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Saturday, February 06, 2010

DOUGLAS CASTLE RANTS: Generation XX - Women Rising to Greater Power and Influence

Douglas Castle Rants

Generation XX - Women Rising to Greater Power and Influence.

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

During the course of the next five years, I have forecast a growing propensity for collaborative entrepreneurship as a replacement for traditional corporate career paths, solopreneurship and the now-ineffective camouflage of non-working or "expendable" middle management. I speak about this frequently in THE GLOBAL FUTURIST and in THE INTERNATIONALIST PAGE.

What I had neglected to mention was that this transitional wave is going to become increasingly dominated by the feminine gender. Here are just several of the reasons why:

1. Women now read more than men and retain more of the essence of what they read;

2. Women, physiologically and psychologically are much more flexible, adaptable and adventurous than men;

3. Women are comprising an increasing percentage of the workforce, especially following the growing acceptance of the "Mr. Mom" and "Stay-At-Home-Dad" labor shift;

4. Women are more inclined to trust their instincts, intuition and to avoid rationalizing in matters of business;

5. An increasing number of women (presidential candidates, Supreme Court Justices, professionals and other high-achievers) are being seen as role models. It's not just Rachel Ray, or Oprah Winfrey, or Sarah Palin, or Hillary Rodham is a geometrically increasing number of exceptional women who are proving that women are not necessarily the exception (what a terrible sentence I've constructed);

6. Women are quite comfortable at working in cause-based groups, on projects, and on committees -- they are natural networkers and gracefully integrate socializing and conducting business. The founders of Mary Kay, Avon, and (the legendary) Tupperware were truly visionaries;

7. Women tend to be better planners and organizers than men. This is largely environmentally encultured, but might even be a genetic/ gender advantage;

8. Women have a greater facility for retaining a great deal of personal and detailed information, and they generally have a better ability to recall seemingly small but nonetheless critical nuances or words said offhandedly;

9. Women are accomplished users of non-verbal communication, and superior interpreters of body language...they read their quarry with greater accuracy than men;

10. Women enjoy the relationship-building aspects of selling, presenting and sharing. They are, generally speaking, more socially mobile than men;

11. Women bond through compassion, which leads to cooperation;

12. An increasing number of women have become trained and conversant in technological areas of expertise, infused with the quirky spirit of problem-solving and inventiveness;

13. Women tend to be better at multi-tasking, evaluation, moderation and budgeting (despite the prevalent and stereotypically-reinforced perception amongst males that women are manic spenders and are "foolish with money");

14. Women are more inclined to be vigilant and efficient utilizers of resources (including their female employees);

15. Women (with certain exceptions, of course) tend to identify with other women as an oppressed and underestimated group. This creates a magnetism and a subconscious connection among them which far surpasses the "business friendships" of traditionalist males;

16. Women who also happen to be Baby Boomers are possessed of a spirit of adventure and rebirth through career change that younger, less seasoned women cannot quite match.

The trajectory in female entrepreneurial ventures during the course of the next two or three years will tend to be more horizontal than that of their male predecessors and counterparts, but they will tend to be more persistent and consistent in their attentiveness and achievements. Once a foundation of examples through exemplars and a level of the expectation of success have been built during that timeframe, expect this curve to become more vertical. Women will not only rise to power and influence, but their access to affluence will become more direct and expedient.

As a member of the male gender, I would advise others similarly constructed to look at women not only as adventurous and enthusiastic consumers, but as entrepreneurs, business owners and thought leaders. A few examples of WTWF ("Women To Watch For") follow, as examplars. Bear in mind that these individuals have already achieved a great deal in their careers, but they are not even close to being at the peak of their rise.


*Bonnie Ross-Parker: The Founder of The Joy of Connecting, a brilliantly-conceived program which empowers women to prospect and develop their businesses in a non-threatening, social environment. Ms. Ross-Parker's methods are unique in that they 1) eliminate the "hit-or-miss" superficial frenzy of traditional networking and business events, while they 2) actually create a potent, time-tested interpersonal means of truly bonding on a deeper, trust-engendering level with the added factor of shared intimacy. At present, there are 70 Joy Of Connecting licensees in 19 states...a number which is expected to grow geometrically over the next two years. The licensing fees are incredibly inexpensive for the tremendous benefits generated by the licensees and all of the professionals and businesswomen who attend these gatherings. Going well beyond mere networking and connecting, JOC is, perhaps, one of the most cost-effective ways of developing immediate local business. She is a published author an award-winning speaker, and has her own radio program which may become the nucleus of a women's media empire. A JOC license is one of the best and surest investments that a any female professional, executive or entrepreneur can make. Watch her.

- Bonnie Ross-Parker -
CEO/Founder - The JOY of Connecting
770-333-7923 (radio)


*Sandra Levitin: The Founder, CEO and Editor-In-Chief of Kalon Women, a social and business website which directly addresses the special needs and interests of women 40 years and older [which is a growing and increasingly active segment of the marketplace], with a newly-launched ezine, interactive forums, product and service reviews, and enormous treasure chest of resource, articles, news, and special product and service reviews. In only two years, Kalon Women has built up an emedia subscribed readership of in excess of 60,000 persons, and that number is growing rapidly. Ms. Levitin's captive audience is a powerful, active consumer group, and I would anticipate that her organization will become a publishing and advertising conglomerate. The content is not only relevent and exciting, but it is thought-provocative and virtually radiates a call to action. Watch her.

Sandra Levitin


*Ann Barczay Sloan: Ms. Sloan, a published author, interviewer, speaker and a Connectrix Vortex [a lingovation which describes Ann's role as being a catalyst who brings very well-accomplished, successful and powerful women together], is also a Featured Columnist for The National Networker Newsletter. She has unique access to virtually anyone whom she choose to access - I am reminded of Barbara Walters or Larry King, both of whom were incredible in their ability to get interviews with some of the busiest, most important and often controversial people in the world...many of these interviewees who were notable in their elisiveness and reticence, opened up with amazing candor to these interviewers. In sum: If Ann interviews you, it is highly likely you are either already enormously successful, or on the trajectory for great achievement and recognition.

Ms. Sloan is in the process of writing two books -- one, a book about the success secrets of winning women ["The Power of Passion; Winning Women Reveal Their Success Secrets"], and the other, a volume of poetry. She is currently at work on putting together an e-forum and organization (The Winning Women's Vortex) which has two game-changing objectives on its agenda: The first is to build a Women's Venture Capital and Business Financing Fund, and the second is to build a Credit Union which caters to the special interests and requirements of female entrepreneurs. My projection is that she will succeed at both. Watch her:

Ann Barczay Sloan, M.A.
Author & Editor / Creative Writing Coach
Featured Columnist,
Author of the forthcoming book:
"How to Use the Pieces of a Broken Heart:
Recipes for Rebirth"

I would suggest that you Google the three leading-edge female luminaries mentioned above, and click on their links to see what the face of achievement and progress looks like. These are three people to watch. But bear in mind, they are slightly ahead of a wave that is fast coming to shore. And as I have said before, when the tidal wave comes, you can either learn to surf or be crushed in its immensity and force.


Douglas Castle

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