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Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Freedom Formula

By Ann Barczay Sloan

Women's Networking Editor

Ann's article is brought to you by The Joy of Connecting

Introducing Christine Kloser


Love Your Life LLC


Author of The Freedom Formula

I feel so fortunate: Each of my monthly TNNW articles affords me the opportunity to get acquainted with an amazing woman ─ someone with an inspiring story of success to tell. This month’s interview again proves the rule: I am connecting ─ actually re-connecting! ─ with Christine Kloser, who’s just arrived at a thrilling crossroads in her life. Her book was just launched on Amazon August 13, 2008 and is already a best seller! Here’s the official account:

Christine’s new book, The Freedom Formula® hit #1 best-selling status in multiple categories on including Entrepreneurship and Motivation/Self-Improvement.

Her book also hit the Top 25 best-seller list in overall Amazon rankings. The timing couldn’t be more advantageous, especially since her most recent book Conscious Entrepreneurs was also just released, and Christine’s LIVE 4-day “Freedom Formula Experience” is happening this January (more info on this later.)

Another major advantage for Christine: Her notable personal success with her own book will now further help her in guiding the authors she works with through her award-winning “Get Your Book Done” publishing program for entrepreneurs.

How I first got to meet Christine:

It was in the pivotal year of 2000 that I met Christine during her NEW Entrepreneurs dinner meeting in Santa Monica, California. The group had just recently gotten started, amid much excitement and enthusiasm on the part of founder Christine and the women attending. It appeared to me like one of those extraordinary moments where one could clearly feel, one could simply know, this enterprise was destined for success. The energy in that hotel meeting room was palpable, and appeared to increase month by month as the number of women attendees ─ and thus the size of the meeting room ─ correspondingly increased. These networking events were fresh, inspiring fun for me – amidst a most interesting, talented assortment of women to meet.

Eight complicated years later – packed with numerous changes in both our lives ─ here I am with an unexpected opportunity to interview Christine in her newest role as Amazon best-selling author. I’m eager to get started!

So here we are again, Christine – after such major moves each of us has made in time and space!

How would you sum up what you are doing these days?

“You want my elevator speech?” Christine laughs. “Here it is:

“I help conscious entrepreneurs integrate their spiritual wisdom with tangible business strategies so they experience a business (and life) filled with purpose, passion and profit.”

And what would you say makes your company unique ─ your so-called Unique Selling Proposition:

“I would say our tagline sums it up perfectly:

Put Soul in Your Business…. And Money in Your Bank”

Great! And now let me ask ─ what is the primary goal of what you do: the mission of your work?

“My mission is to transform the lives of conscious entrepreneurs. In helping them transform their own lives and businesses, they can use their success as a vehicle for positive change in the world.”

Definitely sounds like you’re committed to humanitarian causes. From what I know of you, I can’t imagine you without philanthropic involvements!

“You’re so right about that!” Christine laughs. “I ongoingly support several causes including Trees for the Future, Free the Slaves and Donors Choose.”

And now: Introducing the Freedom Formula® book!

It’s time to highlight Christine’s bestselling book at this point. The Love Your Life website provides extensive details on the book contents, plus the opportunity to purchase it directly.

Christine poses a powerful question here:

Are you a coach, consultant, speaker, author, healer or other entrepreneur who is ready to experience TOTAL freedom in your business?

· Freedom to make a difference in the world

· Freedom to make as much money as you desire

· Freedom to do what you want, when you want

· Freedom to follow your Divine path

· Freedom to be...YOU

She then explains how this book will provide, step by step, practical answers to this multi-part question.

This page also lists glowing endorsements for the book from well-respected business and personal development authors: e.g., Michael E. Gerber and Neale Donald Walsh and even Kendra Todd, Winner of Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice .

Presenting a special event: The Freedom Formula Experience

The theme of this book and its clear-cut success has inspired Christine to create a live event upcoming early 2009. She calls it The Freedom Formula Experience. See

Basic details are shown on the web site as follows:

The Freedom Formula Experience
Los Angeles, CA
- January 22-25, 2009

This event is for entrepreneurs who believe that business and spirit belong together... and their integration is the key to a life filled with purpose, passion and profit. Come learn from these incredible teachers:

· Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love

· James Twyman, director/producer of The Moses Code

· David Neagle, Author of The Art of Success

· Christine Kloser, author of The Freedom Formula

· Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God

How Christine’s ever-expanding success had its start - OK, Christine ─ back to our conversation. Now that we’ve delved into your exciting current events, let’s go back a bit in time / space!

