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Monday, June 29, 2009

A NOTE FROM THE CHAIRMAN: Twitter - The Good, The Bad & The Reality

by Adam J. Kovitz, Chairman & Founder

A few weeks ago, I asked our TNNW Newsletter subscribers (yes...subscription has its privileges) about Twitter and whether or not it's considered networking or something totally different. Here are just a few responses I received:

"You asked people to write about their feelings about networking vs Twitter, Face Book, etc. If you do not want younger members, clients, business associates, etc., by all means ignore social networking. Face-to-face is all you need – if you are planning to deal only with people over 60 or are about to shut down your business!

"I have a new Chamber Partner who is just finishing getting our Chamber of Commerce set up on everything! We are going to tweet, blog and anything else that reaches potential members (partners). For those who don’t think tweeting and blogging is necessary, I think it’s great – just that much more business for me!"

- Sue Thomas, President, Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce, Tarpon Springs, FL

"Regarding Twitter, I originally dismissed it as nonsense for teenagers as why would I want anyone to know what I'm doing, and I have never used it. Now between Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, etc., etc., etc. and my blog group (link below) one can spend the whole day interacting in those realms and never get any work done and frankly I'm a bit confused."

- Roy Strauss, President, Strauss Consulting Group, Oakland NJ

"I use Twitter as a way to initiate relationships with people and also as a way to build social capital and providing a personal glimpse of who I am and what I do. Most of what happens in Twitter is noise and useless. Yet the very little that isn't noise can be pretty useful. I have started at least 7-10 relationships on Twitter that have grown to something more. In addition, many of my customers have seen (& commented) about my personal posts. This adds a new level of connection with them.

"So all in all, while I agree that Twitter is not quite networking, it can definitely add to the networking experience especially when used strategically.

"The other use for Twitter is also as a way to help promote others and build Social Capital for them. By helping build the visibility and credibility of fellow authors at TNNW, as well as other colleagues and clients, I am making it more likely that they will reciprocate at some point in the future. This is part of networking and the technology facilitates this process."

- Rick Itzkowich, Co-Founder, Productive Learning & Leisure, LLC & TNNW Columnist, Capistrano Beach, CA

One thing's for sure...Twitter is changing our lives. Just look at Twitter's role in allowing us an inside look at recent events in Iran, despite attempts on Iran's part to prevent disclosure of unrest after their recent elections. In this way, Twitter proves its use as a necessary communications and media tool. Could this possibly one day replace network news?

On the other hand, we've also recently seen Twitter at its worst. The recent death of Pop-icon Michael Jackson spawned an enormous response from fans throughout the "Twitterverse" that caused a crash on their servers, forcing Twitter to go temporally down.

My blood brother-in-arms, Douglas Castle and I have debated at length over the nature of Twitter and he sees it as a "powerful, high-speed, broadcast mechanism". Just like anything else, it is tool that can be used effectively or not so. When broadcasted effectively, Tweets can lead to building certain relationships, and therefore can lead to networking but it is not (in itself) networking. We both feel that it's important that in understanding the difference can save one a lot of heartache and wasted time.

No matter your perspective, it would seem that Twitter and other such services are part of history in the making. Hope you're enjoying the ride!

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