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Sunday, April 18, 2010

BLUE THING #10: BACKTALK: Comments From Our Readers

Your Feedback.   Your Input. Your Turn.

by Penny Ng, BACKTALKTM Producer

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Sometimes the keys to successful commerce are 1) keeping in touch through regular, enjoyable contact (so that you'll always be on the recipient's mind), and 2) simply being there when it counts. When your client needs what you have to offer, he will give you FIRST PRIORITY. This new button gives you the power to mass communicate and announce your availability and brand. Samples of both buttons follow, but first...


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Here are some of your comments on our recent articles published in the TNNW Weekly Newsletter, the Blue Tuesday Report, and our other infomedia, publications and special bulletins:

BETH BARANY: Get Published Now

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Publish Your Book
"Nice, Beth!

My Reason #4: You don't have a business plan that makes sense.

In college, I took creative writing seminars actually hoping someone would tell me I had no talent and I was free to seek my fortune elsewhere.

Writing is part of living the examined life, and I recommend it to everyone. Publishing makes sense only as part of a larger vision of your career. Too few authors realize that we are all entrepreneurs, no matter when, where, or how we publish. Writing is an art. Publishing is a business."

Gwyn Nichols

RICK ITZKOWICH: Being There When It Counts

How Can I Help You?
"Rick you're exactly right - we're all out networking and meeting people but not developing the relationships that lead to sales opportunities. Next time someone asks me how they can help, I'll be ready!"
N. W.

"Dear Rick,

Article is amazing and very true, thanks for sharing with me and of course your quotes are so wonderful and very appropriate every day.

How I can help you?

Thanks and best regards,"

H. T.

"Rick, first of all, I am thankful of your Quote for an Action letter. Very often I have even acted, if not just as proposed in the mail, but anyway done something that I would not have done otherwise. So keep them coming.:-)

Then regarding your Blog about VCP-model, I agree 100%. I am personally a member of BNI - claimed to be a worlds largest Business Networking organization. Everything in there is based on getting Business Referrals by maximizing your VCR, and most often asked question from me and by me is 'How can I help you?'.

Since I joined about 18 months ago, I have been able to create a group of (business) friends to whom I can trust close to 100%, and still we are building our credibility among ourselves all the time. We meet every week (V), we over deliver every time we do business together, and due to that our business deals are profitable for everyone.

Another important philosophy, which I had even before joining BNI, is 'Givers Gain'. It really works.

So, how can I help you?"

K. V.

"Thank you Rick. Your quote actions are eerily relevant to my daily challenges. As for this article... I am a member of BNI and I get asked the question, 'How can I help you?' all the time. I rarely know how to answer. This article has helped me to understand that this offer does not need to inspire the panic of being offered 'only one magic wish'. I can use the offers to help build relationship capital with people who really do want to help me and who I would also like to help. VERY USEFUL. Thank you. You are a networking angel."
Kerry Wiley Bnima

"Hey Rick, I loved this article. It really hit home. How many times have I been asked, overtly or covertly, to help someone? Sometimes I can and sometimes I can't. And, you are right, it is all a matter of trust. Well done!"
B. T.


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