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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

REAL ESTATE… AND OTHER THINGS OF VALUE: Quiet Please: I Need to Figure This Out

Real Estate… and Other Things of Value with Yossi Feigenson

There is an old saying in marketing: half of marketing works and the other 80% are wasted. (I’m not too crazy about old sayings nor am I an expert in marketing). The problem of course is we don’t know which is which.

At no time is this adage, sprinkled with a bit of Yogi Berra, truer than in our current loud and noisy marketplace. Never before have there been so many channels of marketing and advertising vying for our attention that it has become virtually impossible to streamline ones modes of receiving information and keeping abreast of the essential issues that directly affect ones life. This applies as well to finding effective methods to properly market your own business and generate sales.

I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately. I’ve also written an article about how sales people have been doing pretty much everything they possibly can to promote themselves, from networking to blogging, to email marketing and even canvassing and yet can’t seem to make any headway. We’ve been throwing the big net but the catch seems fleeting.

As so often happens to me, when I’m in need of clarification and edification of certain thoughts and ideas, something I read or hear helps crystallize it and bring it together.

As I’m trudging through another uninspiring early morning breakfast meeting I strike up a conversation with a gentleman who’s new to these parts. Turns out he’s one of those brilliant technocrats, the type who writes those new “apps” for the Ipod/ipad/itouch/iphone. So he says, and I quote: “there is no algorithm that exists in this world that will tell us exactly what a person wants or needs”. Our desires stem from a place that is beyond our natural intellect (a Kabalistic concept, by the way) so it’s nearly impossible to accurately lock in on an exact method of sending a message.

We are all searching for something, seeking the life that we want, but it’s impossible to actually know what it is we want. The factors that trigger desires are not exact, and not always rational. The best marketers have figured out that to get to people you need to go to a place in them that is beyond logic. How else does one explain the phenomenon of Apple, or paying a cool million for a “studio” apartment for a home? This is what we call tapping into a consciousness that is beyond our rational thinking and decision making.

Over and over again I see that our decisions are so often not governed by sane rational thinking, but rather by impulse and mood of the day.

If you’re still reading, I hope you see that this essay is not about marketing; at least not completely. It is about finding, discovering and listening to our inner message about who we are and what we can and should be doing. It is about what information we are putting into us, thus in response, directly affecting the output that comes out of us. It is about learning how to tune out messages and noise that are not of benefit, and can be harmful to us. It is about finding that thing, that unique thing, that makes us stand out, and the value it adds to others.

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