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Sunday, March 28, 2010

BLUE THING #10: BACKTALK: Comments From Our Readers

Your Feedback. Your Input. Your Turn.

by Penny Ng, BACKTALKTM Producer

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Here are some of your comments on our recent articles published in the TNNW Weekly Newsletter, the Blue Tuesday Report, and our other infomedia, publications and special bulletins:

BETH BARANY: Get Published Now

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Publish Your Book
"If a writer doesn't have the time or desire to market a book, it should only be written for the pure joy of writing or sharing with one's family. I also feel that if a writer hasn't read enough in the genre she wishes to write in, she shouldn't be writing the book."
Penny Ehrenkranz

"Beth, The article makes very good points, however it makes me wonder based on them why a person would ever write to begin with.

For me, as a creative, the process of painting or forming a sculpture is independent of having a client to buy it. The idea is just screaming to be let out and put on display for the world to see.

I would think for a writer, the publishing of the story is the culmination of the process - making it available to be read, not guaranteeing it."


"Aside from the other reasons mentioned, there's another.

Most people who write a book have visions of selling the book, and making some, (or eventually all,) of their living from writing.

Okay, splendid. You've written the book. You've published the book, through some or other self-publishing scheme. How do you sell it?

The single biggest challenge I know is simply letting the audience that might like your book know that you and your book exist. This is where self-publishing schemes gloss over the issues or fall down entirely.

Do you need an audience? Yes, at least a potential one. If you are lucky, the book will touch a nerve and sell widely. _The Godfather_ touched a nerve and created a genre, but Puzo wasn't operating in a vacuum. He was already a published author with an audience who knew he existed, and served as the core that grabbed all of their friends and said "You have got to read this book!" and that sort of buzz is what made it a bestseller.

An awful lot of folks who can handle the writing and publishing part fine have no conception of the efforts required to market it."


DOUGLAS CASTLE: Douglas Castle Rants

Meetings (gasp!): Kill or Cure? How to Have Great Ones
"Just read & tweeted your latest blog on TNNW. Reading my mind... am in the process of setting up protocol for meetings at my office. Hopping down bunny trails has GOT to stop. ;)"
Janice Riley

"@ Douglas: Great article and I agree with both the content and feeling.

In my engineering life I've come across two types of people:
* TALKers -- Call meetings on the pretext of work and call in as many people as possible but spend a lot of time on general chat.
* DOers -- Call meetings on a specific topic with only the relevant people called, keep it short, to the point and with the aim of making decisions.

Business need both types of people but also understand both have their strengths and faults.

P.S. I'm a DOer (and less diplomatic than some) and have been known to just walking out of meetings I didn't think were of any benefit to me. Not a great business move I know, but I had other more important deadlines to meet."

Julian Niemiec

DOUGLAS CASTLE: The National Networker (TNNW) Articles, Updates, RSS and Daily Email

Freedom of Speech = Money Talks
"Yeah that is right but that was only occasional as I've said. If you were just caught. That is why many prefer auto logging at WP. Because you can put a rewriter plugin to make the post 100% copyscape passed."
Best Seo

Make Yourself Understood.

"This article illustrates how forceful and effective message can be communicated with simple but appropriate construction of sentences.

I appreciate the way the message was conveyed. Thanks."


JOE J. WALLACE: Living Outside the Box

Why are Banks Waging War on Small Business?
"For more inspiring and maddening information, give a read to Les Leopold's book called Looting of America just released as a paperback. Great read and listening to an interview with him this morning on KPFK reminded me of what a mess we face in our national (and global!) financial affairs. Let's all ACT and CHALLENGE our political leadership to do better for all of us. Demand that they draw up rules that protect us and makes sense, not just enrich the top 1%! AARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!

Be well and fight the good fight."


"Les Leopold is a progressive who like our current administration does not believe in the free market. Progressives do not believe in the prosperity of individuals, they believe in what's good for the collective, i.e. social justice, i.e. taking from the wealthy earners and giving to the low or no earners, i.e. Marxism. Rewarding those who don't deserve it and blaming it on the rich or fat cats of Wall Street. When in fact it was progressive groups (unions & community groups to Congressman to Fannie & Freddie) who forcefully persuaded banks to lend to those who couldn't afford the homes they were buying and when foreclosures mounted and banks were failing it was the progressives in politics who bailed them out and set new regulations in place and in some instances took over banks.

Our current government is in the process of devouring as much free market industries as they can and burdening businesses and individuals in the name of welfare and stimulus all the while our freedoms are being usurped. Economic history tells us that more tax revenue is generated for the government and the economy is more prosperous, more people have jobs when less tax is imposed upon businesses and individuals. Wise up Peter before our economy collapses and all our freedoms are taken away."

Mike: God and Country Lover


Give Me Truth
"Dear Christine,

Not sure I am reading my mind or you are wording my thoughts. May be we read same books or have been to similar scenarios. It's amazing how much I got while reading the passage. If you ever happen to be in DC would surely like to get to
talk to you.

At least keep posting your writes because at this level of writing not sure how much of original thoughts you keep getting. It's like flying dreams. We get only so few but just few of them are enough to make believe that we can fly.

I had a horrid dream once, that while flying if I [could] hit an object. I had no answers to that dream, [except to] just stop getting anymore flying dreams. In essence I might had developed a thought of flying by seeing birds but couldn't get well enough into birds' minds to learn the tackle of flying objects.

Let's get into birds mind and write some flying experience."

Niraj Bajpai

"Very cool! Thank you Christine :)"
Ken Jones, Ph.D.


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