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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

BLUE THING #10: Backtalk: Comments from our Readers

BACKTALK™: Comments From Our Readers
Your Feedback. Your Input. Your Turn.

Here are some of your comments on our recent TNNW articles:

Jeff Schomay, Optimizing Your Impact,
Eliminate Clutter; Increase Response

"I think everyone can agree that we are in information overload. That is not really even a question anymore. The real question is the one Adam much info is enough? Its like asking many TV channels is enough? I don't want to go "Forest Gump" on this but it really depends on how interested in the subject the target audience is. If they are really into it, then its hard to provide too much. Take sports enthusiasts (which I am not). How many sports channels do you really need on cable? 100? 200?. I think at some point it becomes almost like an addiction. I wonder if any science has been done on information content addiction?

"I heard recently that Steve Jobs is considered the world's best presentor. Its because he never deviates from 3 points in his pitches. And he simplifies the message in a way that people immediately identify with. Apple iPod is 'thousands of songs in your pocket' per Jobs. Shear beauty in its simplicity.

"I think I am at my "3-point" limit..."
- Bill Loeber

"Thoreau said: 'Our life is frittered away by detail...Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.' To which Emerson replied: 'one 'Simplify' would have been sufficient.'

"With the endless stream of information and multitude of options available to us, this comment is even more relevant today.

"Which reminds me of this graph below. Case in point.

" "
- Hayah Elazzah

"I think this is a very important point...but very difficult to implement.

"Indexing of information is the key....when is a band's history needed ?....what is important to know about a song ?.....who is the reader ?....

"I recently signed up for a Song Placement service and they were going to write a one page bio for us.....except in the final product it was all about history and the band....and nothing about the songs!!

"Know the the key to uncluttering the message.
- James McBride

"The age of information has overwhelmed all aspects of our lives. It has been a major issue in the business component, but the personal side is in full gear with the access of information, and the access of the world to process that to us. We must eliminate certain information flow to insure that we are available, yet, insure that we do not maintain personal and professional time management. Immediate access to information and individuals, is the probably the most critical component of success, as well as managing stress. I try to assess my processes routinely, Quarterly, to insure that I am as organized as possible."

- Daniel Skalko

"It is a bombardment of opinions verbal arguments and a total assault on the Senses. Its as if society as a whole has violated the entire meaning and purpose of communication. In all its forms.

Avoiding clutter isn't the solution. Eliminating it is. Ceasing the creation of clutter is a start."

- Shannon Marie Thompson

Yossi Feigenson, Real Estate...and Other Things of Value,

What Have We Learned?

"In the interests of 'rugged individualism,' our culture resists real change unless disaster truly strikes. While many have experienced real pain and "disaster" on an individual level, as a nation, we haven't really experienced this yet. Some say that this problem is passed on through debt to our children, yet others suggest that the economy is merely an artifice that can be manipulated. Where the truth is I cannot say, but until large masses of people are out on the street with no means for food or shelter, it's business as usual. Such is the nature of our capitalistic society."

- Philip Burke

"The main reason we resist change is that it sometimes isn't all good. Just because technology can do something doesn't mean we should. For example (automating all trade systems so that they can melt down more rapidly than ever)

"Is that an achievement?"
- Mike Griffin

"Perhaps we are reading and promoting the wrong group of so called experts. I recently discovered a wonderful little book that requires serious consideration from the financial community as we seek to become better educators. The book is by Harry Browne and is titled 'Fail-Safe Investing.' Check it out."

- John Liddil

Chamber of Commerce Study (TNNW Survey #3)

BLUE THING #1: TNNW Surveys, Analyses and Findings

"This was so interesting in so many ways that I don't know where to start. I'll definitely be sharing this with members of my industry.

"I do agree with [name withheld] that the small quantity of responses doesn't make it statistically very helpful, but the comments are interesting.

"I find it ironic that two of the respondents who complained that their chambers lacked a membership focus were actually on the Board. Did they not try to bring this up? Did they not realize that as Board members, their role is to guide the staff and provide an overall vision for the organization? Or did they finish their terms and move on? That's too bad if that happened.

"Again, many very interesting comments that will help Chambers of Commerce understand more about the mindset of people in their communities."
- Beth Bridges

"I have had significant help from Chambers of Commerce and was on the Board of one for a couple of years. They are an essential part of business as they provide education, support and resources."

- Merydith Willoughby

"Thank you for the update, I feel the same way as most of the respondants"

- David Otto

"There are few individuals who do not realize the value of networking. I find that any membership takes a great deal of time and energy to see a return of investment. For myself, the Chamber does not offer enough in return at this time for the effort it requires to standout or be a part. I find greater reward socially and professionally in belonging to a select group of national industry related associations. For example, the Health Finance Managers Association (HFMA). These organizations allow you to socialize and network in the local community and expand nationally if/when necessary."

- Cassy Kincaid, MHA

"Thanks for sharing [name withheld]. Would be interesting to see how different age groups respond. Age group 18-22: what's a Chamber of Commerce? ;-)"

- Anita Cassard, Ph.D.


Gentle Readers: Expect a veritable blizzard of comments to be posted here on the next Issue of BLUE TUESDAY. Be interactive. Be proactive. Participate. JOIN OUR COMMUNITY!

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, Castle

"Thanks for sharing all this and I hope to hear more updates from you soon, have a great day.


Yours Sincerely,

STEVEN Nature Man"

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