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Friday, June 26, 2009

U.S. NEW ENGLAND: The Dream Party is a Unique Form of Networking

by Noelle Southwick
U.S. New England Bureau Chief
(Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut)

Meet Tara Sage Steeves

Located in Newport, Rhode Island, Tara is founder and president of Create Your Life!, LLC and The Dream Party™. She specializes in dream fulfillment. She has created a unique networking event called the Dream Party that asks you to “come as you aspire to be in 5 years”. Additionally, Tara offers Dream Day Retreats, Dream Circle group coaching, individual coaching for dream fulfillment and a book called “Are You Pregnant with a Dream?” Her book is like a self-directed workshop with exercises and inspiration to support bringing dreams into reality.

A Turning Point

When Tara opened her life coaching business she went to networking events to get the word out and to meet new people. She had success collecting business cards but felt there was something missing. She wanted to connect more deeply with people and to know what was important to them. She described networking events as “stuffy and not a lot of heart”.

One day after returning from a transformative vacation she realized something had to change. Through self-reflection she realized she wanted room to nurture and experiment with her dreams and desires. She thought about running away by traveling around the world but realized there might be another solution. Her solution and new passion was the Dream Party. Initially she wanted to create a space for herself, one that allowed her to expand her life and nurture her dreams. In so doing she created an event that has allowed hundreds to consider and grow their dreams as well.

The Annual Rhode Island Dream Party

On Friday, October 2, 2009, at the Edgewood Yacht Club in Cranston, RI the Dream Party attendants will have a chance to examine what is possible. It is an event that offers participants to come as they aspire to be in 5 years complete with costume and props if desired.

There is plenty of connection at this event. The event was created connect people more deeply by knowing each other’s passions. Since people are talking about their true desires it is easy to want to support them in reaching their dreams. People at this networking event greet each other with “what’s your dream?” Tara reports, “It’s magical.”

The Dream Team

Tara hand selects a team of experts known to produce results in order to support participants in getting on the path to their dream life. They offer assistance and design action steps to success. For example, a travel agent can support getting to a dream destination anywhere in the world. If buying a home is your dream, a realtor can offer advice and education. A business expert can encourage starting your own business. With the Dream Team, participants leave with the necessary tools to have dreams come true.

Unique to the Dream Party

Tara has come up with some imaginative ways of creating an unusual experience. For example, upon entering the event-goers cross over an enchanting Footbridge to the Future where they are welcomed to the year 2014. The “Should” & “Impossible” Shredding Station will aid in the removal of personal obstacles and old beliefs that may impede living the desired dreams. Enter the Time Machine and write a letter as if it's 5 years from now and you are already living your dreams.

Networking to Grow the Event

Tara has been networking to get the news out about her unique event. She attends traditional networking events and shows to share her passion for dream fulfillment. She is active on Facebook and other on-line social networks. Additionally, she has created a partnership with Aspire magazine to sponsor her event. She writes articles for the monthly publication as well. Her website and Create Your Life! Newsletter also helps her to get the word out about the Dream Party.

Social networking is where Tara is focusing much of her networking energy these days. With 5 years in business now, he says her experience has taught her it’s more efficient. In addition to being an efficient use of time social networks allow a focused audience who is more interested in what she has to offer. Tara is also focusing on joint networking with other women owned businesses.

More information

Tara offers dream support through private life coaching, workshops, groups and the annual Dream Party event. To find out more or to buy her book visit or call 401-569-7017.

“Asking people ‘what’s your dream” really gets to the heart of what people want
in their life. It’s a whole new way to make connections.”

~ Tara Sage Stevens, Create Your Life! LLC

For more information, please see Noelle's TNNW Bio.

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1 comment:

Lisa Tener said...

I attended my first Dream Party last year when Donna Mac invited me. I knew I was supposed to come as I aspired to be in 5 years, but I wasn't sure...bestselling author? America's Book Coach? I looked in my closet and stared at the gold sparkly jacket and skirt I'd bought for a wedding I never got to (that's another story)...

It hit enlightened being... I don't know where that came from, but it felt great.

When I entered the dream party, I walked over the bridge to possibility and realized, "Wow, it's five years later and I am an enlightened being."

It's pretty cool to experience being an enlightened being--to introduce yourself that way, to write a letter to yourself that way, to meet people as enlightened. You see the world differently.

I did wonder how I would ever top that when I attended the next dream party...and then Tara invited me to be part of the dream team.

Hope to see you at this amazing event. Even before Tara's invitation, I'd been inviting everyone I know and love to come this year--it's truly life transforming--and I met so many amazing people--many of whom I am still in contact with.

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