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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Your Entrepreneurial Leap-Idea: Back to Basics | CONVEY YOUR MESSAGE

 Jessan Dunn Otis Convey Your Message with Jessan Dunn Otis

Maybe you thought you were going to be a mechanic or a doctor or a teacher or a whatever-it-might-have-been. Nevertheless, here you are; and, you're trying something new.

Perhaps someone else planted the thought or the idea or the possibility. Or, you've been down-sized, passed over, left behind, offered an early retirement or, simply, "let go"; and, you still have to make a living - right?

Another scenario might be that you've done what you've been doing for "x" amount of time; and, now it's time to take your leap-idea and venture into brand new territory - to become an entrepreneur.

* Now what?

To respond accurately to this question depends upon what it's going to require to make that leap of yours land in the right place.

Sometimes it can all fall into place almost effortlessly. Sometimes it can take years of batting your dream against a dry wall where not much seems to stick.

* Where to begin?

Quick answer: begin at the beginning. Seems obvious? Perhaps, however, it's not so obvious. Sometimes you're going to have to find your way back to the genesis of your entrepreneurial vision. If that's what you have to do - take notes. Keep a journal, notebook, folder or whatever it takes to gather and hold all those ideas that circle and accumulate around your leap-idea.

* What then?

After you've generated enough synthesized information, you might pass your ideas by a few valued friends, relatives and/or business confidants. Listen to them. If you feel they're offering constructive advice, opinions and points of view - take more notes. If you feel they're offering destructive criticisms - stop taking notes; but, consider their points of view, as well. Even "destructive criticisms" can have value.

* Next?

Let your entrepreneurial leap-idea, all notes and advice rest for awhile. You've begun to do your necessary work. Take a break. Do something completely different. Part of your mind will still be dwelling on all that you've done. However, you've earned some time off.

* ...and, after that?

Continue to integrate, to research, to clarify and to focus your vision until you feel and believe that you've asked enough questions and have enough pragmatic answers and evidence to take your next steps.

Some consideration might be: are you going to bootstrap your new entrepreneurial venture (all the glory and all the risk); or, are you going to look for an angel investor or take out a loan?

Begin to develop a basic business plan, a mission statement, your goals, objectives and more formalized business venture documents.

Through these initials steps, you're learning how to begin to talk about, think about and to move your dream into reality. Throughout this process you're, also, learning how to begin to create the entrepreneurial "vehicles" to convey your message to the right folks, in the right terms to continue to pursue your dream and to be able to make your entrepreneurial leap-idea come alive.

Either way, you've taken some essential steps to create your own new path. Sit back for a few and feel somewhat satisfied with yourself. But, don't sit too long - you've got a lot more work to do.

What say you, please?


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Jim Van said...

Interestingly, working primarily with the microbusiness (<30) sector where most entrepreneurs start, I get a lot of facts and figures from the Feds, for whatever reason. According to DOC stats as of March of this year, nearly 1/3 of all new entrepreneurs are 'forced' entrepreneurs, e.g.-victims of downsizing. And most have no clue on how to start a business.

Dave Nash's RI Small Business Recovery group isn't a bad idea, even if it's somewhat a promotional vehicle for those who run it. Even so, it's free and has some good stuff for someone who's just starting down this path. As you so wisely suggested: Start at the beginning.

While running the idea by a few friends is definitely what most aspiring entrepreneurs do and should do, once one has survived the gauntlet and has started to map out the business on something other than a cocktail napkin, it might be a thought to contact one's local SBDC, and perhaps run the idea by them and look for suggestions and help. After all, it's your tax dollars at work..,.

With the seismic shift in the US workforce from traditional large-corporation manufacturing-focused jobs over to small and individual service-based industries, the points you're making in your post are good ones...tks for posting them

Jim Van

TGC-Consultants said...

Dear Jessan,

Thank you so much for having invited me to comment on your outstanding blog!

I always start remembering the four fundamental forces in physics, Newton's gravitation that works in my off-line life, Maxwell's electromagnetism that starts whenever I switch on my PC and go online, the strong interactions in quantum physics that I consider my private network of strong ties and the weak interactions of quantum physics that represent my weak ties in my social networks!

Each of these four fundamental forces has its well defined place!

I need a room that works off-line according to Newton's gravitation.

I need a PC that I can switch on according to Maxwell's electromagnetism.

I start searching my strong ties to manage them in my private network and I connect and follow weak ties, contacts, friends, connections, followers on my different social network.

I start as an open, random and supportive networker to interact between the strong and weak ties, the strong and weak interactions and to be an idea broker between them both.

That's my business model online and it works for me!

Have a great and wonderful time!

All the best and kind regards


Robert Brown said...

Excellent article!

In a few simple steps it helps the budding entrepreneur define and execute their dreams. At the same time it reminds the experienced entrepreneur that there is always something more they can to to improve. All this without having to purchase a book for $29.99! That's value!

sultryprepkid said...

Cogent as always.

Cheers from a distant land.


Tom Evans said...

It's never too late. I've just got a book deal for an 87 year old and this week am teaching him how to blog, tweet and interact with his readers on Facebook. And when he's done that, he's got at least two more books to publish.

Jessan Dunn Otis said...

Jim, Lucas, Robert, KJF & Tom,

Thank you for sharing your insights, strategies, recommendations and experiences - always appreciated.

In addition, thank you for your time in reading and responding - invaluable.

Your kind words are sincerely felt.

Dance on...


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