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Friday, June 24, 2011

Entrepreneurs Are Merely Exceptional Individuals | BUSINESS CAPITAL TRENDS

Business Capital Trends with Douglas Castle

Danco Sotirofsky and D.J. Sherman are two exceptional individuals who have decided to dedicate themselves to the refinement, capitalization and blitz marketing of their respective products. Make no mistake about it; the technologies and products are brilliant, utilitarian, game-changers that will make both of these young men wealthy. TNNWC Group, LLC is delighted to have them as our Clients. We will observe, as will you, dear Readers, Members and Friends, the trajectory of these two individuals -- both of whom have bootstrapped their projects with their own hard earned funds and sweat equity in order to take them to the next highest level.

As you learn more about these men, you'll admire them more and more. They are entrepreneurs, not because they chose to be, but because a personal problem needed to be solved (and they were compelled to create their own solutions), or because they had visions of doing certain things better, more efficiently and more imaginatively than they had ever been done before. I would urge you to read on. - Douglas E Castle

We can learn, together, by their examples and experiences. Enjoy the ride.

The entrepreneurial breakthroughs and technologies are always taking center stage in News Releases and in the coffee shop talk of the robotic job slaves taking a permitted break from their repetitive and often unsatisfying jobs. But you and I know (don't we?) that they are [albeit secretly] far more interested in finding out about the characteristics, styles, personalities, motivations, influences, ideals and failures (failures are an investment in deferred success) which have shaped the entrepreneurs behind the techno-news or deal announcements in the media.

It is our resonance with the spirit that drove these exceptional people to success that fascinates us... some of it is simple curiousity, some of it is pure jealousy, some of it voyeurism --- but it doesn't matter. The human interest story behind the breakthrough is what really holds our attention. It's simply the way that we Humans are compelled to think.

- DC

In marketing, messaging, publicity, public relations and promotion, one of your goals is to get your information out to the largest prospective qualified audience. A second goal (aside from grabbing the greatest share of readership), is to make certain that the content is sticky -- this means that it must be contain something of magnetic interest to as many recipients as possible.

Marketing Magnetics: Couple Your Techno- Announcements With HUMAN INTEREST Stories.

Here is a technique which helps you to accomplish both a vast broadening of your prospective audience while engaging their attention, as well:

Don't just talk about a new company or a new technology (and its utility, prospective market impact and unique or differentiating aspects) -- tell a bit about the entrepreneur behind it...Personalize and Humanize it.

*What problem did he or she face that inspired the creation of a solution?

*What obstacles did he or she have to overcome in order to gather emotional, intellectual and financial support for the project?

*What are the new challenges with which our subject intrepid entrepreneur is faced in order to push the project further?

*Who is our entrepreneur as a person -- a Human Being with a story to tell about growing up, idolizing other thinkers, mentors, education, family, ambitions, handicaps, disappointments and sacred victories..

Techno-talk is two-dimensional. But a Human Interest Story is what excites and ignites our readers. Apple is nice, but Steve Jobs is a personality; Microsoft is interesting, but Bill Gates is a mysterious and fascinating character.

These are the positioning, messaging and wordsmithing issues which our experts and advisors at TNNWC New Releases, Public Relations and Publicity are constantly tasked with; it takes a sense of balance to describe a brilliant new technological innovation in the context of an entrepreneurial hero's personal journey. People are interested in, and identify with, other people. Ask Kent Martin, The Divisional Advisor for our TNNWC News Machine, or RD Watkins, the technical mastermind and Commander behind TNNWC's Buzzworks Barristas (our laser-focused social media domination apparatus).

You could ask me, Douglas E Castle...

Two of our wonderful clients were clients I chose to engage with because they were personally fascinating to me:

Mr. Danco Sotirofsky, the dynamic founder and president of WorkFly, Inc. [and co-developer of the WorkFly Workforce] ( has a brilliant business paradigm that has the potential to stimulate the entire local-area small-business sectors across the entire nation, and to create jobs (real jobs) for any American who would like to work and generate a limitless income (without being on public assistance or investing a penny of hard-earned money).

Mr. DJ Sherman, the CEO of NewVision Mobile, Inc, trading as Mobile Logic, saw a need for executives and entrepreneurs on-the-go to be able to quickly and ergonomically pack their communications gear to travel with them anywhere -- in a case that is intuitively-friendly, handsome and virtually indestructible: an incredibly wonderful and versatile utility.

Both of these gentlemen have brilliant business ideas that speak of their relentless dedication to making theings better for others, as well a substantial profit for their investors and prospective investor-participants. But I chose them to be TNNWC Clients because of the inspired field of energy, genuine integrity and vulnerable Humanity they both exuded.

You'll be hearing a great deal about these gentlemen. They have paradigm-changing technologies; that is true. But they touched the Humanity in me, and that is the difference between a product and a legend.

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