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Saturday, August 09, 2008

How’s Your Economy?

By Lynn D. Spencer

Financial Services Editor

I’m not asking how the nation’s economy is. We all know it’s not as healthy and strong as it should or could be. I’m asking you: how is your economy?

It’s easy for any of us to sit back and point out every reason why our nation’s economy is not what it should be. High oil and gas prices top the list followed by high housing costs, food, utilities, and the list goes on. Not to mention the war in Iraq driving up the national debt at an unprecedented rate. I think most people would all agree that our nation’s economy is struggling.

But what about our own personal economy? How are we doing financially as an individual or as a family? Chances are, if we are honest with ourselves, most people would say “not too good.” But most people blame the nation’s economy for their own personal economy being in trouble. After all, if gas prices weren’t so high, and if it didn’t cost so much to buy a home, buy groceries, etc., we’d all be better off, right?

Well, here’s the reality. We can’t control the price of gas, food, utilities, and so many other things we rely on. Most things we as consumers are buying these days are necessities not luxuries. So if we can’t control the prices of the things we need to live, what can we do to better manage our own economy?

The answer is most likely right in your hand on payday. Whether you get a paycheck or a paystub showing your direct deposit, your income statement is absolutely in your control. Here’s what I’m saying. If you can’t control how much you have to spend, then start looking at how much you need to make in order to live life as fully and comfortably as you want to live. Unless you’re born into unlimited wealth, you’re probably trading your time for money. Most people get up 5 days a week, commute to a j.o.b. they really don’t like, work for someone they really don’t want to work for, and accept far too little compensation for their time. In case you’re wondering, j.o.b. stands for “just over broke”. And these days, it may not even be that good.

So what’s the answer? Start working for yourself, at least part time, until your self-produced income far exceeds your j.o.b. income. It’s not nearly as hard to be successful working for yourself as most people think it is. It’s simply a matter of educating yourself on the most lucrative “niche” opportunities out there, finding someone who has been very successful in that field, and asking them to mentor you. That’s called “networking”.

Believe me, when it comes to going broke slowly, I know what I’m talking about. I’ve managed to do that twice in my life. Yes – imagine that. A guy who has been bankrupt twice writing a financial article giving other’s advice. Well, here’s the rest of the story, and why I have now earned the right to freely share my advice with anyone who will listen.

You see, in the past two and a half years I have gone from completely broke to paying off over $340,000 in debts (including a home) and now earn over a million dollars per year. How did I do it? How can you do it?

I did exactly what I just spelled out for you. I found the right “niche” opportunity, found a highly successful person to be my mentor, and did exactly what he had done to become successful. Yes, I “networked” myself. And that was the smartest decision I could have ever made for me and my family.

So what is that hot new niche market that could change your life just as it changed mine? Rapid debt elimination without changing your current lifestyle or budget. No, I’m not talking about traditional debt roll-downs or going on some kind of financial diet, I’m talking about leveraging the money you already earn to eliminate mass amounts of interest you would otherwise have to pay.

By far, the fastest and best program to accomplish this seemingly miraculous feat is the Money Merge Account from United First Financial. Heralded as the “Entrepreneur of the Year” in the financial services category for the western U.S. region by Ernst & Young, United First Financial has proven to be the most powerful new program of its kind for rapid debt elimination and wealth creation. And it’s not just networkers that are attracted to this unique and potentially lucrative opportunity.

Brad Farris, owner of the oldest and most successful mortgage company in Springfield Missouri, Farris Mortgage, publicly talks to anyone who listens to his weekly radio show about how much the Money Merge account has helped him knock years off from his own personal mortgage without changing his monthly payment. And Brad is not the only mortgage professional to see the huge benefits of the Money Merge Account from U First Financial.

Aubrey Roberts, president of the Oklahoma Mortgage Brokers Association and owner of Roberts Mortgage in OKC, is actively training all of his loan officers to offer the Money Merge Account to every client. In an environment where most mortgage companies are either struggling or out of business, because of the Money Merge Account, Roberts Mortgage is growing and recruiting! Bill Hackley, long time financial advisor and owner of U.S. Retirement & Tax Benefits in Fort Worth Texas, has literally put his thriving insurance and annuity business on hold to build his new U First business. Bill says it simply makes more sense than anything he has ever seen in his financial career. Terry Kingsberry, long time licensed financial planner in the Norman Oklahoma area says “anyone who does not get their free analysis run to see just how powerful the program can be for them is simply throwing away their hard earned money.”

And no surprise here, so far the number one income earner inside the ranks of U First agents is long time networker Barry Elrod who lives in Chicago. Barry says he has never seen anything like the United First Financial opportunity. Now earning more money per month than most people do in a year, Barry will tell you that whether you’re a white collar professional, a single mom, a regular blue worker, experienced or new to networking – you owe it to yourself to take a serious look at United First Financial.

Whether you decide to become an agent, go through the proven “earn while you learn” training system and be assigned a professional mentor or not; just becoming a client on the program can help almost anyone eliminate their debt and become financially free faster than they ever imagined possible.

And here’s the best part: if enough people improve their own personal or family economy, spend and invest more money, the nation’s economy improves automatically. This writer believes that citizens should stop looking to the government or solutions and start looking at ourselves. Think about it; if hundreds of thousands (and possibly millions) of families become debt free fast, just think what an incredible impact that could have on our economy.

So, the next time someone brings up the word “economy” I want you to ask yourself these two important questions. “How is my own personal economy? And what am I doing to improve it?”


Lynn D. Spencer is President & CEO of Futures by Design, LLC. Lynn is also a Sr. Executive Branch Manager and Sr. Advisory Board Member with United First Financial, and a licensed Financial Advisor with the State of Oklahoma. In the past two years Lynn and his team of financial professionals have saved American Homeowners over $50 Million in interest in the last two years through cutting edge debt reduction strategies. Lynn’s office is at 1700 S. Broadway, Suite H., Moore, OK 73160 (405) 237-3800

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