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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Real Estate... and Other Things of Value with Yossi Feigenson

I am desperately in need of an agenda. I need to find a service to write about so I can sell it to my captive readership. It seems that all anyone wants to write about and to transmit is “what I can do for you to enrich your life a thousand fold.”

I recently received an email from an online contact, whom I hardly know, that went as follows “Despite my best efforts to convey the value of Proformative via updates on my LinkedIn profile, I have not had any luck in “inspiring” you, a valued member of my professional network, to see what Proformative has to offer.” Indeed, he has not inspired me, not even in the least bit. If I read another article that ends with the offer for another webinar/or tele-seminar or a how to get rich using social media, or how to live my absolute best life, and only through signing up and taking the course, I will completely tune these people out. (I already have, I’m simply using the material for this article).

In the past, writing was a means of sharing ideas. In certain instances, writing was also a viable economic endeavor, but only if the writing was good enough for someone to want to pay you for your thoughts and ideas. Lately, however, with the proliferation and explosion of blogging and online social media, almost everyone is writer. The problem is, many “writers” are not sharing ideas. They are merely using this medium as a method of selling their product and service. They’ve ceased sharing ideas, and are only selling and promoting themselves.

What is wrong with writing for self promotion you may be asking? Not a thing. A person can express themselves in any way they wish. But a clear distinction needs to be made between the two types of writing.

As an avid reader of all types of literature, I’m looking for entertainment, information, inspiration, or a combination of the two. If I feel I’m being sold to, I will simply stop reading. I find it disingenuous, dishonest and, frankly, offensive to be presented with one thing and it turns out to be an entirely different thing.

I too have a service to promote. But I don’t use writing to sell my service. I write to convey my thoughts, my experiences, and my outlook on the world. I hope to inspire. I hope to enlighten, possibly to make someone laugh, but mostly, I write because I love to.

And for me, reading is the same.

So in lieu of an agenda, and in the spirit of staying true and firm to my absolute belief in sharing ideas for the sake of ideas, I will leave you with this: You can go ahead, if you wish, and write that article promoting your product, and possibly someone will even buy, but if you write something from your heart, or share a great story, you may make someone’s day or inspire someone’s life.

For more information, please visit Yossi's TNNW Bio.


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