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Monday, July 05, 2010

SALES AND MARKETING: Yes, The Medium IS The Message!

Sales And Marketing with Bill Doerr

Revenues reflect the extent to which people understand and desire what you can do for them AND you make it easy for them to take action to enjoy that value you offer.

The key to success in marketing is communicating effectively. It's also where the sale is "lost" more often than not.

A new tool for rendering complex ideas known as a Gist Video is making it easier than ever to communicate effectively and generate revenues handsomely.

What's Your MACRO Message?

"What do you do? More importantly, what can you do for me? Why Should I Care?"

Aren't these the questions every prospect for your business is asking you?

These questions come up each time a prospect makes contact with you or your business. So you need to:

1. Be crystal clear about what you do, and,

2. Be highly effective when you communicate it in those "moments-of-truth."

Your elevator pitch, or commercial message, addresses these two points. (Or it should!)

That's your Macro Message. It's the Big Picture about why your business exists, isn't it?

What's Your MICRO Message?

Now I'd like you to go beyond the first encounter and consider how your typical prospect learns about the specific solutions you offer them: products, services, etc.

Are the kind of people you'd like as customers really grasping the beneficial difference your services can create in their life and business? If not, you may be losing out at the box office. . . big time!

For example, one of my clients tells people she meets that she's in business, "To help clients create a business where their employees are happy, their customers are loyal and their competitors are very, very nervous." I'd say that's a "good start." But that's all.

It simply triggers a more meaningful conversation if her statement means something, and has value for the person she shares that with. In which case, that's where the fun begins!

Rendering a Clear, Concise and Coherent Message

As soon as a prospect realizes that what you do for a customer or client is attractive, you drop down from a high altitude abstraction to a low level run where not only you reveal your mission in a context of meaningfulness defined by your prospect, but they are invited and assisted in taking appropriate action to enjoy the beneficial difference your product or service can create.

In my own case, as a certified Duct Tape Marketing coach, my macro message is this: "We help our clients market their business simply, effectively and affordably." That's a good starting point. But it's abstract. I need to make it more concrete if I'm going to get anyone to take an action that could produce a client or customer for my business.

I'll come back to this in a moment. But first, we have to isolate the gist of a message.

What's the GIST of What You're Talking About?

Has someone ever asked you, "Just tell me . . . what's the GIST of this idea you have?"

That's telling you something! They don't know three (3) key things:

1. Why they should even care if you have a solution - Consequences.

2. How your specific solution would be meaningful to them - Benefits.

3. What they should do, NOW -- if they really, really want the benefits! - Action to Take.

Let's suppose someone hears your macro message and it triggers their interest to know more. What then? That's where your ability to communicate the specific benefits you offer will become the basis for you getting someone to take an action you want, hopefully, in the very near future!

The Medium is The Message

Marshall McLuhan wrote a book on this topic a long time ago. (I don't want to date myself!) Today the medium you choose to use to convey your message can still be a powerful key to help you break through the clutter of daily distractions and get your message across to your prospects.

Consider my own mission again, "To help our clients market their business simply, effectively and affordably." One of the many ways we do that is with a simple, effective and extremely affordable service known as The Stay-In-Touch Machine™.

Assuming you revealed enough interest in our mission and sufficient facts to justify revealing one of our solutions -- let's say, The Stay-In-Touch Machine™ -- to you, I'm faced with a dilemma: "Do I attempt to communicate with you verbally or visually?"

The Verbal Medium

Using a verbal medium, I must have a well structured, well practiced and consistently presented message. Even if I could do all that (doubtful), what if someone else in my company isn't as ready and polished as I would be (oh, the hubris!) to present that same information to you in a manner that's equally effective? Yes, that is a challenge!

The Visual Medium

In contrast, rendering a micro message using a digital medium (i.e., video) will produce a consistently delivered message that's polished and impressive.

Plus, due to the viral nature of digital media, it's far more likely to reach more people, more easily, too.

So, rather than subject you to the verbal-only mode of message delivery, try this:

Video: Sellmore Marketing - Gist Video #5

In less than 2 minutes, you've just enjoyed an entertaining (I hope!) and informative experience of a marketing service we offer that addresses a real need of small and medium-sized businesses -- to keep-in-touch and stay-in-mind so you build a preference for your brand and a decided edge over your competition.

Overall, the point I'm making is that the visual medium of video -- of a unique kind of video -- a GIST Video -- can play a significant role in getting your message across in a compelling and highly effective way.


Marketing messages are rendered on two levels:

1. Macro, and
2. Micro

Macro messages address the BIG picture of WHY someone would have any interest in what you can do for them.

Micro messages address the details of WHY a specific solution would be of interest, HOW you do what you do for a client or customer, and WHAT you want them to do if they'd like to enjoy your benefits.

Think of these two kinds of messages this way: A macro message is like getting the cap off of a soda bottle. Nothing can or will happen if you don't do this. But that alone isn't going to get you any soda to drink on a hot day!

A micro message is like you tipping the bottle and getting the soda to come out into your glass. It's where the solution you're offering is most likely to be understood and acted upon.

In a world where messaging is prolific, time is precious and attention spans are all too short, the more creative you can be at getting an action-able message across to a qualified prospect for your business, product or service, the better off you'll both be!


If you'd like to learn more about the GIST Video concept and how to get one (or, several) you can use in your business, please click here I'd like to learn more... Please contact me!


Bill Doerr is CCO of SellMore Marketing. He helps professionals and other service providers to market their problem-solving expertise simply, effectively and affordably. You can reach him at, or by phone at 860-798-6964.

For more information, please visit Bill's TNNWC Bio.

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