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Sunday, June 15, 2008

This Week on TNNW...

Kansas City Networking
By PETER BIADASZ, Southern Plains Bureau Chief
If you are ever in Kansas City on the first Tuesday of the month, be sure to attend Kansas City's long-running Networking Business Breakfast. Organized by the General Services Administration, the event begins at 7:15AM at a location you can discover by going to or call 816-926-7203. The July 1, 2008 event will be at Embassy Suites Kansas City-Plaza, 220 W. 43rd St.

A Treasure in Idaho
By LORI RICHARDSON, Guest Women's Networking Editor
Treasure Valley Consultants Network is an organization that promotes the know-how of business-to-business consultants, and connects them in the greater Boise area to companies of all sizes in Boise and beyond (as well as to each other). What piqued my interest about this group I found on the 'net is that they fit a specific niche, their website is well done, they have a solid foundation, and they offer a trove of resources for members as well as visitors to the site.

Environmental Entrepreneurism, Part 2
By LYDIA SUGARMAN, Entrepreneurial Editor

Sponsored by Founder Contact We continue our discussion this month with Stefan Doering, a business coach located in New York with a great Weekly Power Booster newsletter. If you aren't already acquainted with Stefan's work, visit his Website. He is also a faculty member of CERC (Center for Environmental Research and Conservation) a division of the world renowned Earth Institute, teaching Environmental Intrapreneurism and Environmental Entrepreneurism at Columbia University.

Understanding Duplication and Momentum in Network Marketing
By CANDY WEBB, Network Marketing Editor
Leverage is a term used often in our industry and it refers to the potential of magnifying your own efforts and productivity by tends, hundreds and even thousands as your organization builds in depth. It is a real phenomenon appreciated by the big earners in networking but most of the "smaller players" or beginning players don't really understand the dynamics of the concept. For one thing, it is greatly related simply to time, and many impatient first time players don't understand the necessity of letting a program mature. Generally speaking, in the first six months of your networking experience, the growth is relatively slow and it may seem like you are doing the majority of the work. But inevitably, additional players will join you who also have a financial dream, and they too will work, and it will grow almost inspite of what your personal effort is. At that point (again, usually in month six to twelve) numbers of distributors and volume begins to douple, and expands exponentially. The chart below is simple and built upon very simple numbers – the concept of you sponsoring just one distributor per month and having each new person do the same.

Feed Your Friends
By CHRIS KAUZA, Technical Editor
Whenever I discuss networking with my colleagues, the topic invariably turns to the "open" vs. "closed" discussion - "Should I just network with anyone?" "Should I invite only those people whom I know really well into my LinkedIn or Plaxo network (which are the de facto Rolodexes of the new century)?" First used in 1967, the term "networking" means "...the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically, the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business."

I Absolutely Refuse to Participate in a Recession
By IVAN MISNER, Ph.D., Networking Success

Sponsored by qAlias Many economic gurus are speaking the "R" word ... recession. According to them, various economic indicators seem to show that a recession is on its way, if not here already. It's been years since our last recession. For the most part, the economy has been strong and business has been good for many years. However, the fact is, that the global economy goes through cycles and even if we don't see a full blown recession – business is slowing for many people. Unfortunately, every time it takes a downturn, the fallout is felt strongly by salespeople, business owners, and professionals alike. According to the AEA, over 50% of all businesses close down within two years of opening their doors. This number is known to increase dramatically during a recession.

I've Got Your Card, Now What?
By GLEN GOULD, Mastering the Membership Maze
In our last article we discussed the six steps to networking success at big member events like the Business After Hours. To recap, we covered a networking plan for these events that included; a) Think about what type of people you want to meet; b) Plan on meeting only three to five; c) Plan to spend three to five minutes with each; d) Ask questions about them; and e) Ask for a business card. The culmination of those steps was to ask the "Million Dollar Question" and to jot the answer to that question on the back of the business card you received.

Power Thought of the Week
PowerNetworking is High Touch - It is better to make 2-3 contacts with whom you know that an exchange of ideas, resources, products or services will be mutually beneficial, than to meet many people briefly and converse on a superficial level. Develop the ability to quickly discern those with whom there's hope of complementary relations and connect with them on a deep level in a short period of time. Move on quickly from others.

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