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Monday, June 20, 2011

Fight or Flight? | A NOTE FROM THE FOUNDER

Fight or Flight?

by Adam J. Kovitz

Scanning the headlines of the news lately makes me wonder how much closer the U.S. worker is to the breaking point - the point where people either just "go postal" and begin rioting on the streets, lashing out in defiance against the establishment or end up curled into the fetal position.

Sure...we've been seeing this fight response play out in such exotic places as the Middle East; in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Qatar, etc., but now the Age of Unrest is virally making its way Westward.  

In Greece, citizens are rioting in the streets and speaking out against another wave of harsh austerity measures are being threatened in order restructure debt, reverse low credit ratings, avoid being kicked out of the European Union and revitalize the economy.  One rioter was quoted as saying:

"I'm not an anarchist. I'm not a fascist. I'm not a punk," he says, wiping his face [from tear gas being used on him after throwing rocks at police officers]. "I'm a Greek. Just a regular person trying to have a regular life. I'm willing to make sacrifices for my country, but not if it leaves me for dead."
Out in cyberspace, one time rival hacktivists, LulzSec and Anonymous are uniting for "Operation Anti-Security" to expose and foil any governments and/or big business that tries to hide dirty mis-dealings.  These are the same organizations that have allegedly been involved in attacks on the U.S. Senate and Sony's PlayStation networks.  According to a recent news release the top priority of the "operation" is to:

"Steal and leak any classified government information, including email spools and documentation. Prime targets are banks and other high-ranking establishments. If they try to censor our progress, we will obliterate the censor with cannonfire anointed with lizard blood."
In the U.S., although there are other top news stories in the mainstream media, protests still continue in Wisconsin against the Governor and his administration.  Also a recent survey done by placement company Mercer, shows that despite high unemployment, half of U.S.'s workers are disgruntled with their jobs.

So how long can the "lame horse" that is the working class of the world continue to be ridden?

Not much longer.

Given this data, here are my conclusions as to what we can do (feel free to agree or disagree, and please note that I am not advocating any political agenda other than to solve the greater problem at large, while avoiding as much bloodshed and violence as possible):
1.)  Only entrepreneurship and investment in entrepreneurship can make things better in terms of innovation, employment and making the economy better.
2.)  If you have one or more employees, assume that at least half of them want to leave right now.  Ask yourself how that would affect your business operations if they do and what can you do right now to improve the working environment.
3.)  If you run a small business, entrepreneurial concern or emerging enterprise, look to internationalize your operations in order to hedge your bets on the larger global economy.
4.)  If you are an investor or big business who is sitting on cash, realize that you are part of the problem.  Designate a portion of your funds for riskier investments in smaller companies and entrepreneurial concerns.
5.)  If you're governmental official capable of affecting policy.  Work to break up larger monopolistic companies that would put a stranglehold on the people you supposedly serve.  Corporations might be deemed as people but they're amoral people who are answerable to others who are only interested in profits.
6.)  Understand that most of us are still in denial (it ain't just a river in Egypt) about the stress cracks that are forming.  Bad morale, fatigue, increasingly outspoken employees and failure to pass measures through to enhance the positions of the people only continue to exacerbate the situation.  Can we afford to be distracted by pictures of inappropriate body parts by our politicians or should we be paying attention to the bigger issues?  Realize that the longer we go without solving the real problems, the more chances we have of violent revolution.  We are on an unsustainable path that must be changed and now.
7.)  Understand that while drastic measures must be taken, they cannot be forced upon those who have no recognizable power or worth.  Radical change doesn't mean further penalizing them by charging more money for money they don't have or taking away their rights.  Entire systems must be changed to benefit not just the privileged few, but the greater whole.  It is not a time to be selfish.
8.)  Recognize that there is vast opportunity for growth and innovation in such a proposed climate of true change, in such ways that can be profitable to those of the entrepreneurial spirit.

All my best,


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