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Monday, June 29, 2009


The Boom in Boomer Networking with Elaine Ingis

From the Old Dawg


It is possible to learn new tricks at any age. When I say new tricks...I'm not referring to "playmates", but rather reinventing yourself to enjoy the life you have been dealt.

My name is Stuart and I am an inactive member of AARP...OMG, I joined the first year and received 1000's of unsolicited mail...not quite what I had in mind. I prefer invited guests to drop ins!

Are you over 50, 60, 70…are you a BOOMER?? Tired of doing the same thing year in and year out...silly question; most people are! Going "outside the box" tends to paralyze any "sane" person and keep doing what you are doing AND getting what you are getting. It’s time to go “insane”. SrmeetUp! is just one excellent way to “rev” up your life.


I have been climbing up the corporate ladder for over 20 years and enjoyed every minute of it...NOT!!! For the 20 years proceeding that, I was an actor...ran nightclubs...was a boxer...a cook...and all around nice guy...and enjoyed every minute of it...YES!!!!

Supporting and raising a family required compromise and sacrifice (happy to do it)...what I didn't realize is that I also relinquished my dreams, passions and zest for life (daily grind and financial hardship can do that).

My children are older, my wife and I are wonderful friends but separated (alas...). The financial burden continues but my need for zest, passion and a darn good time has reared its glorious head. I am embarking on a new life that has been dormant in me for decades...and I am THRILLED, EXHILARATED and downright giddy with fear and hope! GAME ON!!!

Hey BOOMERS…what do you wanna do??? The world truly can be your oyster…steamed…stewed…chowdered…breaded…or just plain on the half shell. It isn’t always the results but the act of attempting something that will give you a rush…remember it can be the chase…and not the capture (careful what you wish for…).

DO SOMETHING….take a course…ask out an old flame…sky dive…watch a porn film (be IN a porn film…lol). The very act of trying something no matter how small can lead to bigger steps and open windows or doors you thought were nailed shut.

Only you can look inside your own mind and contemplate what is possible…what have you given up…what have you sacrificed for the “good of someone else”…WELL…WHAT ABOUT YOU!!!…and frankly…NOTHING is impossible…you simply have to try!

You are as worthy as anyone else…with your own time frame. Age has no place in your dreams…age is a number designated by society to indicate what you are capable of and when...If you can dream it…you can do it!

Start right now...

I am not saying to shirk your responsibilities…I would NEVER let my family suffer because of my immediate needs…BUT…I count and I have a right to be happy right along with them. Happiness expands to fit all worlds.

Old dawgs CAN learn new tricks!!! ;-) This dawg is going to be an actor!!!


In terms of reinventing myself, that is exactly what I am doing! I have run restaurants and nightclubs while pursuing an acting career in a past lifetime (20-25 years ago). I boxed out of Gleason's Gym during that same lifetime. I have been a short order cook (and chief bottle washer ;-)) along with other "interesting" vocations.

I reinvented myself 20 years ago when my daughter (and subsequently my son) was born. I left that sordid and "exciting" life behind to move up the corporate ladder in the personnel industry (NOT sordid and NOT exciting). I am currently a Sr. VP of Sales but am more then ready to "reinvent" again!!!


Stuart, I love your positive approach to everything, and I do mean everything. Your enthusiasm is contagious. No doubt SrmeetUp! will be hearing a lot about you and your new successes.


For more about Elaine Ingis, please click here.

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