing a favor? We may never know.

These are all areas that I want to explore. If you’ve read any of my columns in the past, and I suspect you have, my loyal readers, you may have noticed that I often leaned on the “value” aspect of my column and blatantly ignored the “Real Estate” part. That’s a weakness on my part that I’m hoping to explore and find the value in.

In the meantime, I hope that I have at least made you think about some of these issues. That would be the value I am wishing for by sitting and writing this article.

For More information, please visit Yossi's TNNWC Bio.

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