I’d love to hear how you got started on all this, and how you arrived where you are currently.

“Well, Ann, my entrepreneurial journey began in 1991 when I literally fell into a career in the fitness industry as a personal fitness trainer. Out of that I also became certified as a Yoga instructor and ended up opening my own yoga studio in Los Angeles. Opening that studio in 1998 was the beginning of the most challenging time of my life. I had gone from working only 20 hours a week, enjoying lots of time off and making great money doing something I loved….to working 60-70 hours per week, teaching up to 40 yoga classes a week and yet not able to pay my bills.”

How ironic is that!

“Yes, really! This challenge led me to invite some women friends to dinner who could give me the moral support and encouragement I desperately needed. This small group of friends that began in 2000, grew into a large networking organization for women in Los Angeles that was the first networking group to integrate spiritual principles into a business networking environment. I named it NEW: Network for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs.”

What a great name, a dynamite group of women… I was so excited to be part of it!

“During the time this group was growing, I had moved to a larger yoga studio. Unfortunately, this second yoga studio forced me to the edge of bankruptcy and sent me to into several years of financial struggle. Thankfully the Network for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs gave me the inspiration and motivation I needed to keep pursuing my dream of entrepreneurial freedom. I experienced a lot of personal fulfillment and success through NEW, as did its hundreds of members, but sadly the organization was not something I planned on.”

How do you mean, not planned on?

“Well, I just thought I’d meet with a few friends for dinner once a month, not host meetings for nearly 100 women in a hotel ballroom ─ and so it wasn’t intentionally built on a profitable financial model.

Again, I was faced with having to shut down this business because it just didn’t make financial sense anymore. Around the time I was coming to this realization, I was also on a deep personal quest to figure out what it really took to make a business succeed in making a difference and making money. This is what set me on the path of identifying what it meant to be a conscious entrepreneur, what the elements for success were for this new and growing business model, and how I could experience this in my own life.”

And somewhere during this process you said goodbye to California and moved to Pennsylvania. How did that come about?

“After I shut down my yoga studio and had been running the Network for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs for 5 years, things changed with the arrival of my daughter, Janet Rose. My husband and I always knew that we wouldn’t permanently settle in Los Angeles, but we had never talked concretely about plans to move. But, within 60 days of the birth of our daughter, I came home one day from a traffic jam and told my husband, ‘It’s time for us to leave.’ And, within 60 days from that conversation, we were on the road with our four month old moving east where we could be much closer to family, especially to Janet’s cousins.”

So this means you were working your business remotely: long distance?

“Yes, thankfully, most of my business ran from my laptop and the telephone, so it was no problem moving; as long as I had my computer with me, business was open. And, I had an assistant run the networking meetings until February 2007 when I flew out to facilitate the final meeting.”

That’s outside-the-box thinking at its best! Which brings me to your book on Freedom. When and how was that born?

“Here’s how it started. After several years on this quest of personal, spiritual and professional development, I was inspired to put my understandings down on paper and wrote the best-selling book, The Freedom Formula: How to Put Soul in Your Business and Money in Your Bank. The process of writing this book, pursuing my purpose and clarifying my message has opened so many doors of opportunity for me; it has been a miracle to experience.”

Sounds like a terrific miracle!

“But wait ─ there’s more! Now, The Freedom Formula concept has been turned into a 4-day live event, ‘The Freedom Formula Experience’.”

Wow! When and where is that happening?

“It’s coming up January 2009 in Los Angeles and will feature such visionaries as Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God, James Twyman, director/producer of The Moses Code and Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love. And you know, even beyond all this, the doors just keep opening as I continue to create products, services and events that help entrepreneurs put soul in their business and money in their bank. “

Which of your projects are you most passionate about at this time?

“Definitely, it’s The Freedom Formula Experience! This event is going to set the stage for a whole new movement for conscious entrepreneurs… My intention is that this event has a tangible, positive impact on our world.”

