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Monday, March 01, 2010

BLUE THING #10: Backtalk: Comments from our Readers

BACKTALK™: Comments From Our Readers

Your Feedback. Your Input. Your Turn.

by Beth Barany, BACKTALKTM Editor

BACKTALKTM is brought to you by
The National Networker and
The Writer's Fun Zone, founded by Beth Barany.

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Here are some of your comments on our recent TNNW articles:

Beth Barany: Get Published Now!

"Social Networking for Authors"

“Awesome article, Beth, very pointed questions. It actually got me thinking about several things. This may be overshare, but here are some answers I came up with re: your questions: 1. I would like to meet other people. Learn & teach new things. Help others with their online efforts. Drum up new business. 2. What's important is that I help people. That I increase my own income. That I have the standard of living and experiences in life I desire. 3. I would like to know how to approach and communicate with people effectively. I would like to know what is appropriate communication with others (as opposed to being 'salesy', pushy, or 'spammy'). 4. Providing value... or rather effectively communicating value to others. Greeting/approaching others is also tough. Generating dialogue. 5. Business is all about people. Networking is getting out there and meeting those people, getting to know their needs, and how you might be able to help them. 6. It's everywhere. So diverse. So many great people. Versatile, and powerful. 7. Technical stuff. Evaluating needs. 8. Create a steady stream of traffic, and revenue. Create powerful business connections and meaningful friendships.”
- Peter F.

Peter Biadasz: Write to Excite
"Your Networking Success Story"

“Great article! One of my greatest networking successes was meeting a new realtor at the same time I started selling insurance. He has become my greatest champion and a big reason for my success. Thank you G.P. for all the leads - you are a great friend indeed!”
- Joshua Lakey

“Peter, I have some great networking stories. However one of my best is how I met Adam & Douglas from TNNW. It was through Bill Doerr whom I met on another networking site called Biznik. You never know whom you will meet or where that will lead you down a very exciting 'rabbit hole.' ”
- Rick Itzkowich

"People Don't Follow Ideas" “Douglas, Excellent article! One of your best works.”
- Peter Biadasz

Douglas Castle: "This 'Recovery' is giving the field of Economics a bad name"

“Oh boy!”
- Douglas Castle

Brenda Krueger Huffman: The Point
"Anyone can buy a truck.” No, Mr. President, they can’t"
“This is a very interesting article and brings up a lot of points (questions) in my own beliefs. I always thought of myself as a true Liberal or Democrat, however, having read this article and having lived in both countries - the U.S. and Canada - with two very different Government and political stands, I have to consider myself an Independent Voter. I have come to "not" believe in extremes myself. There has to be a middle ground with the citizens of a country paying taxes to support growth to increase prosperity and economic health which leads to economic confidence, job creation, lower debt, etc... On the other hand, there has to be reform so that unfair and wrong practices don't go unnoticed. My point of view comes from living in Canada the majority of my life where we have been burdened with very high taxes since the day we enter the work force to make sure everyone is taken care of -- even those individuals who are capable of working but choose not to. I have worked hard all my life and I believe that all citizens of any country who have done so to contribute to economic growth deserve a safety net by Government, and at the same time Government and politicians need to listen to its people. This is where Government has fallen very short.”

Rick Itzkowich: Being There When It Counts
"How far removed are you?"
“That's a very good concept, Rick. I was a networking sceptic when I started on social media marketing, and thought you could only get value from a small and trusted network. I am now a convert of larger numbers and serendipity. I now believe that adding (perhaps with some degree of quality control) large numbers to your network, the chance of you clicking with that "gate opener" becomes more likely. Also by talking to lots of different people, you suddenly get a different angle on where your product could enter the market. As you say via a partnership, endorsement, sub contract etc. You have to keep talking to people and keep your mind open. Social networks allow you to do more of that (at times to suit you) with a bigger network and therefore pushes up the chances of achieving a hit.”
- Les Potton Chartered FCIPD ACII

Chris Kauza: The Net-Tech Report
Technology Tutorial -- Introduction to Bluetooth Technology

“Chris, thank you for the easy explanation of these terms. I like when technogeek is translated into plain English.”
- Rick Itzkowich

Adam Kovitz: A Note from the Chairman
Five Years of TNNW, Part III

"Thanks for your kind words. They are appreciated."
- Ivan Misner

Dr. Ivan Misner: Network Like A Pro
“Referral Marketing: Top Ten Ways Others Can Promote You”

“These are great suggestions. In addition I would like to submit another one. Ask people to recommend you on LinkedIn. This greatly helps build your credibility. People can do this even if they themselves are not LinkedIn members.”
- Rick Itzkowich

“Your article, while interesting, fails to address a fundamental concern: 'I'm a newly minted entrepreneur. I don't have the luxury of developing long term relationships.' Your article might be mildly interesting to the veteran, bu to a newcomer to the world of 'entrepreneurship,' I fail to see how he/she would be even remotely interested, having learned your lessons from Kindergarden on. Have you ever had to start a business from scratch?”

Ann Barczay Sloan: Especially For Women

"Ambassador of New Education and Bridge to Asia Pacific Shares Her Humanitarian Mission of Abundance World-Wide"

“Investment in education for girls increases the economic & social returns of development investments in all other sectors. Educating girls contributes to creating wealth through its impact on economic development.”
- Chiropractic Internet Marketing

Christine West: Go West!
"Honoring Thy Self... Part II"
“Christine, there is a fine balance between giving to others and taking care of ourselves. Finding that balance is essential to our experience of life. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.”
- Rick Itzkowich

“Hi Christine: Thanks for contacting me and sharing. I appreciate hearing from you. I found your article very interesting, motivational, and possessing the character of the person that wrote it. The most interesting point for me is that to live an efficacious life that reflects individual and personal goals does involve the discipline of staying true to who a person really is and laying aside those things which distract and encumber a person from success. It is not isolation but having a singular purpose that will challenge a person to color outside of the lines, stand alone, and exercise discipline toward success. Actually, my impression is that Christine is living in the words of the article and it reveals her inner processes and struggles. Thanks for writing ... you are a bright and shining star. Your Friend in Word and Deed.”
- Ronnie L. Murrill

“Excellent analogy of the horse and jockey...Christine hit the nail on the head!”
- Phyllis Wilson

TNNW: The Blue Tuesday Report - 02.23.2010 (Bonus Story Included!)

“I believe that BLUE TUESDAY is the greatest thing to happen to civilization since ASH WEDNESDAY. Bless you folks and the wonderful work that you do.”
-Douglas Castle

TNNW: BLUE THING #9: This Week's Top Buzzed Items and Terms

“Adam J. Kovitz never ceases to amaze me.”
- Douglas Castle


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