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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Let me just start this week by thanking my friend, Mike McClintock of GaltMidas for assisting us with our Internet Explorer/Blogger technical issue. It seems to work now and we've gotten good feedback from our readers. Thanks Mike!

From technical nightmares, we move on to nightmares of a different kind.

Now many of you know that I am not a hype-y kind of fellow and I really enjoy straight forward communication with individuals as well as our subscribership at large. This, however, is just plain fun for me and I ask your indulgence for just a few months as I introduce THE MOST MYSTERIOUS (and spookiest) new writer to join the TNNW family this month...

...for best results, read this next missive in a dark room around midnight...candles are optional...

There I was...working late at night at our illustrious world headquarters, when I had just nodded off to sleep. Just then the phone rang. It was from a person identifying himself only as "The Mad Genius". In the background I could have sworn I heard thunder as well as pipe organ music.

He told me in a frighteningly-deranged voice that "the fates" had chosen our "humble publication" to be (after years of research) the instrument of his world-wide plan. When I asked for the details of his plan, he just told me that "all will be revealed in time", and then proceeded with a mad, diabolical cackle.

After a minute or so of his laughter, he then told me "what I needed to know for now". Apparently, he will be presenting a new monthly column called Nightmares of Networking, in which he will present only the most gruesome, horrifying, spine-tingling, blood-boiling, bone-chilling tales of networking gone horribly, horribly wrong.

He then told me that he would be "unleashing" his column every 4th week of the month and that I had no choice but to publish it. Beads of sweat formed on my brow as he told me he knew where I lived and that he wasn't even remotely scared of "that Castle guy". With a gulp I had no other choice but to say "oh...ok". He then preceded to tell me that "all was going according to his plan", upon which followed another two or three minutes of diabolical laughter, thunder and pipe-organ music until there was a loud click.

I urge only those readers with the strongest of constitutions to read his article at their own discretion and peril.

Who is he? Where does he come from? How does he get his graphic designer to render such a dramatic picture of him? Only time will tell...stay tuned. faithful TNNW readers, we have yet another writer that has joined us this month. For those keeping tally at home, The Mad Genius joins:
Leanne Hoagland-Smith - Working Within
Sandy McKee - Speak Aloha and Let Your Voice Be Heard
Wendy Kovitz -
Networking Fun for the Introverted
John A. Lee - It All Starts With Us!

One other thing...when I do face-to-face networking and I want to avoid the nightmares, I love to go to The Ultimate Networking Event that we co-sponsor. If you're in and around the Greater Philadelphia area this Tuesday, July 28th, my friend Tom Camarda puts on a really great event and this week it will be at Rembrandt's in Philadelphia's famous Museum District. To find out what people are saying about his event, click here. To find out more, please click here.

Still more surprises to come. We've been keeping really busy around here. For more on that, please read this week's update.

As always, I look forward to Networking with you,


For more about Adam J. Kovitz, please click here.

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