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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Ten Plagues entrepreneurs and business owners really want to see | A NOTE FROM THE FOUNDER

The Ten Plagues entrepreneurs and business owners really want to see

by Adam J. Kovitz

At last...a National Networker article of Biblical Proportions!

This time of year, Jews from all over the world celebrate Passover, the holiday recounting the Exodus of the Israelites out of Eqypt after years of slavery.

In light of such an austere time, I thought it might be fun to use the story of the Exodus as a metaphor for those economic inequalities entrepreneurs and independent business owners currently face as they struggle to survive in one of the most challenging economies this world has ever known.

So I beg you to temporarily discontinue the gnashing of teeth and let the celestial trumpets and lyres sound the coming of the mighty prophet, Moses (representing entrepreneurs, independent business owners and the other "huddled masses yearning to breathe") as he courageously approaches the evil Pharaoh (representing government and large corporate interests) armed with only his staff and the backing of the Almighty as he demands of the establishment...

"Let my people go!"
in strategic planning, growth, expansion, and start-ups, training and development, as well as process efficiencyspecializes in strategic planning, growth, expansion, and start-ups, training and development, as well as process efficiencyspecializes in strategic planning, growth, expansion, and start-ups, training and development, as well as process efficiency

Of course we know it won't be that easy. The powers that be in their arrogance and ignorance must be taught a lesson, not just once, but ten times.

The 10 Corporate Plagues:

1.) The Forcing of all corporations to report all air emissions and water discharges online for scrutiny by the public, preventing the rivers from running red with blood and the atmosphere free of greenhouse gasses.
2.) The Enforcing of term limits to keep the frogs of Congress from sitting on their lily pads of complacency for too long.
3.) The Banning of private over-the-counter derivative market transactions that spread like horrific lice infestations
4.) The Capping of CEO and corporate executive pay - their bonuses and stock options, even for jobs not well done are like never-ending swarms of flies
5.) The Discontinuation of tax cuts for the top 10% of the wealthiest citizens. They own 90% of the wealth and refuse to release it back into the economy. Any insinuation of "class warfare" by ignorant naysayers only prolongs the ever-widening earnings gap between the upper and the middle/lower classes, creating a greater blight upon our global economy.
6.) The Removing of the separate premium retirement benefits program of all members of Congress than the current Social Security available to all other citizens. Two different programs that divide the "haves" from the "have nots" only continues the painful inflammation of a boil upon one's skin.
7.) The Closing of all tax loopholes that allow the largest of all corporations to pay less taxes per anum than even the smallest of companies. Companies who avoid doing their part to support the government is like taking away the shelter from those who are getting pelted with hail.
8.) The Firing of CEOs who refuse to be held accountable to the same standards as the rest of a company's employees rather than having them continue to descend upon the corporate landscape like locusts.
9.) The Restoration of an educational system that truly prepares its students for the real world while staying affordable to all who wish to learn, despite their backgrounds and economic status so that our children and our children's children may all be delivered from darkness and brought into the light of a productive and beneficial future.
10.) The Barring of all lobbyists from government (not just the first-born). Let the legislative branch of government write their own laws - just think of all the time and taxpayer money that will be saved if they did. All that wining and dining really adds up! it may be on the brink of blasphemy or cheesiness (I think there might be a fine line there), but what do you think?

I would love to know if I "hit the nail on the head" or was way off base. What would your ten plagues be? What would you change? What would you leave in?

No matter what your faith, here's to freedom and true equality for all of us.

All my best,


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