As our focus is on women’s networking, let me ask: How much of your work is directed specifically toward women?

“While I don’t exclusively market to women, 90% of my clients are women. I think, in general, the type of work I do that incorporates business and spirit naturally attracts women.”

Why do you think that’s so, Christine?

“Bottom line, I find that women are often more conscious of their spiritual connection and are seeking more meaning and purpose in their business.”

What are some of the ways in which you promote your various enterprises?

“There’s a number of ways:

· I published a bi-weekly award-winning ezine, Conscious Business Connection.

· I distribute media releases at least twice per month.

· I do a lot of joint venture marketing with like-minded entrepreneurs in which they’ll host a teleclass for their database with me as the guest speaker.

· I place advertisements on the internet through Google Adwords.

· I submit articles online to several article distribution services.

· I network and speak at live events.

· Social networking is primarily on Facebook and Ning.“

What does your network currently include? How far does your network extend?

“My ezine reaches more than 6,000 entrepreneurs world-wide with the majority of readership in the United States. My network is the most valuable asset I have in my business.”

What has been the best about building a network: Benefits, expected and unexpected?

“The best thing about building my network is the tremendous amount of resources I have at my fingertips every single day. Resources in terms of trusted colleagues and collaborators, vendors for any need I may have and… an abundance of financial resources.”

What challenges (if any) have you found in your networking experiences?

“My greatest challenge has been following up with people I meet in person. It’s so easy to meet wonderful people everywhere I go, but it’s not easy to always follow through with all of those contacts to the degree that I’d like to.”

Any benefits emerging from challenges in the long run?

“The emerging benefit has been creating some great free resources for my target audience. Now, when I meet people I want to stay connected with, I ask for their permission to send them my free Conscious Business Success Kit which includes a subscription to my award-winning ezine. This allows me to ethically opt them into my database and be able to maintain communication with them.”

So ─ bottom line – what do you feel is really working well for you, your company?

“Hands down, what’s working for me is my network! Most recently, as soon as my network found out about The Freedom Formula Experience coming up in January, they are coming out of the woodwork to ask me how they can help me promote the event.

The other thing that’s really working well is having my book The Freedom Formula done and out in the world. Readers are having great results from reading the book and sharing it with their friends. The buzz is spreading because of the pass-along value of the book. This is working really well right now and I am so grateful for everyone who is connecting with my book.”

What’s the achievement, the accomplishment you’re most proud of at this time?

“Not quitting on my dream. I’ve faced some very challenging times… and kept hearing from others that I should just give up and get a job. And, I never did. I knew I had something to contribute through my own business, and I kept pursuing that purpose no matter what.”

What are your plans and goals for the future (organizational / personal), especially regarding networking activities?

“My goal for the future is to continue publishing books and developing new products and services that help entrepreneurs grow their business based on spiritual principles. As far as my networking activities go, right now they seem to be taking on a whole new level.”

How so?

“I think the future of my networking activities will be more focused on networking with centers of influence in related fields and leveraging those connections to impact more people.”

Anything else you’d like to add for our readers? Perhaps words of encouragement and / or inspiration?

“Here’s a message of success I’d like to share:

If you have the desire in your heart to succeed as a woman entrepreneur, you can. Don’t ever give up on yourself or your dream. Keep yourself surrounded by supportive people who believe in you. Ask for help and know that everything that happens to you in your life and your business is happening for a reason… to serve your highest good, and the highest good of the people you’re meant to serve.”

Thanks so much, Christine! I’d like to conclude now with your poem from the opening pages of your bestseller,

The Freedom Formula®.

Let Your Business Lead You

Let your business lead you.

Let it guide you

to those places in your heart you have yet to discover.

Let it call your soul
to be fully expressed and engaged in the world.

Let it be the way
for you to contribute your unique gifts to the world.

Let it be your tool
for making the planet a better place.

Let it be your vehicle
for leaving a legacy long after you are gone.

Let it be YOU...
...mind and body, heart and soul.

~ Christine Kloser

# # #

Contact Information:

Christine Kloser
Love Your Life LLC
PO Box 2

Dallastown, PA 17313

(800) 930-3713

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