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Sunday, May 24, 2009

U.S. SOUTHERN PLAINS: Houston’s One Stop Networking Source – Part II

By Peter Biadasz
Southern Plains Bureau Chief
(Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico)

In January of 2007 I introduced you to Houston Networking News, or HNN, which has as its slogan – “Your Source for Business Networking”. HNN supports the networking activities of more than 350 organizations while their networking calendar contains more than 600 networking activities each month in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area. The HNN calendar also contains the unique HNN events that are being held each month. No matter where you find yourself in virtually any part of Houston on any week day, there is probably a business networking event that you can attend. As an “information central” source it is a timesaver in researching the best place to be to grow our business and expand our network most efficiently.

In addition, HNN sponsors a yearly expo that involves a hundred exhibitors and a thousand attendees. Not only is the expo a great place to showcase products and services but an excellent place to network. The event includes seminar speakers such as Dr. Ivan Misner, founder and chairman of Business Networking International (BNI), but also has a business luncheon and designated networking areas. The event is planned with the success of every participant in mind.

HNN was founded in 2003 to provide business professionals a collective source for all business networking activities in the Greater Houston area. Because of the initial positive response to HNN and the expressed desire for HNN members to network with each other, HNN developed and conducts a series of their own business networking functions, in addition to supporting those of other organizations. They have become a unique organization that appeals to the business and social needs of ANY business professional interested in networking in Houston.

According to R.D. Yoder, President of HNN, his organization is “driven to help others with regards to business to business networking.” Mr. Yoder also hosts “Business Networking and Houston”, a radio show focused on Networking in Houston. The show airs on AM-650, CNN Radio, Wednesday and Thursday at noon, CST. Tune in for great information and a variety of business related topics. You can also listen to the show live at

HNN has many ways to assist in the growth of companies as well as offer vehicles for personal growth. While being not only committed to their members, but also to the overall Houston business community, HNN can show you how business networking will help in achieving goals, build ones bottom line and develop lasting business and personal relationships. You can also follow HNN on LinkedIn, Facebook andTwitter
HNN currently has over 5,000 member contacts with their website getting approximately 250,000 hits per month from interested Houston business professionals. The HNN website offers tremendous flexibility to members. The site home page and HNN calendar is updated regularly to reflect the upcoming events and to describe the happenings from past events. The networking calendar lists networking events in Houston each month as well as online registration for these events. For those who wish to communicate directly with other HNN members, the website offers private messaging capability. Finally, it offers members the capability to communicate with other members on specific topics of interest through user forums. Sponsors can also advertise on the website through click-through logo placement.

As a complement to the web site and networking events, HNN also publishes a weekly e-newsletter to Houston business professionals. This newsletter provides information on key events as well as networking hints and other pertinent information. While the HNN website and events are the key ingredients that allow the HNN members to communicate with each other, the newsletter is the glue that binds the organization together. It keeps everyone knowledgeable of the upcoming events of interest. Each newsletter contains information on upcoming HNN events, a networking tip of the week , a quote of the week, job opportunities for interested readers, featured event of the week (from the business development organizations supported by HNN) , as well as focused audience for advertisers.

HNN has many different events each month to appeal to a wide and diverse audience. Gatherings are held in the evening, noon and breakfast. They are held at different venues each month and are open to members and non-members of HNN. Each meeting will have on average 60 to 100 people in attendance. Events include a monthly general event (After Hours), a monthly WIN (Women In Networking) Event (After Hours), periodic regional networking event (After Hours), periodic member showcase (After Hours), monthly networking luncheon, monthly networking breakfast, an annual business expo, an annual business conference, periodic mini trade shows s well as seminars and special events at sponsor’s locations.

HNN offers many great advertising and sponsorship opportunities for its members. Members may advertise through the newsletter, website or specific campaigns. Sponsors and supporters can each get their own webpage on the HNN website. Members may also sponsor specific events or package an arrangement that suits their unique needs.

HNN also has a unique program that allows participating companies to offer their products and services to HNN members. Members enjoy discounted rates and other special opportunities available because of their HNN membership. HNN works with these companies to help them grow their company while providing special opportunities for HNN members.

In addition, HNN has at its disposal many excellent business coaches, trainers and mentors who are able to assist members in business and professional growth. The services available include every aspect of business, including how to network most successfully. HNN’s goal is to assist members by offering specific resources to guide you to achieve greater success.

HNN is truly Houston’s one stop networking source. For additional information on HNN feel free to visit

Peter Biadasz, author of such book as More Leads as well as Increase Your Sales And Lower Your Golf Score, is President of Total Publishing And Media. To contact Peter about getting your book published feel free to contact him at

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1 comment:

Crystal Washington said...

HNN is truly a wonderful group! As someone who networks heavily in Houston, I am consistently impressed with HNN's innovations and quality of events.

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