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Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Million Dollar Network of Seymore Butts

By Victor Cattermole, Asia Pacific Bureau Chief
Victor's Bio

In the craziness of what I do in a week I recently found myself talking investment and global market reach talk with Adam Glasser. To many that name may ring a bell as he may have been a contributor to one of those wild stag nights no one can forget.

Adam describes himself as a dad first! He has been producing adult films for 14 years and has a tv show called "Family Business" He is politically active, driven, highly motivated and compassionate. He never backs down from anything or anyone but has come to realize it is better to pick your battles wisely. He has a few moves on the dance floor but in the bedroom...he'll rock your world! He loves the fact that he gets to travel around the world teaching and talking to people about sex.

The tv show has opened up so many new doors for him it's hard to find enough time in the day to walk thru them all! His life is driven by lists...what to do, who to call etc. making lists is actually one of the "secrets of his success" He is involved in adult films, toys, websites, private adult networks, mobile phones, mainstream tv, writing, marketing, party services and now a talent agency. His products are distributed in over 27 different countries and he is recognized much more in places like England, Ireland, Holland, Canada, Brazil, Columbia and Israel than in the USA.

Adam was born March 18th 1964 in the Bronx, New York, a pretty tough start for any kid. In 1991, shortly after he witnessed the making of an adult film, Adam borrowed a camera and directed his first adult film. He editing it himself, took it to an adult film convention in Las Vegas and found a distributor who wanted him to produce and direct films. In order to create an alter ego for himself, Adam chose a name that was not only easy to remember, but reminded him of a playground joke he heard in grade school. In 1992, Seymore Butts was born.

Since then, Adam has produced and directed over 100 adult movies. His movies are distributed in over 20 different countries throughout the world including Canada, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Mexico, The UK, Australia and New Zealand. Adam’s productions have received a multitude of awards over the years including Gonzo series of the year, two years in a row. In 2004, he was inducted into the X-Rated Critics Organiztion’s Hall of Fame and in 2005, Adam was also inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame. He is currently serving his first term as an elected member of the Free Speech Coalition’s Executive Board of Directors.

Adam is now the star of Showtime’s Late-Night Reality series “Family Business” Family Business follows Adam and those closest to him through the absurd real-life situations that are bound to be experienced by a man known as Seymore Butts.

Adam has appeared in the following television shows/movies:

The Conan O’Brien Show (NBC), Slaughter House (Feature), The Catherine Crier Show (Court TV), American Porn (PBS), The Bronx Bunny Show (U.K.), Porn Legend The Ron Jeremy Story (Documentary)

Adam has been featured or interviewed in the following forums:

Playboy Magazine, The Mancow Show (Radio), Detour Magazine, Kevin and Bean (Radio), Stuff Magazine, Playboy Radio (Radio), US News & World Report Magazine,, and

Adam has given talks/seminars at the following:

The Economics of the Adult Industry, Wharton School of Business, Getting involved in the Adult Industry, The Learning Amex, A Producers Perspective on retailing and VSDA Expo.

The crazy thing about Adam for us guys is the perception of this glamorous lifestyle, yet the tabloids tell us he struggles to maintain a steady girlfriend, something to learn there.

My involvement with Adam is strictly business and this is where I have been amazed. Adam has a close network of around 350,000 avid followers. He knows all about them, their incomes, their average age, their likes and dislikes.

He has a savvy team of professionals around him focused on targeting products and services to a specific target market based on market intelligence he has built up over a long period of time. His network of followers are key to his success. This year more of this multi-million dollar empire that is know as Seymore Butts will hit the market place, I guess watch this space …. maybe from the bedroom?

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